hiccup the heroic

i’ve been reading some kids books lately, partially because well yes, i like reading kids books but also for inspiration. I have completely fallen in love with the illustrations in the Hiccup the Heroic series by cressida cowell.

My friend sarah had recommended them to me, and I thought i’d take a flip through. the stories are very cute, definitely 5th grade fare – with vikings named snotface snotlout and fishlegs. but it’s the illustrations i just LOVE. they remind me of kids drawing (which is why i love them) but are deceivingly simple. they’re scribblely and silly, and just so ALIVE, which is something i’m always trying to capture. I think reading some more Hiccup is in my future.

take a gander:

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  1. mamatronic February 19th, 2010 8:59 am

    My son (4th grade) read these and loved them for the artwork as much as the story. I have a picture of a little dragon sitting in a helmet on my fridge right now.

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