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the past couple days i’ve been in a funk. i don’t know why, maybe it’s the scary economy and election, or deep fear i’m not ready for this show on saturday, or that i haven’t gotten the wholesale line-sheet thinger together to send out to stores. i just hate when i can’t get my shit together. but enough of that.

we went to philly this weekend to visit the fabulous j & m, and had a fabo time of course. we went to go see the gee’s bends quilts (thanks everyone for even going to see quilts as i know they’re usually not up high on the list of fun weekend agendas). they were incredible and overwhelming. i didn’t expect to love them so much in person, especially hearing so much about them, for so long. but i did. seeing them reminded me of the importance of art in the world – not art in museums, but the art that anyone creates, and the validity of it, the need for it to be with us in some form in our daily lives.

30th street station philly

apparently the philly art museum is the last stop on the national tour that’s been going on for a few years, so if you’re near, go see them!


we also ate some delicious food, saw a ginormous tee vee, played some wii olympics and had an all around nifty time. thanks ferns!

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goodness in the craziness

wow, so yeah, this economic crisis is kinda scary. i’m SO happy we have such a STRONG leader who can barely cobble together 20 second speeches to tell america we’re in the crapper. i’ll say no more.

in happier news, i feel like there’s alot going on for the f&f front! well…alot going on, in my head at least. supportive friends and family have ordered designs that have enabled me to incorporate “illustration” with design, and then with some printmaking mixed in…which would be my dream to be able to do for real all the time.

also, i found out we’re in the art on the avenue show in alexandria, va on october 4th! i only found out acouple weeks ago, so i’m a bit overwhelmed that we won’t be ready. but, the great thing is that now i really have a backstock of stuff, so it’s not like i’m going down empty handed. i’m all full of nerves though because this is a show outside of the indie craft movement…so i just hope we look okay and are well received by customers and other crafters. but, i think it’ll be fun.

i’m starting see the light at the end of the tunnel for our apt. now, we have ALOT to do, but i can see it actually being nice….someday. and that’s exciting. i’ll have to take a long shot, but we have some fun going on some display shelves, and one section of our wall is unbelievably actually finished being painted. (it’s hard to see but the background is taupe here…).

the battle for supremacy is on.

also also, in good randomness, does anyone use LUSH products? because you should. my sis got me these for my birthday, and they are so so awesome. my hands and nails actually look okay now. i’m so happy she bought these for me, because anytime i’ve gone into lush i’ve been grossed out by their weirdo jiggly soaps in the front of the store. next time i just need to solider to the back to see the good stuff. i tried a sample as well of their soild coconut smelling shampoo, which was crazy awesome. i will be buying more.

best. ever.

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so. our house is a bit of a disaster. okay, maybe disaster’s not the word, but it’s certainly not inspiring. boring white walls, things still in boxes in the bedroom, no pictures on the walls. it’s kinda depressing actually. granted we did move within this year (nov.) but that excuse is wearing thin.

we have done some stuff. new couch, new rug. but it’s not enough. so we’re getting on it. first with paint. woo colors! and second with organization.

my dresser top that was a horrific disaster, so bad no before pics. the awesome new toiletries goodwill 50 cent bag hides all my deoderants, brush and lotions. heheeh.
new dresser top

seriously, this pic makes the wall color look like a deep soft aqua or something, but it’s really bright and happy.
you can't tell but this wall is bright aqua.

more pics will be forthcoming, but i feel we’re finally making progress. last week i went to ikea and our local hardware store, pintchik, on serious missions. Boxes and storage solutions have been bought. test colorings and walls have been painted. our kitchen is a bright aqua…which i still can’t decide if it’s TOO bright. most of one wall (ran out of paint) is a lovely deep taupe, and the paint has been bought to make our living room a solid blue. it’s exciting.

oh and a delightful credenza has been purchased to house josh’s overly large dvd collection.

now if only a magical lighting fairy can come and alter the majorly bad lighting placement that is in our place, we might really be on to something.

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what a weekend! we went up to north hampton, ma for the first annual twist fair friday and saturday, and then did the nyc century ride on sunday! i only did 30 miles, but josh did the 100, and was barely affected by it. he’s such a tough biker man.

the twist fair was really great, and an especial shout out to lexie barnes, the amazing creator of it. It was such a hands-on, well organized show. It was at a great venue, great turn-out, and they provided food (bfast, lunch AND dinner) to all the vendors…which besides being SO incredibly nice, was an enormous savings as well.

this was also the first show we stayed overnight for….business trip! the show started friday night, which was cool, and completely packed, and then ran all day saturday. It was a great show all around, and we did really well! north hampton is a cool artsy town, with a bunch of colleges (we were right next to the beautiful smith campus), so it really was the right audience. They’re planning one in the spring, which hopefully we’ll be at!

this was also the first show which i actually didn’t hate my booth set up. I usually feel the setup is cheap and bad looking. but i’ve slowly been acquiring new pieces (basically wandering the container store until something works), so now i feel we’re not a completely crap ass set up anymore! huzzah!

set-up for twist fair in north hampton, ma

also got to meet some really wonderful nice people and do some coolio trades…like this beautiful alison tauber tea towel and some delicious spun monkey yarn.

new alison tauber dish towel

new spun monkey yarn
the 30-mile century ride was also super cool, and challenging. i’m so happy we did it, even though we did wake up at 4:30 to get there. i traveled light, so no photos!

all around, a great weekend.

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you’re it!

we’re heading up to northampton tomorrow for the twist fair. i’m of course feeling pre-show nerves, questioning my every decision…and fretting about displays, but i’m looking forward to it! also, i just got this shelf (on sale), which i think will be a fantastic anchor to one side of the table! i’m very excited about it, and it folds up flat. thank goodness.

i’ve also been obsessed with making fun tags, spending waaaay too much time downloading fun free new fonts and dingbats when i should be organizing. but they make me so happy….

for scarves…
new tag for scarf

holiday tags!
fun tags for...holiday tags!

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monkeys are the key to my heart

could these gratuitous monkey key covers be any cuter?

i kept seeing them, but deemed the pack (i think there was 6 or 8 in total?) too expensive. finally i saw them on super sale for $3 at glorious century 21 and couldn’t resist. they make opening my door so happy!

more key monkeys

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