how is it almost the end of summer? i had all these big summer goals and i’m watching them crumble a bit, but it’s not over yet so maybe i can power through at the end, eh?

i’ve really gotten into one project in my illo portfolio class. we could pick something for something like a public service announcement. i chose one on taking care of your teeth, and have now been obsessed with my new friends, “teethy and the chompers.” here’s a glimpse of them. it’s going to be a little pamphlet. basically i’ve realized all teeth things like – floss, toothpaste, mouth wash, not only involve awesome words, they have such great flowing shapes. i’m totally into it.
it's teethy and the chompers!

here they are struggling with the toothpaste.
the toothpaste struggle

have a minty fresh day!

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