magical day

we had an incredible day yesterday. we got up early and headed off to fairfield, to get my haircut. we then went to fabulous trader joes and majorly stocked up, and picked up another one of their great reuseable bags.

mmmmmm....trader joes

then, the highlight of the day, we headed over to the amazing pequot library annual booksale. now, alas, i no longer can attend the penn state booksale, but the pequot rivals it in its greatness. i should have taken pictures while there! but it was great. also wasn’t too too hot so enjoyable so paruse as well. i decided to focus on illustrated kids books and nature books this year. i have way too much fiction to read, so only picked up acouple of those. josh went nuts on political books, which are awesome to get on sale.

the haul…
pequot library book sale

super cool golden book with great illustrations…
mccall's golden do it book

mr. elephant

probably my favorite thing i got was a ralph steadman alice in wonderland illustrated book. i have this idea of collecting lots of versions of illustrated alice. i can only imagine it’s a dream project to illustrate and there’s so many different versions. ralph steadman (illustrator of tons of hunter thompson stuff), is one of my favorites, so awesome to get!

card battle

cheshire and alice

and this…buck rogers pop-up book? ridiculous!
buck rogers pop-up book

then we had delicious sushi at fin with my parents heading home with NO traffic! which, in the summer is an amazing thing.

so wonderful, happy day.


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  1. Melissa m July 29th, 2007 11:34 am

    Wow! My husband would be so jealous of that book sale! We went to the first annual Philly library book sale a few months ago and it was weak. He read that Bush at War book you have there. Great finds! I may have to look for this sale next year and make the trip up!

  2. emily July 30th, 2007 2:01 am

    fantastic finds!
    seeing your stuff reminds me that i need to pare down my inferior collection…maybe scan some stuff before i get rid of it. thank god for the digital age.

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