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illustration friday – climb

ugh, this one is pretty damn weak. but i really want to keep this up. so here it is. i usually like my bean guys, but i’m just trying to experiment with coloring and shading on the computer, and this wasn’t as successful. but away we go anyway.

everyone has their everest.
illustration friday - climb

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new year, goals a plenty

so, i know the statute of limitations has probably passed for new years resolution posts, but WHATever.

i’m a big new years resolution maker. they make me feel good to make them, and try to start my year of good and fully of exciting optimism. by the end of the year everything has basically fallen apart, but at least i can start feeling all together.

i have waaay too many goals this year, but the big one is DISCIPLINE. i have loads of passion for things, and especially what i do…printmaking, drawing, crafting. but, i need to really work on focus and disciplining myself to stay focused, stay on task, and get things DONE. and also just keep trying and doing more stuff. because hey, that’s where it’s fun and exciting.

i can be a bit of a space cadet, but it’s the people that are the busy bees that are amazing, and i know i can push myself more in so many ways.

this is in all areas really, creatively, business-wise, stuff with our apt. because in the end, i know i’ll be happier if i just keep doing more of the things i want to do in my head.

so that’s the big one. i have lots of secondary goals: stay more organized, clean-up after myself (that one’s for josh), see more things around the city, post more stuff on various mediums and so on.

in other exciting news, i just got a wacom. TODAY. hours ago. and man, it’s friggin’ FAB.U.LOUS. (and sigh, expensive). but it’s the big purchase from the shows this christmas. i can already tell, testing it out today, that it’s going to be an incredibly worthwhile investment. my goal is to do a mix of traditional drawing and then editing it on the computer. and hot damn, making background separations are going to be a bit better now too.

…and by better i mean keeping me sane. this semester i’m working on a book, and the thought of hand drawing many many many background separations on paper (which are going to be amorphous blobs) and then scanning them and editing them, and then printing them out AGAIN so they’re the right size and dark enough….it was just too much. so it’s exciting. i went for the intuos 3, 6 x 8.

here’s my first experiment just playing around. i see the possibility!
wacom experiment

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in the pale of winter

illustration friday: pale. pale blue eyes literally came on while i was trying to think of an idea. it was too good.

pale: for illustration friday

we FINALLY went snowboarding yesterday – first time this winter! it was super great too. we went to camelback, since we have gift certificates, and while it was a little too crowded, josh and i were happy to see that our practicing last winter actually stuck. i was able to keep my balance for most of the day, even though we are ass slow, we’re still getting down okay. And seriously, butt pads and knee pads are the best thing ever. best snowboarding investment we could make, and adds to so much more enjoyment throughout the day. now off to make some hummus and bean burritos!

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new year, new world

well here’s my first post of the new year – illustration friday! woo.

the word of the week being: contained.

illustration friday: contained

bought some india ink this week and some exciting new paint brushes with a gift cert i had. been playing around with them and some gouache all day. made for a good sunday. i imagine these jars as part of a wall of an evil laboratory filled with freakish creatures.