the resort we went to on our ‘moon had a little video library of mostly terrible movies, so we had a fabulous week of catching up on crapola we’ve missed in the past year. it was awesome.
13 going on 30
along came poly
oceans 12
you got served
walking tall
the in-laws

every night it was a joy to pick what to watch. and let me say how bad 13 going on 30 is. we were expecting crap bad, but i kid you not, we had to turn on the french dubbing w/subtitles to finish watching the movie. it was that horrible! but also let me tell you, if you’re having trouble watching a movie, just put on the french subtitles. it really does make it comically more bearable. this movie should have been at best on abc family – but feature!? whaaaaa?

the others were pretty decent. except for oceans 12. they tried way to hard on that one. too many notes i say.

anyway, in the tradition of this fabulous bad movie run, we went to go see fantastic four last night. and for fun ride movies it was great. i know it’s getting completely canned, but it was fun silly and enjoyable. and didn’t take itself too seriously in the slightest. jessica alba being a genetic scientist? ha! and the human torch was such an awesome fun dick. though i felt so sorry for the thing. he really got the short end of the stick on super powers. not fair he doesn’t get to change back. he should totally get to thing out, not be perma-thing.

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  1. brad July 19th, 2005 3:09 pm

    I will see the fantastic four one day, this I swear.