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treat or trick!

halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it is my VERY favorite teamforce holiday. i have always felt it’s substitute family gathering, in lieu of thanksgiving or christmas. and this year was certainly rockin’ at j and a’s fab new house!! their house inspires me to organize ours and make it look nice…but that’s another story.

josh, myself, brad, and christine totally rocked it as superman II this weekend. josh makes a superb zod….maybe too good. and who knew, my character actually has a name, ursa. here’s acouple from the ridiculous photoshoot….

team zod…

havin’ fun with tiny superman!

it was fabulosity all around


i am extremely stressed out. all this is really getting to me. why is it that everything always has to happen at once you know? it’s amazing. work is quiet for weeks, then all of a sudden, when i need to be focusing on craft fairs, BAM everything gets busy. it’s just how the world works. sigh.

everything will be better after tomorrow. i just have to get there.

and of course i’m making everything worse by trying to have fun! we’re going to go to the village halloween day parade, so that should be awesome. we mean to go every year. i think josh went once, but i’ve never gone. i know i’m being a glutton for punishment by going, but one must try to enjoy themselves in the midst of things.

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yowza a lot going on. today is one of those days where i’m pretending my brain isn’t exploding. i’m starting to get nervous about my lack of days leading up to handmade arcade. i’m just producing and producing, but let’s hope it’ll be enough. my piece de resistence is my wrapping paper, and HA HA i haven’t even STARTED printing that. let’s hope i’m going to have time to get into the print shop EVERY night next week and print the heckola out of it. must stay to two color designs….otherwise there will be no time. maybe magically i’ll be able to take a half day next week…..but i’m not counting on it. let’s just say thank God and goodness for the gocco, so i can print all night if need be and not worry about closing times. some day before the show i’ll post pictures of what i’ve been doing…owls, and carolers, and radiolaria! oh my!

and have i even started out our halloween costumes yet? have i? of course not. oh boy oh boy, how fast the time goes.

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i love gourds. even the word GOURD is fantastic. they’re just so incredible, with their crazy shapes, and bumps, and colors. so i always enjoy when they start popping up during the pumpkin season.

so, obviously i love the gourd pictured below. but even more crazy than this crazy goosenecked gourd is the fact that one of my neighbors was growing it! in the little gardenyard of their brownstone. these guys must have been taking up the whole backyard, because this was one of the smaller ones.

i shall be sad when this GOURD must say goodbye.

gourd cu

gourd full2

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yes! indeed

it has been sllllllloooooooooooooooooooooow going in our letterpress class. there’s alot to learn, and i can tell i’ll enjoy it once i get to do my own stuff. but until then, there’s a lot of listening how to do stuff, and we missed 2! weeks because of yom yippur and columbus day. so i feel like we were almost back at square one yesterday. but BUT! finally we got to get on the press. and it was SOOOO cool. it’s actually like using a gigantic old sewing machine, where you have to pump your foot, and spin the wheel.

the words we printed were certainly satisfying indeed. we didn’t get to set this type, but someday….someday….



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tasty monkey

here’s a fun picture for the day. ooooh sugary goodness.

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it’s a croc!

i love go fug yourself. i admit it. it’s snarkily delicious. and sometimes they out do themselves. like this. about crocs. i have to say, i really REALLY don’t like crocs, they look retarded. i love colors. i love colorful shoes. i have a pair of bright pink saucony’s in my closet that i’m sure some people would have a problem with. but for me, crocs cross the line (exception: children, they look cute on kids). and i know i probably should be for them…but i can’t be.

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color me tickled!

wow, this is SO COOL! it’s a color palette generator, based on any photo you put in. and it’s pretty accurate. i could play with this for hours, and also gives great ideas for colors!

update: i meant to give credit, jerry reco’d this, and he knows a thing or two about color.


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another photo from my walkabout in east williamsburg/bushwick. i really like this picture for some reason. half of it’s blurry, but i really like the the way the fence looks in contrast.


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open new york

we had a jam-packed good weekend. yippee!


so this weekend was open house new york. OHNY is a time when a lot of areas that aren’t normally open to the public open its doors for tours, or there’s walking tours given by historians of neighborhoods and areas in new york. it’s so hard to pick of where to go, or to get into a tour that’s not filled up! but josh and i chose a tour/history of tudor city (in the 40′s and 1st ave) and a walking tour of victorian flatbush. both were fantastic, and i see next year us trying to pack in a whole weekend of tours.

the tudor city tour was interesting – they were the first apartments designed for the mid-to upper classes in new york. built in the 20′s. who knew apartments as standards started so late!? the tour started with a history lesson in a beautiful little park of tudor city. we were seated outside, weather was perfect, but the crazy highlight was a homeless man came and joined the conversation – our historian kept on talking, and actually for the most part the man just sat and listened (with a few interjections about the war, chinese mafia, and mexicans). very new york.

then we went on the victorian flatbush tour. um wow, this is TEN minutes from me on the subway. just ten minutes, and you feel like you’re in ohio. seriously. look at these houses! it was pretty amazing. in some ways the tour was history and a sales pitch for why everyone should want to live only in victorian flatbush. for acouple more pictures check my flickr.




then i went to swap-o-rama-rama, which is a big clothing swap, the proceeds of which go to charity. craft mag was there and picked up the first issue! (more on that later). they also have cool DIY stations set up – sewing, knitting, teeshirt reconstruction, etc – so after you pick out some clothes, then you can go to town on them. it was a little crowded in that area, hard to get onto sewing machines, but still a good time. and the ‘rama’ was in east williamsburg (aka bushwick) which, wow, 180 from the victorians. again, this is about 10 minutes from me. so the mysteries of brooklyn, one extreme to the other.




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