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where are pictures?

oh my goodness am i being a picture slacker lately,this blog is so boringorama!
maybe this weekend, i’ll do a big fun smattering of pics.

but a bit of bumpadump in the meantime. I FINALLY got to print in my japanese woodcut class. so awesome. not only do i love the look that this style gives you, but i love all the materials….cool horsehair brushes, lovely ball bearing barrens, the types of blocks we use, and the rice paste! and all very doable from home, which always makes me happy.

my bookmaking silkscreen class is going well too! i think it’s really good i’m taking this class. knowing how to make rudimentary books is a skill that i feel i should have and this is just the class to do it in. my teacher is really awesome too. it’s kinda neat too because i feel everyone in this class has a very illustrator-y/drawingish style.

i’m also trying to figure out if the manhattan graphics center, where i’m taking woodblock is right for me, for finding some printing space. it’s hard because SVA printshop makes everything so easy. tons of great supplies, EVERYTHING included, and good work space, but…ah…expensive. m.g.c. is okay it’s just a little more bare bones. but a good group of people it seems (mostly etchers). so we’ll have to see.

lastly, since i have no pics, here’s my favorite photoblog. i’ve looked at this one for acouple years now, and his pictures just blow me away. each of his pictures say so much, and i’m always wondering what just happened before the photo was taken, which so rarely happens. slower.

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dry goods

Huzzah, my coloring books are officially up at the amazing marahdrygoods!

His write up of the books is so cool, and i love how they colored the pictures…hopefully they’ll sell well and people will like them…

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big week

wow! so far this is a “big” week for the little fisk and fern engine. always funny what’s big for one person is nuthin’ for another, but regardless!

Last night i went to the design*sponge biz ladies meet-up, which was really really worth it. it was actually much better than i expected, and i really wish i was able to hear all the groups speak. but they’ll have notes on the website of all the groups, so that will be excellent. it just all felt very serious – that we are here to talk about BUSINESS and this is not some fluff event (or some cute crafty thing), which was really refreshing.

also, we got mentioned on a couple blogs! super fun. on the design*sponge guest blog (we’re about the 4th one down), and on poppytalk’s wonderful blog. wow, i’m blushing! :)

one other thing too, which might be exciting….hopefully…we’ll see….

in other news josh and i will be going on a denver adventure in a couple weeks. i’m going there for work and then we’ll be staying the weekend. anyone every been to denver area in the winter….any suggestions?

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this past weekend was quite eventful. we had our annual anti-superbowl superbowl party, which was awesome this year! we had just the right amount of people, and this year literally no superbowl except for the halftime was watched. much wii was played by all.

also josh and i were very proud of ourselves for being uber prepared for the party. we actually made half the food the day before and just other little stuff. every party we have we get better and better – which is good. and i made my first fruitpie, which everyone said was good but i feel was a bit dubious (it leaked alot of fruity juices!)

also it was josh’s bday! huzzah! 3-0. wow. we just had a quiet night, the big event being i bought him a piece of comic art by an artist we both really like, jock. (yes, his name is jock). i’ll have to post a picture. josh was so excited and surprised!! woo! it’s so fun buying him gifts it’s hard to keep it under control. his other big gift was a membership to the bam cinema club. it’s right down the street, and this will make us go more AND our membership includes 2 free movie passes a month! cool!

in other majorly exciting news, i have restarted on my devilish fingerling weight socks. seriously i’m still going to be knitting them come july.

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i am working to cut back on my purchases, and not doing that well at it. but, i am at least trying to be SMARTER about purchases. i feel in the last year or so, i’ve been a little lazy about trying to find the best deal at the best place, and just BUYING the damn thing. and then feeling guilty. i really enjoy shopping most when i’m being the smart shopper, finding things on supersale, etc. so i’m working to get back to that.

for example, the $20 (INCLUDING SHIPPING) white seven jeans that i just purchased on ebay. totally excited. the past couple years, in the summer of course, i’ve been obsessed with white jeans and think they’re totally cool. don’t ask me why. but of course the pair that i actually purchased (on a whim i might mention), completely disappointed me and i gave them away. i should have known, gap jeans…boooooooo. so now i KNOW i will like these and they’re slightly flared, so perfect. i might have to get them hemmed but $5 extra is nuthin’.

i also really held out for our hutch and am so insanely satisfied with the purchase. patience! and with this initative, finally we are getting back to listing things on ebay. i have a whole pile of stuff that i’ve been putting off, and it is all getting listed. in the next week. and while it won’t be ALL that much moola, it’s going right back into the house savings – which i’m back to furiously as well.

so there.

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