approx. $78 for a banana

background: every day at work i eat a banana in oatmeal for breakfast

due to the fruit men going into hibernation for the colder months (completely understandable, i do not blame them), my daily banana budget has increased 10 cents a day, from 25 cents to a whopping 35 cents! that’s $1.25 a week to $1.75 a week, for you math hounds out there.

go to the grocery store and buy bananas, you say? alas, the grocery store banana quality is sorely lacking, so i turned to the fruit men, who supplied me delicious perfect sized bananas daily. but, now i must turn to the greedy delis. i might have to sacrifice banana quality for this crazy inflation.

this further adds to my obsession with figuring out how much things cost over a year. example. if i had stayed on my path of .25 bananas, my yearly banana cost would be around 0$65*. If .35 for the year, a whopping, $91!!

how much is a banana worth to me really?

* = 5 bananas a week, at .25 cents for 52 weeks.

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