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a merry and happy to each and everyone!

dyker heights amazement

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the world has been spinning quickly

and i feel i have much to share, but have barely been able to sit down!

what’s been up? i’ve been craft fairin’, printing printing printing, and filling orders in the shop. all good! but now i am very much looking forward to a little downtime/crashtime for christmas.
so here’s a bit of a round-up….

even though i’m sure the parameters for the printshop would drive some people crazy (only certain hours, closes down for break, sometimes annoying and too cool for school young art students), i think it actually makes me produce more. i majorly need limitations – why i love printmaking to begin with – and so if i know i have a deadline, suddenly everything gets done. so it was a good semester in the printshop! knocking out some napkins, a silly book, and special order kids shirts right at the last moment. bunnies and firetrucks oh my!

for craft fairs, i did the squidfire art mart again, which as usual was great, and got a nice little mention too from the awesome indie fixx!

then, went up to volunteer at craftland, which is so amazing and cool, a good set of pictures here (by faythe levine of course). not so amazing is getting caught in a snowstorm on the way back, and it taking three times as long to get home. but the snow was pretty incredible to watch coming down.

at least optimus prime was near by…
there were many trucks

last, but certainly not least, just finished doing the brooklyn lyceum show in park slope. it was their first craft fair, and was packed the entire time! it’s a really cool place, and i can’t believe i hadn’t been there before, but they have loads of neat events (it used to be a bath house) and i think we’ll definitely be going to other things too. i had such great neighbors as well, so nice and so talented!- rocks and salt , Lingua Nigra and michelle han.

hats by rocks and salt (josh might have gotten me one for xmas?? hmmmm???)
rocks and salt and their awesome hats!

it’s really wonderful to see people still supporting crafts even in this crazy economy, it means so much to everyone involved.

and, now, oh my goodness i still have stuff to print. but it’s all good busyiness. finally, we finally got our christmas on, and decorated the house (somewhat, rudolph set STILL not up!!).
tree! it only took us a week of it completely bare to decorate.

wrapped and ready to go

the kings!

bowl full of glitter

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