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it’s go time

it’s the last week at the printshop before it closes before summer session. this pre-closing week is always super stressful, since i suddenly realize i have a bajillion projects i want to get done which of course have been lurking almost done but not.

i’ve been jammin’ along this week, getting stuff ready for twist! and tangentially the 5th ave show and renegade (i’ve been so lame with this blog lately i didn’t even mention we’re goin’ to renegade again, yay!).

i printed up mr. walrus here this morn. i feel his name is georgio. he just has that look.
new 'lil walrus print

and two mom’s day cards. for the past couple years i’ve always done one that is serious, and basically for your own mom. but FINALLY i did a fun one as well, which you can of course send to your own personal mom, or to other moms you think are super. not quite sure of what the inside message will be. thoughts anyone?

serious…and darnit, the type really should have been printed further to the right. gar.
new mom's day

isn't it so true?

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puffy croc

i’m so excited about my new experiment…sewing kits!! i (finally) did a test with spoonflower, the amazing custom fabric company.

sewing something....

croc and monkey

i really don’t want to start making stuffies, as i’m not all too keen on alot of sewing, and i’m not that great at it, but i love the idea of sewing kits! i always loved getting a sewing kit as a kid, and it’ll be so fun to make them. I need to make up the directions, with little illustrations, so people can follow along. eventually i’ll have little side kick characters to go along with the big one.

more croc

this guy is just my promo, so i can put him out at shows (like twist next week!). i’m going to order at least 4 more animals. not sure yet which ones…the pig? foxes? bees? hmmm…..any recos folks?

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inky dinky doo

okay, as usual it’s been awhile, reason being i’ve been working on a project i’m not quite ready to post pictures of, and since it’s been somewhat consuming…there’s been little other interesting things to say!

but, anyhoo. the spring craft season is in full swing, and i booked 3 craft fairs in three consecutive weekends, oops! but that’s good. was in greenpoint last weekend….this show was supposed to be in the park…but ended up being in a parking lot NEXT to the park. ah well. i shared a booth with red bridge studio which made the day really fun, and i love her stuff!

go greenpoint festival

first outdoor fair of the year...at the go green greenpoint festival

it’s a bummertown though, that nothing really compares to christmas in terms of sales. it’s always fascinating to see how people shop and people are completely different before christmas. every corner, every vendor is a new opportunity to finish their shopping list, where as the rest of the year shopping is just fun, a lark. which, really it should be. add the global economic collapse onto that, and things get a little weird.

but still, i’m REALLY excited for the twist 2.0 show coming up may 1st week. it was such a solid show last time, and i think will have a good turnout again. plus! alot of fun other vendors will be there, who are always fun to see. i’m working like mad to get things ready for it, so the small show i did last weekend and this weekend’s are really just forcing me to get ready.

oooh, and all of a sudden i had a brainstorm on the train for afew new cards, so gotta knock those out too. and now….for the big reveal (okay, not really, but i’m jazzed). i’ve been printing on moleskine notebooks for almost 3 years now, and have been testing out actually making journals, as we saw with these guys. but i still wasn’t LOVING them, so i’ve been experimenting this week with full on screenprinted journals with big swaths of ink, and i think i’m onto something. like a test print journal, but actually planned out.

inky dinky journal!

oooh rounded corners.
look at those rounded corners.

this guy isn’t a fully formed design, just a test out one, but still yay! with recycled mr. french paper too, which has a really nice feel. anyway, i’ll stop talking, but they make me happy.

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