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by the way…a VERY belated shout out to audrey for adding a cool “shop” button to the side of the blog! it makes me happy every time i see it! tanku.

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i’m reading the omnivore’s dilemma right now. it’s a pretty eye-opening book. basically, the author realized that instead of asking ourselves what should we eat for dinner, we really should be asking WHAT are we eating and where did it come from. most of us have gotten so far from the origin of our food, we don’t quite know what anything is anymore. it’s also somehow manages not to be completely pretentious either. what i like, is that he’s taking just as hard a look at the big time organic places as he is everything else. and wow, interesting. still better than traditional industries but they’re not as innocent as they’d like us to believe either.

ANYHOO. there’s a whole section on bagged salad, and besides being quite pricey, bagged salad uses and exxxtreme amount of energy. so i think i’m go it the old fashioned way, ripping lettuce leaves and using the salad spinner (oh so exhausting!). i forgot how much i enjoyed the ole’ salad spinner. and mr. easter island likes it too. mmmmm.

mmmmm tiki love salad!

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thank you marvelous meal

sometimes things magically appear just when you need them to…say, after far too long a day (including driving to new jersey and back, followed by more work, and then class, and then picking up a sweet new to josh snowboard from craigs) when you are super hungry, so hungry you don’t even know what food you want. but, you’re incredibly cranky because of it. you then park and randomly start walking, and the restaurant of your dreams seems to appear. you walk in, and it’s a boston market type set up. but DECIDEDLY NOT boston market. because it has a french feel to it, the staff are purely and genuinely nice. the plates are real and homey and so is the silverware. the 1/4 chicken appears and all the sides stand waiting in 5 quart oval red le creuset dutch ovens. you are offered extra food (not to mention free homemade lemonade) and are served immediately. oh, and there’s lovely french amelie-ish music playing making it feel even more like a dream. well that was what happened tonight. i literally walked out of the restaurant BEAMING carrying my left overs.

and even though i took their menu, i don’t think it’s even the right name, but if you if you happen to be in williamsburg and you need to be taken care of go. go to bedford between n.7th and n.8th.

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giving thanks

thanksgiving was just what i desperately needed it to be. restful. i didn’t do much of anything except for eat…A LOT, spend time with my family, and sleep in. it was really really nice. and i actually feel kinda refreshed. i have so much to be thankful for this year, and i was able to reflect on that.

also, i got these completely sweet sheets. thanks syms.

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breathing room

this weekend was actually really relaxing. still recovering a little bit from handmade arcade…which i unbelievely have NO pictures of. i forgot my camera! it was a really really great show, our best yet. hurray! and it was incredible to have the support of the force there. THANK YOU everyone for coming out! i shopped a little more than i should have probably…but there was a lot of great stuff, so i couldn’t help myself.

i had some MUCH NEEDED downtime this weekend. did some f&f stuff, but all from home, just prepped afew orders including prep for the upcoming sampler! It’s going to be a brooklyn sampler and i’m excited they contacted us. hopefully we’ll get some contacts out of it too!

and, of course, did more unpacking as well. i’m starting to adjust to this new space and starting to like it. while digging through boxes i watched knocked up, and really enjoyed it. i just love the apatow vibe. good stuff.

okay, and some pics! finally…

i just did an order for the shiny squirrel! i’m really excited for us to be up on the website and did some “exclusive” cards for the site. hope they do well. it’s a f&f “sampler” pack, but was happy with how they turned out…
fisk and fern sampler!

and here’s what we’re submitting for the sampler. one of marianne’s wed cards, and one of my barnacle books. and did these test print strips to add a little more zazz to our packaging. i think they turned out pretty good…
the sampler

and last but not least…some flamingos for the road.
hey it's flamingos!

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the glass WILL be half full

well this continues to be pictureless since i don’t quite know where my camera is (damn you moving!)…josh will read this and say “BAH! it’s totally unpacked!” but i digress.

busy week, but i refuse to freak out about h.a. i’m just going to do as much as i can and see how it goes. of course i would like more options (and better displays) but i’ve reminded myself to be positive lately. instead of lamenting all the things i can’t do, or could do better, i need to focus on the good things i AM doing.

so how about this. i brought a small cottage cheese container of ink home last night (which i use all the time for my colors) – and it LEAKED into my bag, even though i had taped it it fell on its side! it was such a mess. basically ruined the inside of my bag, and i had to sit on the subway, hands covered in purple paint, holding a retarded leaking cottage cheese container. luckily i had a plastic bag in my bag that i could put it in. and then a wonderful nice man gave me a cloth napkin. i must have looked miserable. ha! but, (all for positivity) ALSO in my bag was all my newly printed moleskines. thank GOODNESS the paint didn’t get on them. i always wrap them so that saved them. it would have been tragic if it got on the books, but it didn’t. so ultimately alls well that ends messy, but well.

also, the world through small excitements. i found out that i can use my wood cut tools with linoleum without destroying them. one more step to removing dirty speedball entirely from my life!

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update? what me?

my life is slowly….but surely getting back on track. life has been kinda out of control lately. but, we have officially MOVED! so that’s step one in things going well. it’s still completely weird being in a new neighborhood. i know we’ll feel at home soon enough, but right now i feel like a stranger in my own borough. it’s amazing how neighborhoody new york is (it needs to be) in a city so large, and apartments so small, a neighborhood – not just your apt – is your home. it makes you feel safe, and that you live in a small town instead of a place of skyrises and millions of people. so i feel a bit no-mans land right now. and our apt is so devoid of personality it makes me feel not quite comfortable yet. but i know a coat of paint and a rug or two will right that.

and wow, handmade arcade is this weekend. i just hope we have enough stuff. and as per usual i have my pre-show i-hate-our-displays-they-make-us-look-so-amateur-and-cheap, but i will try and put that aside and enjoy the excitement of a TWO day holiday show! with all the moving and a crazy busy fall, we are once again only participating in two shows – h.a. and squidfire, so i’m a little bummed about this, because craft shows kinda come but twice a year, but maybe i’ll find another one. someone had mentioned an etsy artist and fleas so i might give that a go.

ooh but two excitements! the shiny squirrel, a super amazing online boutique, contacted us about being part of her shop! so i’m in the midst of printin’ up a big order for her! and one…not to be mentioned (might fall through) yet excitement on the way!

this has certainly been a ramblin’ post, but needed to get back on the bandwagon somehow.

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