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knitting is totally rad.

i love when i hear about cool exhibits i want to go see BEFORE they arrive, rather than after they leave (which is sadly, usually the case)! the other day i went to the Museum of Arts and Design for the first time. It used to be the American Craft Museum, and for some reason they recently renamed it. I kinda wish they had kept the name, as “craft” is gaining so much positive momentum, but maybe they wanted to have a broader definition for themselves.

it’s a small museum, which is kinda nifty, and gives you a nice satisfactory feeling after you’re done that you saw the WHOLE museum.

ANYWAY….starting january 25, an exhibit called Radical lace and subversive knitting” is coming to town.

This sounds so cool! dawn…audrey…? would you like to visit and go see?

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still life with brooklyn

we finally got over to the brooklyn museum this weekend. there’s three incredible exhibits going on right now, and i would have kicked myself if we missed them. we are literally two blocks from the museum, so it would be reeeally ridiculous if we didn’t make it over. overall, i was even more moved and inspired than i thought i would be. the three exhibits were saw were all amazing.

the main exhibit we went to see was the ron mueck work. it was simply incredible. everything is so lifelike. so perfect. what is particularly amazing is the poses he choses are in one respect very simple, but they look like a pose that begs movement. that the person statue is just about to move, and if you look away for a second you’ll have missed the trick, that it’s really just a person sitting very still. i can’t even explain them adequately. it has to be seen in person.

(photo from the brooklyn museum site)

i love when we end up at a museum, and end up seeing something amazing we didn’t expect to see. “tigers of wrath” was one of those exhibits. This little internet photo doesn’t do walton ford’s work justice. he works mainly in watercolor and gouache on a huge scale. the painting below is at least 12 ft. tall. and while the work is meticulous and looks like old 18th and 19th century nature drawings, there’s a humor and commentary to all of it, that makes it all astounding and modern. i’m actually going to look into buying a print (if that’s even possible).

(photo from the brooklyn museum site)

we also saw the annie lebowitz exhibit, showing over a decade of her photos, really overwhelming, and really beautiful. it was an interesting balance of personal and family photos, mixed with her professional photo work.

all very cool. there are very few times i actually want to go back and see a museum show again. this is one of those few times for all three of the above!

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a girl at the printshop at SVA made this beautiful print. i’ve been watching her make different versions of it all semester; she made it with various colors and placements of the bird, tree, etc. she had so many prints and i asked her if i could buy one from her – and she said just take one! i tried to press her, but she wouldn’t have it. it was SO HARD to pick a print, they were all beautiful. it’s a big print too! i can’t wait to frame it. so thank you mellina!


i like it so much, i have to post two pictures…


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i’ve been kinda sorta doing christmas shopping, clearly ignoring that christmas is only like a week and a half away. i just have a mental block this year on the fact i need to purchase gifts. this is obviously not the right attitude to have.

next week is going to be crazy, running around getting gifts. ah well. i have no idea what i’m getting my mom, beyond the soduku books i just bought. but my goal is to make a wedding album (finally) for both sets of parents, which will be their main presents.

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happify me!

i just got the most GORGEOUS calendar from one of my fellow etsy sellers, happify! oh it’s so beautiful. i first saw it on the CRAFT blog a couple weeks ago, and immediately went to order it.

i’m going to take pictures when i get home. i can’t even pick a favorite month. each one is better than the next!

for some reason i’m obsessed with calendars lately. maybe because there’s so many cool printed ones. it started last year, with me ordering one from limescreen. (ooh he has some cool ones this year too!) and now i’m hooked.

my happify calendar is for work, but i saw this one for home that’s so fab too, from yee haw industries letterpress. exxxxcellent.

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this weekend we had our second show – squidfire holiday mart, in baltimore, md!
and it was great! i really liked our display – still can be improved, but MUCH better than last time. and we sold more than we did at handmade! woo! onwards and upwards.

the reason it’s been completely radio silent here is that i had been furiously working on a coloring book for the show! yes, a coloring book. i came up with the idea awhile ago, and i’m really excited about the way it turned out. it was a little touch and go with getting the right quality and weight paper for the cover (and i’m still tweaking). but it was really fun to put together and i’m already thinking about the next one. i’m also planning on using some of the images in other ways (pillows, totes, etc).

colors and critters coloring book!

green giraffes coloring book

yellow yaks coloring book

see afew more pics of the coloring book on my flickr.

update! i just sold 2 on etsy! wow!!!