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on the move again

i’ve been a bit radio silent lately, for good reason! we FINALLY closed on our apt last week. i haven’t even mentioned here, because i had a huge fear it would fall through at the end. but now, officially, we’re home owners…or co-op owners at the very least. so off deeper into brooklyn we go, i’m actually starting to get a little excited. paint colors, new furniture, and a laundry room, oh my! also i randomly met some of my neighbors last night by interviewing them for work. random wow.

also i’ve been neglecting my preparations for handmade arcade. argh. so many ideas, so little time to get to them. it’s all in my head, it just needs to get transferred to a screen and printed. and i haven’t added anything to the shop in ages. sigh. but maybe after this week. (i’ve been saying that FOR weeks).

onward and upward!

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