i’m totally in love with my han solo jacket. i got this jacket awhile ago (it’s just a black collarless lightweight jacket i can wear throughout the day with pockets), and it’s super great! as soon as josh saw it he said i look like han solo. so now every time i wear it i feel so kickass. i just can’t help it.

oh, also we watched word wars last night. it was incredibly good. so enjoyable, fun, and there was even a little bit of tension. definately worth a watch. there’s something so amazing about these scrabble guys. they’re so intense, such outcasts, but the movie makes them sort of heroes. which, they really are in their world. ooh! i’m totally going to recommend it to my netflix friends!

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  1. luther March 14th, 2005 12:08 pm

    i feel that i must have been in queue right behind you guys for this ‘word wars’ as i received it mar 12. prior i had been stranded in long wait territory.

    I wonder if this ‘queue’ is not so much a queue, but a possible branch determined by geographic residence.