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So. I have been disappointed with the fact I barely ever write on this even though I should and also that I am not using my silly iPhone to its full capacity. But I am pretty good at doing mobile blogging things. And of course there is a wordpress blog ap. So slow am I. Anyhoo, my new plan in my burst of new fall productivity is to try doing this on the go – specifically on the train while it is above ground in my ‘hood. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Experiment of attaching a pic as well. Progress being made on new journals for the Atlantic antic this weekend.
Journals in progress, ready to be rounded.

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bugs and teeth

well my illustration portfolio class is finished. it was a great class, and feel it’s going to push me to work harder, do better and all that jazz.

I definitely got a few portfolio pieces out of it too, which makes me happy. The one thing that i worked on was this little dental care book, all about teethy and the chompers (as mentioned before). I think i’ll computer print out acouple of the books to have at the OA Makers Market this weekend. Here’s acouple of the finals below. Just a little 8 page book.

flossing is fun!

happy teeth!
clean teeth are happy!

These love bugs also came out of the class too. they crack me up.
love bugs!

As my teacher said, i have some people issues (as in drawing people), which i know i need to work on, and will be!

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hello there mr. pancake

i love breakfast and making breakfast. especially with our super awesome new griddle.

so, i’m totally into the new pancake monster aprons!!! and of course need to print more more more. i think they’ll be great kiddo presents for xmas. i also printed my octopus lady on the aprons, and hopefully will have a few more designs too (can we say bacon monster…tony?!?) up in the shop.

yay! pancake monster in two different colors!


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how is it almost the end of summer? i had all these big summer goals and i’m watching them crumble a bit, but it’s not over yet so maybe i can power through at the end, eh?

i’ve really gotten into one project in my illo portfolio class. we could pick something for something like a public service announcement. i chose one on taking care of your teeth, and have now been obsessed with my new friends, “teethy and the chompers.” here’s a glimpse of them. it’s going to be a little pamphlet. basically i’ve realized all teeth things like – floss, toothpaste, mouth wash, not only involve awesome words, they have such great flowing shapes. i’m totally into it.
it's teethy and the chompers!

here they are struggling with the toothpaste.
the toothpaste struggle

have a minty fresh day!

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extreme cabbage market

i’m totally digging our CSA. we got an ENORMO head of cabbage, half of which i still have.

The other half made a good 10 quarts of cabbage soup. which is pretty darn good. it was made with other csa vegs – turnip, onion, and potatoes, shazam!!
right after put in....it barely all fit, yikes!

Also did a new market this weekend. It’s brand spanking new, so a little on the quiet side, but i really think it’s going to pick up because there’s a lot of quality to see. It’s not like the brooklyn flea, since it’s only art/craft, and is part of the amazing American Can Factory studio space which i just learned about, and am already amazed by. There’s some SERIOUS talent in that space. i know i’ll do acouple more weekends, and think it could be a really good thing. yay!
teeny test prints at the new Makers Market

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my monthly post

okay seriously, monthly? shame.

anyhoo, here’s some random that’s been going on, accompanied by the song daylight by matt and kim which i’m basically been obsessed with right now.

we went to the obx acouple weeks ago, which was a needed and welcome break. sunny and happy all week, thankfully seemed to break the evil rain spell that had plagued new york for all of june.

i’m inching ever closer to the end of printing my book, which i’ve been getting a little down about, cause it’s just taking so long. but i must just press ahead and work more than i know i have been.

after finishing the book shantaram, which except for a few drag-a-long parts was really moving, and needed to re-read a familiar book to recover from it. so i felt compelled to reread the abhorsen series by garth nix. i still curse him for not writing a fourth book. the third one ended a little short.

we gots ourselves a new stove. and let me tell you, i am in love with it. it ended up being a crazy good deal, with us selling our old stove, lowe’s rebate, AND magical upgrade because we ordered an outdated model!! josh and i have a tendency – both of us – to order the wrong item all too often, and for once it went in our favor! i made pancakes this weekend on the griddle. it was simply magical. and it has a convection option, totally choice. now, we just need to get our damn dishwasher installed.

woo new stove!!

last for this random posting is that our CSA is totally and completely awesome. we’re practically drowning in veggies (especially because a certain man isn’t pulling his weight in veg eating).

i leave you with the amazing stan the cookie man.

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more illos

here’s acouple illustrations i did for the illustration portfolio class i’m taking. the assignment was a passage from a book about some kid and he gets off a bus and is attacked by bugs, in a funny way. when they land on him someone makes a comment about “love bugs.” (thus the dancing bugs). there were some mixed reactions to the big blue mouth. which admittedly is pretty big….and blue….thoughts?

illustration portfolio class

this guy needs some work (mainly the arm, and some color adjusting)
my other version

i think this class is really good for me already. the class has critiques every week, which i desperately need. i need to get comments on my work AND i need to present my work confidently without being intimidated by….well everyone.

i mentioned my extreme lack of confidence to a girl in my class and she said you should just practice, which was so funny, because i’ve presented scads of times for ad clients, and always practiced then. when i practiced i did quite well i have to admit. i never connected it to making myself practice to present my own stuff that i actually care about. so yeah, confidence is practiced, at least for me, so i’ll be working on that!

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renegade low down

let it go on record that this was the year we had a good renegade! yay! and i really think it has everything to do with being in a breezy happy park. our best year, by a long shot, that we’ve had yet, so it just felt good. even better, jerry and marianne were up for the weekend that made it uber fun all around.

jerry peaks through the grey curtain…
jerry peaks through the veil

marianne writes with the awesomely large and in charge intrepid pen (which will henceforth be with me at every show!)
marianne uses the giant intrepid pen!

this year, i really changed my strategy. instead of, basically, freaking out and stressing and trying to come up with like a gazillion new products (which for some reason i feel the need to try and do), i focused on making my current selection of products better and with a few more options. i also really tried to have a good display setup. i fully know set up is not my forte, but am slowly but surely improving it! i think the biggest score was finding a rug that worked perfectly…and was so super cheap! yay!

the full set up:
yay! the set up!

the moleskines:
chunk o' moleskines

wall of prints, yay!
our print wall

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preppin’ for the renegade

every year i completely psych myself out in getting ready for renegade. but this year i’m staying calm and just doing as much as i can to get things done. i’ve been printing a bunch of prints, new cards, and also focusing on displays!

last week, i made my first real weights. these guys are heavy hitters, literally. but finally my tent won’t be barely be held down by water jugs. i used this very awesome tutorial from nordea of the newnew etsy street team i’m part of. my only mods were that i used 3″ pvc pipe and i mixed the concrete for the bottom first in a bucket and then dumped in it. because of the 3″ pipe, i only needed 1 bag of sand…and they’re still really heavy! it was fun to work with concrete. kinda like baking!

my dad-in-law took this pic…
making my tent weights

settin' and waitin'

i’m jazzed that i’ll have a few new designs and products to show too. since i’m obsessed with pancake monster, i made acouple prints of him (who knows, for a kitchen? i think so!). Banana fantastic is new too. Knocked out acouple new cards as well. i wanted a new baby card so this little giraffe works for me.

banana fantastic and pancake monster

new cards!

today i’m (hopefully) going to be printing these tree seed pods that i found when i did the greenpoint festival. i wish i knew what they were as i usually like to write the name of the organism. printed the backgrounds for these guys yesterday, they’re going to be 8 x10 big inky dinky journals! yay!

sketch for drawing

final, always looks so heavy in black. it’ll end up being in blue.
drawing for notebooks

okay, this post is actually getting me excited. i just can’t build it all up in my mind…

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illustration friday: cracked

illustration friday: cracked

i know i need to work on being less literal with my illustrations. but i can’t help doing something with humpty dumpty…or a humpty dumpty-like figure for “cracked.” now he has a split personality (insert major chuckle!)!

in other news, our iphoto has completely and totally crashed. how exciting. josh has backed up our pics and stuff…so hopefully they’re okay, but it’s scary nonetheless. i rely on iphoto so much…probably too much. but hopefully josh will work his magic and set everything right again.

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