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it is the day of turkey

gobble. happy thanksgiving everyone!

i did this guy for the pre-thanksgiving party we were going to have…but sadly then didn’t. i know his coloring is still a little weird, but here he is anyway!

gobble gobble everyone!

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i’m in full-on prep mode right now – cutting, folding, printing, and repeat. it’s exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. xmas season hasn’t hit yet, so it’s this weird shopping calm, but a big making/prep rush before the storm. so we’ll see how it all goes.

my new wacky idea for the season involves coal. i had this ridiculous idea to make some little lumps of coal. i think they’re heeelarious….we’ll see if anyone else does. but either way they crack me up. there’s five little personalities, and you can either stuff it in someone’s stocking (preferably!) or hang them on the tree…or both really. i love idea that not all lumps of coal are nasty and mean, and but that’s their station in life. some of them feel bad…though some of them don’t!

Oh my goodness, it's a little lump of coal!

i carved them, which was so fun. i do not carve enough lately, which as we all know got me into this mess in the first place! after christmas i got to really make a plan to make it a priority.

then i printed them on fabric….5 diferent personalities. alot more to come!

What could these little guys be? You'll see soon!

On fabric? Repeated?

The back ( and it can be an ornament too!)

ps. please excuse the somewhat bad pictures. my real camera just decided to stop working! i need to call canon.

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