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okay audrey, this one’s for you!

awhile ago, i decided i would try to make hummus. i realized the moment i tried my homemade hummus that i never wanted to go back to storebought again. it’s so delicious, and insanely easy! i found this recipe online somewhere, so i’m really ripping off someone’s recipe by posting it, but i will throw out an annoymous credit to out to the web.

i feel this recipe is really just the basic. if you want it more garlicy (though this is quite garlicy) then add more garlic, or want more lemon, add more. or ooh you could chop up delicious olives? tasty.

WARNING! this makes and ENORMOUS amount of hummus. unless you are trying to feed, say 13 of your friends over the course of a week, i would recommend halving this recipe. also it keeps for quite awhile, which is a plus.

4 garlic cloves, minced and then mashed
2 15-oz cans of garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drained and rinsed
2/3 cup of tahini (sesame seed paste, roasted, not raw)
1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup water (or use liquid from cans of chickpeas)
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
some paprika or cayenne pepper (to taste, or for garnish)

and then just blend it all together (or use the mini chopper/cuisinart) except the salt, and then add the salt in at the end to taste. that’s it!


p. 2 of the return…

why did we miss the first few days of vacay you ask, renegade of course! josh and my mom were super duper stars and helped out. my mom even took metro north AND the subway (with a transfer!) to the pool with absolutely no problem. while it rained at the end of the first day (again, so happy i was so adamant about side panels, whew!) and super DUPER hot on sunday we had a great time. and we met my goal for the weekend, so that was really great too. and did the oink-rageous prancing pig card sell out? well yes she did! below are some pictures of the event, and the next post will feature all my wonderful purchased goodies. i made sure i got out and shopped but know i still missed so much.

it was great to meet and see people too! a bunch of our new york friends stopped by and it was so great to meet jen from swallowfield (and do a fun trade for a beeautiful awesome collage)! and meg from pixiegenne (and i now have an adorablely wonderful pincushion!), and see melissa from the super cute melissahead designs and the dynamic duo, kellee and matt of my favorite mirror.

i look odd in this pic…
renegade display close up

it’s tent city in the pool!
our aisle...before the storm

lovely lady oinko
prancing pig!

day is DONE.
day is done

i have to say i’ve been pretty pooped after it all, is it possible i actually crafted myself out? i think so. my craft area has remained oh so clean (read: unused) for the past week, it’s uncanny. but i’m feeling a new wave of excitement and ideas – colors and critters II is this summer’s goal! also, of course squeezing it in at the last minute i have to get our app. in for crafty bastards. i know there’s only a majorly outside chance that we’ll get in, but applying is half the battle, eh?

oh this is fun – we got featured on the venuszine write up of renegade! huzzah!

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p.1 of the return…

well hello there sad and lonely blog, i have not forgotten you! well, we (regretfully) returned from vacation on saturday. it was, as always full of new amazement and happiness. it reminded me how much i truly love my friends, and that it’s such an amazing gift to be given a week for us all to spend together (lucky 13 this year), in a ridiculously awesome house. this year i actually forgot my camera. ha! but the trip is usually so intensely well documented (ie. we gratuitiously take pictures of ourselves all week) that it wasn’t even an issue. so, await we do for another year, another obx. and before i go on FAR too long, we are thankfully moving next year to this week, so josh and i don’t have to scrouch our vaca by a day. sweet!

mmm fabulous sunny pier reaching out into the sea…

our guestbook is always the world’s most ridiculous inside joke.

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wow. so renegade is DONE! we had a great time, bought/traded some awesome stuff, and i need to download it all…in a week when we get back from our much needed beach vaca. which we’re off to….NOW! whew.

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today. seriously.

fielded calls and emails about vaca
finished planning major research for work
ordered gift for dad
ordered gift for sister
painted little drawing gift certs for both gifts
went to manhattan for display shopping and card sleeves
fielding directions for my mom coming in
designed 1 new card (excellente supremo!)
printed two of the coloring book guys (woo!)
printed books for UK order
FINALLY sent out my printmaking elements and UK order
finished cleaning craft area (lookin’ good)

okay was that really today? wow. and yes, i continually leave things to the literal last minute.
and now i’m going to print some tea towels.

no sleep til renegade!!!

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oooooooh we got our cards from overnightprints.com and they look FABULOUS!!!! they are soooooo professional looking! I can’t wait to hand them out! i’ve been so sheepish about our dweebazoid computer printed out ones, so this is awesome.
i’ll be posting pics of them tonight! i want to order more immediately, just to have them. we ordered 4×6 postcards and then superstar marianne cut them in half. thrifty and cool we are!

new f&f cards!

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so wow there’s a lot going on. i had a bit of a breakdown yesterday, and poor josh has to deal with my somewhat insanity. but instead of making a frightening list, i’ll talk about how i just can’t stop watching veronica mars. it’s one of those shows that i can watch episode after episode, just like buffy. excellence. so good thing those 5 shows i watched tonight got me through finishing my printmaking elements!! only a week late…which i have felt horrendous about all week. there’s going to be some major heat gunning tomorrow (to dry that ever so slow drying oil based ink).

also did some shopping this weekend and bought these two FABULOUS squeegees, oh just gaze upon their beauty! the little one i used this weekend at the awesome etsy labs to print most of my order for powerhouse.

and these teeny tiny little containers that i know will hold my little bits of gocco ink, huzzah.

this weekend has left me feeling slightly more in control. not completely in control yet, but just about there. oooh also, we saw afew movies at bam’s sundance film fest. they selected a handful of sundance movies to show at bam. i saw 3 (which was supposed to be 4) and they all were fab. i’m a bam fan.

oh and can i mention i don’t even have tables for renegade yet? tee hee. (craigs people have been contacted, so phase 1 complete)

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the low down

it’s wednesday and i still haven’t written about art star! shame shame. but i finally dl’ed my pics. despite insane heat on saturday and blustery rain on sunday, we still had a great time. and let me just say, thank GOODNESS i was adamant about getting side panels for the tent. because WOW we needed them! you can’t be too safe when 90% of your products are paper (even if they are mostly covered in plastic.

i still don’t feel sold on our display – and it had some wind accidents. i just look at other people’s stuff and while i feel ours looked nice and fine, but it’s lacking some zazz, and i just have to accept set up is not my strong point. but with each show it gets better and better. seeing how other people set things up give me so many ideas too!

art star 2

art star 4

art star 5

one of my favorite things about the shows is meeting everyone. i think i’ve said it everytime but i get such a rush getting to meet so many people who are making such amazing creative things, and are incredibly nice as well! It was great to see rebecca from bake sale designs again, and the folks from my favorite mirror! (who were my neighbors at handmade arcade). Next to us was woolarina on one side, and i got to learn how to spin a little wool, which was cool, and claire mcdermott who makes this amazing skateboard jewerly. i’m ordering a pair of earrings from her. and that’s just to name acouple!

also even if it was like for 3 seconds a piece, we got to spend time with friends & family – pete and eleanor, luke and dawn, andy, carina (audrey’s sister), and josh’s parents came, which was wonderful. and of course, getting to spend the weekend with m & j was completely sweet. on top of it josh and jeremy made a movie too!

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