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beach is always needed mid-week

so here’s a new card design! i’m kinda jazzed about these guys. It’s a twins congrats card, but i’m sure could be used as something else too…right? their faces crack me up. obviously need to be cut and folded…

double the trouble...double the fun!

josh took the day off yesterday and we went down to LBI (long beach island) off of new jersey. josh used to go there as a kid so we at least go down for a day in the summer. it’s kinda a perfect beach town, and close too. we hit not one bit of traffic either way! woo. the beginning of the day was beautiful and then got a bit foggy, but excellence all around.

fog was seen…
it became a foggy day at LBI

fudge was eaten and bought…
tasty fudge at LBI

mini-golf was played…and lost by me. boo!
josh and BALLS

and magnificent pinky’s was had. (note the seagull on the sign who kept trying to sneak over and eat my crab legs!)
the delightful pinky's


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pies, books, and prints

i’m psyched, i got a nice wholesale order this week for the tea towels. nifty! so, i’ll be printing ALOT this week. i really like printing them though, it’s like therapeutic printing.

other goings on…i went home this weekend to hang out with the rents and also to go to the awesome yearly pequot library booksale. This sale has been going on since i was little (probably before) and i love going to it. there’s cheap books of course, and it’s so great being around the PILES of books…possibilities hiding in each one.

part of the fair…
pequot library booksale 2

i did pretty well this year, and restrained myself for going back on the second day. i’m selling a bunch of books i already had on ebay to make back what i spent. woo! i actually brought a list this year, and even managed to get some stuff off of it. Hardcover awesome old wizard of oz? check. Dr. Doolittle? boom. Awesome set of lotr paperbacks with fantastic old covers? shazzam. Sweet nature inspiration books? bingo.

The best of all though is a mint hardcover copy of the complete printer (originally $45!). Rockin! It was fun to go with my mom too. and she STOCKED up! i think she actually got more than me too.

i was smart this year and brought a bag…
my haul - pequot library book sale

the other day i saw those amazing handpies made by amy angry chicken. i think i got the last of the season’s rhubarb and made them last night.

mine are super ugly, but wow they’re tasty! see how josh enjoys them! i know i’ll be eating one as my lunch today. damn i love rhubarb. also, how does anyone make pie crust without a cuisinart? seriously, it’s magical.

josh likes pies and pugs

delicious handpie and pez milk

and i leave you with one of the many amazing book covers i pic’d at the sale. i couldn’t buy them all, but this photo’ing them makes up for it.

oh the colors!
fantastic sci-fi cover...

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peddling cupcakes

so. FINALLY. i got a bike! i’m totally jazzed. we got it yesterday, and did my first ride today. brooklyn is relatively flat, which is a very good thing.

my new bike!!

it’s really not snazzy looking at all, but i like the way it rides, and light too! we actually stayed within the price range we wanted. shocking. i dreamt of getting the GORGEOUS bianchi milano parco but had to shake myself out of its gorgeous haze. a girl in the shop said it wasn’t that comfortable anyway.

a major shoutout to bayridge bicycle world, who were totally awesome. the woman there cracked us up, and was so straight shooting and helpful about everything. and, we could do test rides. absolutely key.

while in bay ridge, which we dug as a ‘hood in general, we visited the little cupcake bakeshop (had read about them in tony), and the cupcakes were insanely fab. hands down the best NYC ones we’ve had. the cake to icing ratio was PERFECT. most places have waaaay too much icing. they were so friendly also. look how cute they are!

magnificent cupcakes

lastly, here i am in my awesome small boys-size striped helmet. dorky cool. and i can use it for snowboarding as well. bonus!

my awesomely tough bike helmet.

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on the other side of the glass

i went to the bronx zoo yesterday. wednesdays are donate what you want, aka free day. though, i did give 2 dollars, so there. i wanted to go up to take pictures and draw animals. it was fun, but so. so. so. so. crowded. like, insaneo crowded, with many children. but still, it was good.

the gorillas and monkeys are always just the most amazing. the lemurs were super cool too. they just STARE right at you. awesome. i felt like i took SO many pics when i was there. but, as soon as i got home, felt i barely took any. bah.

gorilla lady…
my favorite lady gorilla

kinda okay sketch of her….
gorilla sketch 2 from the zoo

ridiculous monkey! he has such soulful eyes.
cheeky monkey!

kinda okay sketch of him…
funny zoo monkey

my next excursion is the aquarium…and the walruses!

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let’s talk chicken

i really am not a very good cook. nor do i love cooking. i enjoy it more than i used to, but basically i like when i can just follow a recipe and it’s fairly easy (hello EF).

thus, i LOVE the giada citrus garlic chicken recipe. it’s magically delicious. i realize it is a whole chicken, and it seems a bit ridiculous to cook something so large (and for so long – it takes two hours), but it so completely simple, even i can do it. i originally made it for fake christmas last year. and i felt it time to make again.

look how fabulous it is! and, not to mention inexpensive. for how much you get, a whole chicken is mad cheap. and, the ingredients are what, an orange, a lemon, and a head of garlic? she says to use fresh oregano…we just used the dried stuff.

josh attempting to cut chicken…
whole chicken!

just some of the chicken, which is still feeding us…
more chicken


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murakami and making things

we finally got to the murakami exhibit at the brklyn museum. i was fearing that we would miss it, which would be not good. it was pretty fantastic, and a nice retrospective of all sorts of his stuff. They even had a louis vuitton store with his stuff IN a section of the museum. Apparently we weren’t allowed to take pics, but i snapped afew. hehe.

if only they could talk they would sing!

i have a new challenge for myself, which is both fun and practical. spend as LITTLE money as possible. so i turned these ill-fitting pants into ill-fitting shorts. I needed another pair that i didn’t really care about to wear around the print shop. voila. short pants.

gratuitous close up

we roasted a chicken tonight for dinner, which feed us for a week! but, ha ha. we started it at 9 pm. smarts us. but still so delicious.

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meet waldorf

i’m taking etching this semester and finally i think i’m coming around to it. i took etching acouple years ago. and i sucked at it. super hard. i didn’t really know what i was doing and made a bunch of stupid looking plates and prints. i had fun, and my teacher was great, but since then have stayed away.

aquatinting especially was my arch nemesis. i hated aquatinting. it’s a process which enables you to give wide swaths of color to your plate, which is great for shading and adding tones. but, to get these lovely tones, you have to use the dreaded and exhausting aquatinting box, which to really explain i have to get a pic of it.

anyway, somehow this week i had a breakthrough with my hated aquatinting, and feel i actually (almost) get etching now and what i can do. i finally see the merit of taking the effort to aquatint. whoopee! all with the help of a walrus.

first, we have horrible walrus proof. i felt awash in dejavu with this, feeling oh great another exercise in disappointment.
ugly proof

then, here’s a print of said walrus in brown, on better paper, and with what i wished his lovely brown skin could look like. i felt this was getting better and almost liked this print.
test print pre-aquatint

and then…shazzam! a dual aquatint on him! on fab rives fbk tan paper. oh so rich, so walrusry. just what i wanted it to look like!
aquatinting, i get you now.

honestly, i know this isn’t the greatest print in the world, but it’s a breakthrough towards actually use the medium in the right way.

in fact, i think i might do a series of walruses, which might include a zoo visit…

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well okay. some things have happened since may (apparently my last post).

Mainly i left my job. after 8 years. which, in the end was far easier than i thought it would be. the main reason is that i ultimately didn’t want to do advertising anymore. i saw what the next level would be, and unless you’re passionate about it, you’re wasting your and everyone else’s time. people work very hard in advertising. a lot of hours. a lot of emotion. and if you don’t care enough, you better not be there. so i’m not anymore.

i was there A LONG time. but through it i was able to figure stuff out. things i couldn’t have right out of school. and, i wouldn’t appreciate doing this – taking this time – if i didn’t go through working there. i worked on some great things, and i honestly loved working with a lot of the people there. and have some very good and close friends from it. it also taught me how to work hard and in the right ways. all of which will come in handy now and in the future.

so onward and upward!

from the moment i gave notice, i knew wholly and completely it was the right choice. i know i’ll have to get another job in a few months, but hopefully one in which i feel like i’m doing something a little more worthwhile and also one, mainly, that keeps slightly better hours.

in the time being, i’m focusing on fisk and fern, which is honestly so incredibly exciting. i’m going to just print, and do small biz stuff for afew months. and i hope, i really hope, that i don’t get distracted and waste time. by writing this, and posting more frequently, it’s going to keep me honest.

another reason for leaving, is that right now, i feel life is completely out of control. and completely disorganized. with both josh and i not getting home many nights until 8 or 9, how do you keep things together? we constantly do half projects around the house, sort of clean up something, barely take advantage of the city we dearly pay for or try to get organized. i just felt like between real work and f&f there was no time for anything. at all. and that’s not good. something had to give. so i’m taking this time to get organized, and gain some control back of all the things in life going on. i’m basically taking a time out. time to think, focus, and get back on track.

so, we’ll see what happens.


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