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giraffes and walruses, oh my

lately my life is involving a lot of walrus. which sounds quite hilarious.

like this test walrus. hey guy. he is aptly with a giant pile of yarn, as i’ve been knitting far too much lately.
walruses love lamb's pride bulky

also, i’m totally psyched i FINALLY, after oh like 7 drawn out weeks, finished my giraffe accordian book. he’s so tallllllll and smallllll.
first page of giraffe accordian book

accordian book is FINALLY  finished.

and now for my list. i’ve been a little behind in keeping myself on track of myself. but i’m back at it.

- receive new cover copies
- assemble coloring books
package and label stuff for craftland
- send wares to craftland
- email blogs for promo-ness
- create game plan for xmas shows
- more info on jingle bell bazaar?
- really design wholesale sheets for moleskines + possible other things
- follow-up temp and review PT c.

- print (2) new moleskine designs
- print pom scarves (possible new color option – frustrating)
- separations for walrus print
- print first walrus print
- turkey trot designs & amanda send shirts

home/craft stuff:

- finish secret xmas project 1b
- start dad’s slippers
- clean house for cousins
- finish painting front door

around town/shopping/sites:
- Find more organic blah blah bamboo jersey
- purchase blue fabric at mood
- buy printing paper at NY central
- make copies of coloring books

COMPLETED (review from last week, with additions):
- payment for squidfire
- applied brooklyn lyceum show
- final designs to T&C for tree farm
- researched sign co’s for t&c – investigate places on c.i.a.
- sent out coloring book packets

- printed envelopes/notecards for coloring book packets
- printed yellow napkins
- printed (blue) scarves
- designed/printed amanda/mark heart shirts
- new designs for moleskine (2)
- walrus work: first draft completed, reviewed with my teacher
- printed tea towels
- finished bunny design for cathy
- printed more groovy and shucks
- finally finished giraffe book

home/craft stuff:
- paint test of small hallway in dark gray paint
- sewing mini-rug
- finished sarah baby booties
- started second part of secret xmas present 1b
- continued work on mom’s scarf
- finished chris hat

around town shopping/sights:
- go see babar exhibit at morgan library
- acquire new small screens from standard for fabric printing

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the future

this is the picture of a president. i am so proud of my country. i feel hope. and so elated i can finally feel pride in my president again. this is what America needed. i look towards the future.

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Today is the day

wow. after 2 years of constant speculation. it’s finally here. i don’t see how i’m going to sleep tonight until i know. i remember in 2000 staying up so late, then going to sleep, turning on the tv in the morning, expecting to hear an answer…and didn’t.

the voting booth is THIS way.

i have cnn and npr on at the same time. i can’t even help myself. i waited an hour in line today, and was happy to wait. i couldn’t believe it. in 2004 i just waltzed in, there was barely anyone there (and i went in the morning!). not the case today. i feel everyone in line was quiet, anxious, ready to go in and help steer the course of america.

big line!  hurray!

hopefully tomorrow we will have a new president. and a new era of this country can begin, we can hopefully break this 8 year stretch of ineptitude, mediocrity, and selfish special interests. let’s hope.

mural in the school i voted in.  fitting i think today

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