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well so i mentioned last week that i was trying to find a place to print my coloring books (which is still a fabulous confusion, but that’s another story)…because fisk and fern got our first wholesale order!

the owner of mahar drygoods wrote on etsy and ordered the coloring book for his site! i hope they sell well, but i just am so excited about it (if you can tell from the absurd number of exclamation points in this darn post). i respect the mahar drygoods site so much. the quality and artisans featured there are just amazing, and to be part of it is just astonishing really. so i’m excited.

i’m ALSO excited that i said i would send the order out on this monday, and goshdarnit i did. were there acouple outbursts? and a breakdown over mysteriously missing business cards? well…of course. but they’re also shipped and out the door, and invoice sent out on time. it’s downright professional of me. and just feels so good.



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don’t be crewel!

i’m back doing a little creweling. very time consuming but enjoyable too. for some reason i like the look of it more compared to regular embroidery thread, the wooliness especially.

i enjoy knitting and this creweling business because it’s low pressure crafting. everything doesn’t need to be perfectly perfect, and that’s nice. on the flip side i do love perfecting any paper crafts and being insanely neurotic about those(testing out 3 copy machines to make sure you get just the right toner consistency for instance), but balance is good too.

at swap-o-rama-rama awhile back i found a sweater that had clearly been felted by accident. bad for them, good for me! it’s been sitting around for a few months, but i’m going to turning it into pillows – which was my thought the second i saw its felty goodness.

just starting the creweling, doesn’t look that inspiring now, but i think it’s going to turn out quite cool! (hopefully…)

felted sweater


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okay, since i’m talking about shopping, let’s also talk about the shoes at alloy. yes, that’s right ALLOY, the teen girl clothing magazine. they have great shoes. just take a look, if you don’t believe me!

it’s really hard to resist buying half the collection. but i resist (just barely).

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ooooooh let’s just talk about this bag and how much i want it. damn you delicious delicious anthropologie.

also a blog i read recommended this VERY cool looking paper co. and they have some sort of sample paper program that was super easy to sign up for, so now i’m going to get super sweet samples in the mail! awesome.

in other news, my sample that i ordered from shortprinter.com is on it’s way and should be here tomorrow. fingers crossed that it will be WONDERFUL. and i can order a big ole’ order from them.

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placing the big orders

so, it’s time i step up the printing of the coloring books. (for reasons that will be disclosed later!). and i have to say i’m completely befuddled by the world of offset/digital/large run of printing. whatever you call it. basically, professional printing. i feel so at a loss. i don’t know quite what to ask for or what prices should be. the worst part is that it seems to get cost effective around 1000 copies. well GREAT. that really helps. If i ordered 1000 coloring book covers, i MIGHT just have them until i’m 50.

example, my beautiful calendar from happify was professionally printed…it looks so great! where did they have it done?

so. i finally found one place online that seems to like doing smaller runs, and seems fairly cost effective. i just ordered a sample from them. besides the fact that they’re clearly all about short run printing, i totally ordered from them because their site didn’t completely intimidate me (totally sold me with their cute & friendly design) and they had an online calculator that was actually accurate.

any ideas anyone out there? of course there are places in new york, and i’ve seen a few of them – there’s acutally, oddly enough, a printer “district” around varick street. i literally need to take acouple days off and go talk to all of them and compare prices.


everyday organized

i am a superfan of everyday food, as i know i’ve mentioned probably too much before, and i save all my issues. well, it’s gotten to the point that i have way too many of them, and because of that i can’t effectively use them….

look at this giant pile! (and this isn’t even all of them, this is halfway through the process)



for awhile i’ve been meaning to organize them, and today was the day! here it is, all condensed..first, in pretty plastic sleeves….


and voila! in a beautiful bright green binder organized into sections!



so to celebrate i’m now going to make the bean burritos pictured in the last picture! hurray!



isn’t hutch a funny word? where did it come from? anyhoooo, we now have a hutch/china cabinet! i’m not sure if it’s a hutch or a china cabinet, but it’s both functional and pretty so i think it falls into both camps. and, i love it.

i won this lovely beauty on ebay, for $150!!, last week and we just picked it up on saturday. of course it cost a heckofalot more to move, but was still under my goal of spending $350. so that’s exciting. it’s even dated on the back – from 1958, so cool.

But more exciting is that we finally have something to replace our hardworking but not quite right butcher block table. i forgot to take a before pic, but oh well. i have felt my life has been completely out of order these days, and somehow this is a step towards having order. things are in drawers and on shelves, and can be displayed in a pretty way, huzzah!

here she is, it has glass doors for the shelves but we’re still organizing so not on yet:

starting to fill it up, experimenting…
hutch cabinet

a closeup just for fun…

a new place for our dishtowels…
dish towel extravanganza

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the gigantic red hat

awhile ago i saw this super awesome giant red hat in teen vogue (yes TEEN vogue), and i loved it, but of course it was over $100. i thought, wouldn’t it be cool to knit that, but i didn’t know where to begin. in comes the amazing dawn. she sends me this pattern, from lion brand yarn, with the exact hat i want! and then josh gets me the yarn and needles for christmas.

and VOILA, the awesome red hat. seriously, it’s absurdly large, but i can’t wait to wear it out and about (if it ever gets cold enough). i actually had to take the pictures with my coat on so it balanced out the enormity of the hat!

huge red hat!!!

more giant red hat



for some reason i really believe in new years resolutions. i try and keep them in mind all year. last year i wanted to be calm, productive, and positive. they were mantras for me throughout the year, and those goals i want to keep for this one as well.

and, this past year was a good and positive one! josh being fully well and happy is still something josh and i revel in. and i feel we’ve gotten our lives in order just a little bit more!

this year the big thing was that after having a craft business in my head for so many years, the wheels have finally begun turning in the right direction. for one there is actually a craft business to speak of, there is merchandise online for anyone to see and buy, we participated in craft fairs (2!), and actually got chosen to be in a flickr ad on the back cover of craft: magazine! wow. and also, it’s been a tremendous learning curve, we haven’t gotten into everything (MOST things), and it’s been important to realize what is up to snuff and what is not.

more specifically, my big goal for this year to become more focused with f&f and to actually make it profitable. which is a big goal, but an exciting one.

to make this happen, i need to treat it even more like a business, which means:
- keeping closer track of bills and records
- keeping inventory
- keeping my craft area clean and organized (incredibly difficult for me!)
- BE more organized in general so i don’t get bogged down by mess
- creating a catalog to send out to vendors
- participating in more craft fairs
- making more more more of everything, and making sure our “collections” make sense with each other

so, it’s going to be an important year. it’s all about follow through, repeat, follow through repeat repeat and repeat again.

in addition i want to continue to do more of what i enjoy and waste less time – see more do more be more. see more good movies, take more pictures, go to more museums, etc.

and a big one, is to be kinder to people, and more considerate. i can be so impatient and sometimes mean, and that’s not acceptable. i’ve been given so many wonderful things in this life, i need to give back more in every way.

so…here’s to 2007, let’s see how it goes!

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post holiday blitz

this past week was really needed and really restful. and it seems far more than a week. i didn’t allow myself to get stressed out about christmas and let my parents take care of me and feed me. it was wonderful. i’ve been pushing myself alot lately and it was great to simply STOP for a week.

i really felt the christmas spirit this year, enjoying being with family. we had christmas at my house, and then went to josh’s house this past weekend. both were great. also, even though we discussed not getting each other alot, josh and i both went and got too much for each other. showering each other with gifts is just too fun.

i received so many (too many!) thoughtful and wonderful gifts. all around gift highlights include: sonic care toothbrush, long reach stapler (for my coloring books), amy sedaris entertaining book, beautiful irish yarn, yee-haw industries calendar, sweet new green asics, stemless wine glasses, flickr pro account, my parents old crossword puzzle dictionary, and dominos (random but fun).

i am thinking about my new years resolutions and they get their own special post!

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