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magical day

we had an incredible day yesterday. we got up early and headed off to fairfield, to get my haircut. we then went to fabulous trader joes and majorly stocked up, and picked up another one of their great reuseable bags.

mmmmmm....trader joes

then, the highlight of the day, we headed over to the amazing pequot library annual booksale. now, alas, i no longer can attend the penn state booksale, but the pequot rivals it in its greatness. i should have taken pictures while there! but it was great. also wasn’t too too hot so enjoyable so paruse as well. i decided to focus on illustrated kids books and nature books this year. i have way too much fiction to read, so only picked up acouple of those. josh went nuts on political books, which are awesome to get on sale.

the haul…
pequot library book sale

super cool golden book with great illustrations…
mccall's golden do it book

mr. elephant

probably my favorite thing i got was a ralph steadman alice in wonderland illustrated book. i have this idea of collecting lots of versions of illustrated alice. i can only imagine it’s a dream project to illustrate and there’s so many different versions. ralph steadman (illustrator of tons of hunter thompson stuff), is one of my favorites, so awesome to get!

card battle

cheshire and alice

and this…buck rogers pop-up book? ridiculous!
buck rogers pop-up book

then we had delicious sushi at fin with my parents heading home with NO traffic! which, in the summer is an amazing thing.

so wonderful, happy day.


life has been a little crazy lately.

you might have heard of the steampipe explosion in nyc? well…that happened right next to my building i work in. literally right out the window. i was sitting at my desk on the phone with josh around 6 pm, and all of a sudden a huge crack of what sounded like thunder that just kept going…the building was shaking at it was so loud. i looked out the window, ran out in the hall, looked again, and then got the hell out. i (luckily) grabbed my bag, and galloshes (since it had been raining that morning and i wasn’t going to wear heels for a possibly long walk), and RAN. everyone in our building evacuated, and then ran three blocks over. myself and some co-workers took the ny watertaxi across the river, and instead of heading straight home, as planned, we stopped over at “watertaxi beach” which is a fake beach bar at the astoria stop. i’m happy we did to, to compress after a somewhat traumatic event. due to clean-up we still can’t get into the building! so that was crazy.

picked up my harry potter yesterday, had only a little time to read saturday, but hunkered down on today, and read it all. devoured it. it was fantastic and i loved it all. there shall be no spoilers here however!! all i did today, literally was read, eat and go to the bathroom.

on my way over to the park for hours of reading – perfect park day! i noticed some of my favorite neighborhood signage has disappeared. pictured were these wonderful huge painted washers of an old laudromat. and now they’re gone! i’m so sad. i really hope the people who took them down sold them to those places on houston that sell awesome old signage or something. i literally just took these pics only 2 or so weeks ago. and thought how amazing they could look hung up in an apt. so i can only hope they made their way to a good home. i feel these photos don’t do them justice.

the washers

more outdoor washers

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number 2

yesterday was josh and my 2nd anniversary. huzzah! i can’t believe it’s been two years, which has gone by so super fast and in a super happy way. in toto we’ve been together 8 years. wow.

i’m really into this picture of us, taken by tony and his awesome camera (thanks tony, thony). we usually do not take great pictures of both of us, so i enjoy this pic.

josh and me


hello madrid

for some reason when i want to buy a pair of birkenstocks that i reeeally like, it takes me two years to actually physically make the purchase. maybe i think i can find a better deal, or i know the style will still be out there. silly. then, once i have them, i’m shocked i could even live without them! (ok, bit of an exaggeration but still). so, FINALLY, i have purchased the silver madrid birks i’ve literally had my eye on for two years. ridiculous. i can’t wait to get them! of course, they will not be replacing my fabulous gizehs, but just giving me another go-to summer shoe. also, for the record, i’ve worn my gizehs for 3 years relentlessly now, and they still look practically brand new. awesome.


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for some reason i’m completely re-obsessed with harry potter right now. i mean, i watched the goblet of fire last night (which i fully enjoy) with my half-read order of the phoenix sitting next to me. I can’t believe the movie comes out next week. i’m very much looking forward to it. and then the last book! to continue to fuel my obsessiveness i think i will continue reading into 6, which should carry me right up until book 7. excellence.

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