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illustration friday: cracked

illustration friday: cracked

i know i need to work on being less literal with my illustrations. but i can’t help doing something with humpty dumpty…or a humpty dumpty-like figure for “cracked.” now he has a split personality (insert major chuckle!)!

in other news, our iphoto has completely and totally crashed. how exciting. josh has backed up our pics and stuff…so hopefully they’re okay, but it’s scary nonetheless. i rely on iphoto so much…probably too much. but hopefully josh will work his magic and set everything right again.

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the show and paper goodness

so can i first just say that our computer is being a big jerk and iphoto is not working as it should. gar. gar. and now i can’t open photoshop? what is this!?!? but i digress.

earlier this week i got to go to the stationary show at the big ol’ javits. no pictures of the event really, since it’s kinda rude, and really not allowed to take pics, especially if you aren’t going to be placing orders. I walked the show with luise from warpe design, which made it much more enjoyable!

there was lots of cool (and not so cool) stuff to see, and it just is such a kick in the pants that if you get your act in gear, and get organized AND produce creative stuff, what you can achieve. Here’s some of my oh so exciting swag. The bag is from old tom foolery with hilarious cards, and the card in the corner is from sub studio, who i really fell in love with their booth. i talked with the people for a little and they were really nice too.
goods fom the stationary show

weirdly the stationary show and the ICFF are at the same time, and your badge gets you into both. bonus!! so i got to walk around and see awesome cool furniture. they had a “small designer” section in the back – basically a little craft fair, with people selling their stuff. so, something at icff i could afford. i got this awesome tape, since i’ve been on a tape tear lately.
from icff

after the show, laden with waaaay too much stuff, even before i went home i had to have a sit, as josh would say. i went to borders, and of course was lured in by the amazing paper chase section.

if i had to pick a fav paper co, i think it would be paper chase. they have wacky cute stuff, and serious stuff. their cute stuff isn’t cutesy though, and their pretty stuff not too twee. good thing they are british and i only have access to a small amount of their stuff!! my wonderful pencil case has gone missing (also paperchase) so i had to get a replacement.
paperchase you are my true love.

i also got some crazy awesome binders. which will photo sometime once they are filled with organizational goodness! key. organization. repeat.

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eatin’ and bakin’

as we all know, new york has amazing restaurants. however. as fabulous the restaurants are, the grocery stores are equally as horrible. there are some other good places, such as fairway…but, yeah. mostly gross, crowded and way overpriced.

so, HELLO pomegranate! deep in midwood is this amazing new store. they are basically touting themselves the kosher whole foods, appealing to the big orthodox and hasid communities, but it also just has a fabulous selection of everything (i.e. just like a “real” grocery store, par for the course outside of the city). added bonus? conveniently bikeable from our house. with this and our awesome food coop, i feel pretty lucky.

ooh, even a fancy logo.
the amazing new pomegranate on coney and K

interesting soups…must try this week.

a double bonus is across the street is golan dried fruits, which has a super fab selection of duh, dried fruits and nuts, for reasonable prices. and where i got the below amazingly drawable celery root (why i purchased).
go golan!

root of a celery!
crazy celery root!  i'm drawin' this sucker.

in making things news, i’ve decided i want to try making some bread. i don’t know why, it seems like it could be relaxing (i write this literally not knowing anything). as the magical nytimes no knead bread has been buzzing around for oh, like 3 years now, i thought i’d finally try that first. if it’s possible, i think i by accident let it sit for too long, but besides that, it turned out quite delicious, and quite DENSE. i’ll totally be making it on vacay along with hopefully some other mystery breads that might gasp! involve kneading.

nytimes no knead bread

so flat!
nytimes no knead bread

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illustration friday: parade

bim bam boom, with this guy.

really straight forward…not much interpretation on “parade” but still fun. i’ve been missing my gouaches. with all the shows, i’ve just been printing up products, and taking some time this morning to draw and paint was really needed.

did this guy without sketching him out first! and also was using the edge of the paper (which i do way too much), but still like him.

illustration friday: parade

in other news, just finished a round of shows, the best one being the twist fair. it was a good time, and not only were all the vendors so talented, everyone was just so nice. always a good bonus. now onto renegade…which i’m mainly just going to focus on displays, to lure those folks in. local to brooklyn, june 6 – 7th, put it on your calendar!

instead of a boring booth photo, how great is this? in northampton.
so great, in northampton

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