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so the print shop is closed. i actually did pretty good printing-wise. would have liked to print more letterpress stuff, but at least some totes are printed and enough moleskines. so there we go.

i’m still going to have to print somewhere (ahh why oh why must i love a medium that’s nigh impossible to do easily at home….) in between the shows, but there’s some solid options that i can turn to.

From the last show – with our single baby card – i learned very quickly, people go gaa gaa for baby cards. thus, this time around…babies. i’m happy with they way they turned out, they’re just so ridiculous!
fat baby!

and these guys….same from last time
oh baby indeed

the only problem with baby cards is you need to do them in at LEAST 3 different colors – pink, blue, and what-baby-will-it-be?-green (or yellow).
hellos there world

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my multi-colored totes have arrived. and are totally rockin’.

in other news i FINALLY found small totes! i little pricer tad bit more than i want to spend…which is where being able to purchase wholesale would REEEEally come in handy. it’s so funny it’s this place bagworks, that i remember from the stamp store. i’m so happy they’re still around!

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insanity factor

yesterday was insane. scarily so….throughout my 15 hour work day, i….

placed call then wrote a position for client #1
sat for 2 hours with team for client #2 to review research findings
worked on 60 page deck for client #2
prepared for consumer interviews with client #3 (discussion, stimulus, incentive)
made grumpy call to josh because my phone doesn’t work and he is managing the fixing process
made client call with client #3
faxed our form to BAM for sundance film festival
met with team about interviews for client #3
actually managed to eat lunch and bring back to desk – sushi – from downstairs
interviewed people for client #3
ate pizza provided for respondents as dinner
wrote POV on said interviews
wrote etsy to see how i can print at etsy labs
met with team extensively to discuss next steps
wrote set up deck for client #3 based on discussion
reviewed deck for client #2 and sat and rewrote for 2 hours
bought ad space in the renegade fair booklet
took cab home with ICKY fake flowers (shudder) and went to bed.

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mini moleskines with betta fish – printed
hello world baby cards – printed
oh baby! – printed
owl totes – computer print out ready and waiting to be shot
mom is love letterpress – print on saturday
ez-up tent – won on ebay and on its way
totes bags in all different colors – won on ebay and on its way
f&f banner – designed and need to order
a whole lot of other stuff – not done and way too long to list just now

we’re getting there….

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kicks and chokes

we had a last minute run to CT today because my parents had some water in the basement (from the noah’s flood like rain last week). luckily not too bad, but since they’re still in florida and we needed to go and have a water vacuuming fest downstairs. since josh’s car is still in PA so we rented a zipcar, a bmw mini! it actually worked out really well, and we’d definitely do it again.

while josh had the sucky job of vacuuming (sucky, get it?), i went on a trader joe’s run. i just obsessively love that store. we really stocked up, including these delectable artichokes below. mmmmmm i cannot wait to steam these suckers.
artichoke party

i have so many sneakers i was thinking about maybe getting rid of these guys, but in trader joe’s a woman exclaimed – I LOVE YOUR SNEAKERS! i used to have ones like them when i was a kid! which makes me want to hold on to them a little longer.
old school kicks

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so here’s some excitement!

heard back from art star philly today. i had completely forgot that they were sending out decisions to day. so surprise, we got in! june 2nd and 3rd, be there philadelphians! so that’s exciting.

got my new moo! cards last night. i have to say, i was slightly disappointed…maybe it’s the quality of my photos…but alot of them came out kinda grey. but they’re still totally cute and nifty, and will be using them for all sorts of fun.

josh and i now have rockin’ matching phones. and now i can text, with a keyboard. and send photos. awesome. josh, technology miracle worker, ordered my phone, changed my service…everything! i can’t handle such stuff, it’s soooo tedious and exhausting. i love my husband.

alright, off to the printshop for me!

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printing countdown

i have 1 week and 2 days left to have access to the SVA print shop. bwwwwaaahahahahaha. my goal is to print everything i need – silkscreenwise in the next week for the upcoming shows. will this happen? only TIME (a week and a half) will tell!
Did print some mother’s day cards last night, which i’m happy with how they came out, it matches what was in my mind, which is always exciting.

mother's day card

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my stickers have arrived, and they look pretty sweet! i really still don’t love our logo, but at this point i just have to go with it for this round of fairs. so it looks good enough to stick on all sorts of things.

i neeeeeeed to teach myself illustrator, because i have decided that in that program i’ll be able to make my own typefaces, or a logo much easier than in photoshop. do i know if this is actually true? of course not, but i THINK it is….thus i need to learn.

currently bidding on an exciting EZ-UP tent….which i think i’m just going to have sent to my parents’ house….or maybe amanda’s. i think sending it home will spell disaster. or maybe not…but at least a tent i will have!

next up…exciting banner!

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anything can happen child…anything can be

okay. so now i’m in full on f&f business mode. there must be NO relenting until may 12th (day of squidfire). i must remain positive and energetic otherwise i will collapse! but truth be told, i’m excited about all these preparations. today i ordered stickers to put on, er, basically everything. 1 1/2 circle size. hopefully they’ll turn out good! oooh and FINNNNNALLY ordered flickr moo cards. been meaning to do THAT for months, and i hope they’ll be cute! so cheap, regardless.

i also sent in our application for art star in philly today. i think this would be a GREAT show to be part of, so here’s hoping! i really respect the artists they showcase there, and their whole vibe.

of course i sent it in at the last minute – the last day to receive applications is saturday. this, i’m sure will hurt our chances, but it’s better than not applying at all (someday i will not be a horrible procrastinator…someday?). it was nice to send in a physical application. i put together a little book, and was pretty happy with the results. Also, whether we get in or not, the experience of applying is always good, especially because i refused to panic while preparing it, and i just stayed relaxed. which is so difficult for me. luckily i was able to go across the street to duane reade and get the pics printed out (which could have been the one disaster point). honestly, i don’t know what i’d do without living in a city – everything is just. so. accessible. how else would i function? our post office is right up the street too. thank goodness.

i’m also excited that my parents, my mom in particular, is completely into helping out at renegade. this took me completely by surprise, but i am SO grateful for the help. my mom used to do quite a few craft shows in her day – with her framed prints – so she knows what’s she’s doing. so between josh and my mom i think we’ll actually be in good shape for the event.

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well, double to triple woah.
we got into renegade. i’m happy and scared at the same time. it’s TWO days….and i have to figure out how i can do this kinda on my own…oh boy. my mind is majorly on overload. at least i’ll have some practice on outdoor fairs, but WOW.
can i just quit my job now and do THIS? (keep dreamin’ there fisk).

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