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slowly getting my head out of my ass

yes, that’s right. ever so slowly. summer is such a weird time for me. it is literally the busiest time of the year in my regular work, so i kinda end up getting nothing done creatively, which then takes me into fall with a mix of frustration with myself, excitement to actually start doing stuff, and then some fright that i wasted some opportunities to move f&f/life forward.

at least i know myself enough to not take classes in the summer. if i do, i always end up missing more classes than i want to, leading to even more frustration than not signing up in the first place.

basically this is a pump-myself-up post, because enough lazing around (as my sister would say). my brain and energy need to wake up and get to work. hurray fall!

Thing most prominent in my mind to get going: colors and critters TWO! i have thought about it all summer and not done anything. bah, so just get going on it. also i think i’m going to sign up for a linoleum/woodblock class for the fall, and just use the sva studios for silkscreen. i’ve pretty much taken all the printmaking classes except for lino/woodblock, and since i don’t know how to officially register colors for linoleum (shame!) and have never printed my lino prints on a press (double shame!), so i think it’s time i learned. when it gets down to it carving/printing is my first love, so i think it’s about time i got some official direction in it, you think?

in final news, did anyone see the james blake vs. santoro last night? 5 sets! intense. my heart was pounding. blake is from my hometown so i always root for him. santoro was wiley, but blake finally won!


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wow. i haven’t posted since my birthday. i have thought about posting put life has been pure insanity lately. kinda good, and kinda exhaustingly crazy.

a list of going’s on:
- acouple weeks ago, within 4 days, i managed to traverse 4 states that are not my own.

- we had an amazing teamforce weekend (kayaking! baseball games! birthdays!) in the burgh, pittsburgh. i love pittsburgh and wish it wasn’t 9 hours away.

- i have been very uncreative lately. this is incredibly frustrating. i was hoping to get so much done this summer and it just never happened.

- josh got us tickets for the US open for tomorrow. i’m totally psyched! i have this weird love of the us open (and the us open specifically, i care nothing for any other tennis). we have total nosebleed seats, but apparently the hamburgers are delicious, and we’ll just have to bring binoculars.

- as a bday present to myself i invested in a “real” pair of sunglasses. i’ve always loved raybans and now i have a snazzy pair. woo!

- i spent both nights this past weekend watching ufc and wwe (ON PAY PER VIEW NO LESS). what has the world come to?

- jon and emily were in town and we had a fabulous visiting time while tony captured it all for us (the pictures below are stolen from tony as well)

- saw king of kong: fist full of quarters. TOTALLY awesome! it’s totally a triumph of the human spirit movie. go steve!

look how lazy josh is while i do all the work:

it was a wet time at the bball game:

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say it’s your birthday

it’s my bday today! huzzah. the big 3-0 (gulp). but as josh says it’s only a big deal if you make it one. and i think about where i am right now, and i can’t help but be happy. so it’s a good thing! we made a big pancake bfast this morning- my favorite thing to do on a weekend, and then we’re meeting up with the parents for lunch, and then this evening meeting up with friends at this crazy giant bohemian beer garden in astoria. so hopefully a good day all around it’ll be!

a bowl filled with happy purchases from the farmers market right by us. I’ve been trying to go more often. check out the tomatoes – its an heirloom, so crazzzay, but so delicous!
breakfast prep in effect

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oh humidity

i’ve been at a thrilling (can you feel the sarcasm?) work conference for three days. there actually were some cool speakers so i shouldn’t totally snark. and it was in san diego – so 4 glorious perfect sunny weather days. so that’s nice.

i’ve been taking a bit of a brain and creative vacation this summer, which is kinda half purposeful and half logistical. (this is the busy season at work). i have printed almost nothing this summer, because i needed a break and it is so DAMN sweaty to print in the summer. But oddly i feel this conference has kicked me back into gear to get back to doing what i love and back on the rampage again. this week i have to get our handmade arcade app in, and we’re already signed up for squidfire’s holiday art mart. i’m ready to actually start preparing for them, so i don’t get caught prepping stuff too late this year.

Just saw too that renegade’s shop just opened in chicago! woo! they were so kind, and bought up my last remaining coloring books at the fair, so the colorful critters get to be a part of the shop too. fun.

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we’re on a netflix rampage, after lapsing for awhile. just watched last king of scotland (awesome and disturbing) and little children (horribly depressing with its sad suburban malise). and now onto big love! i’ve been watching season 2, and catching up on season 1 now with netflix. i’m kinda obsessed with this show. the idea of polygamy is such a headtrip for me. and i’m fascinated.

from the used booksale i scored an awesome “easy crosswords of the nytimes” which i have been doing every day. it was such a score because i can only handle the monday – tues level of crosswords. but i think i’m getting better. hopefully….

also last on my media trip of late, is this amazing book i just got. i had read about it in one of audrey’s awesome design mags over vaca. this is like, a printmakers ultra inspiration (well at least THIS printmakers…). this guy took all the ridiculous african spam he received and did multi-color lino cuts about each one. incredible! the play of colors, the imagery, it’s amazing. only thing was i was surprised how small this book is! it’s only about 7 x 9. ha!

cry for help book

cry for help - amazing lino cuts

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