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snakes on a weekend

man, is it gloomy this morning. trying to get my mind GOING. well here’s my weekend wrap up. overall a good’un.

friday night we saw the infamous snakes on a plane. i enjoyed it more than i thought i would. it’s fabulously ridiculous. i recommend seeing it.

afterwards we went to dave and busters, which is a little cheezoid, but still fun. of course i did DDR, and now am trying to convince my brain to do that acouple times a week to get my lazy ass in shape.

after my late start on saturday, i had a shopping extravaganza. or more a shopping around extravaganza with little luck. trying to find an outfit for a shower on sunday, i was thwarted at almost every turn.

we saw talledega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby on sunday and then went to the aforementioned shower. The movie was fun, not as great as, say, anchorman. but still a fun watch.

i finished the world according to garp, again. it’s one of my favorite books of all time. it’s one of those books that just strikes a chord deep within me. i can’t describe it, but it is almost more of a book for me. and i love it. so saturday night i just read and read, and it was wonderful.

we watched history of violence with aragorn son of arathon. i found it odd he kept calling himself that through the movie….okay just kidding. but it was a howard shore score that was WAY! too lord of the ringsy. the movie was great though. it felt like a nice succicnt character piece and we really enjoyed it.

and that concludes the weekend portion of the the week.

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just sock me baby!

knitted socks

well here they are, at long last! my finished first pair of socks! i’m totally excited about them, even though they are far from perfect. these pictures were taken post-sewing up all the little holes, and notice that lovely reverse stiching on the foot on the left? regardless, this was by far my most satisfying project to finish. and i’m happy with them. i did finish majorly finish these right after vacay in june, but finally just sewed up the holes acouple weeks ago.

i’m all ready to start on TWO new pairs, with that yarn i showed a little bit ago. so that’ll be fun. now it just has to get cold! ha!

knitted socks

oh ps. let’s just mention i got up at NOON today. i feel i need to expose myself on this point. i haven’t slept that late in a very VERY long time. it probably has to do with the fact i was up past one am every night this week and my body had had enough.

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press that alphabet!

i’m excited! i just signed up for letterpress at SVA!!! i can’t wait to try this, it’s just going to be so LUSCIOUS. i’m already overwhelmed with thoughts. what will be good about this is i will now be able to learn how to do this technique. letterpress is definately something not to teach yourself, since it seems a little finicky (i feel this is true with all printing, but especially the more complicated ones)

and, while i know this is on the VERY long list of dreams, some letterpresses are actually quite small, so it is could totally be feasible to get one…someday! and at least i’ll get to indulge in it for a semester. the studio has letterpress letters, and we’ll also learn how to make digital ones! cannot wait for september 21st!!

i’m excited also because this will really challenge me to think minimally, and in one color and white space, which is always a challenge for me. somehow i always end up with six layer overcomplicated designs. this will reign me back. while there are so many glorious ones to list, one of my favorite letterpressers is mav at port2port. her images are just…so…soothing.

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have i?

have i mentioned the completely incredible and insanely awesome digital image archives of the new york library? i feel like i have, but who cares, i mention it again! it is crazy awesome. so much inspiration!! just go now, search any random word…frogs, giants, umbrellas…and be amazed.

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remember when i talked about the gocco show that i heard about on flickr? well i actually entered it! the show was technically open to anyone, but of course i won’t believe it until i see it. i just barely made the deadline, and had to send it overnight fedex for it to arrive on time (angry at self! wasteful spending!). i am getting better at actually completing things, now i just need to work on doing things in a timely manner.

you could submit 1 – 3 pieces, but of course i only gave myself enough time to do one. i had dreams of the other two and might produce those as well for my own sake.

i like deadlines because they make me DO things. it was good just to challenge myself to come up with a comprensive piece, get precise registration and good color options. i also wanted to test the gocco’s metal on high quality art paper vs. cardstock (which is usually smoother). let’s just say, lil’ gocco did a fab job, which is great, and the paper choice really helped guide the colors. it’s such a joy to have good paper choices here! and no one is better than the amazing ny central.

overall, i am happy with the result. and here he is, mr. melon man!

patience melon

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craft is coming! craft is coming! they have their blog up already. i cannot wait.


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so i’m back on a knitting kick, and for my birthday (more on that later) i treated myself to two skeins of fabulous yarn! i can’t wait to get them, and hopefully i’ll be turning them into superfun and colorful socks! i got these both from two sellers on etsy, ruby297 for the green, and UrbanGypz for the multicolored (credit of photos to them respectively). there is SO MUCH amazing handdyed yarn on there, that i thought i’d give it a try. both of these are merino superwash, with enough in these skeins to make one pair. one is the same weight i used to make my last pair of socks, but the other is fingerling…so i’m taking a risk! i’m a little scared of fingerling, but basically that means i really need to try it, right?



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cool! photoshoot down the street from me. this is actually one of my most favorite visual places in the neighborhood. the combo of grafitti, peeling paint, and awesome barber shop. so good choice photographer people.


according to the daily heights, it’s for some rolling stone thing.

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i had one of those nights last night that was so peaceful. i got home and just did little things that i’ve wanted to do for acouple days (or weeks). and everything got accomplished in a calm, nice manner. which is not usually the case for my usually manic, clumsy-prone self (as i type this i literally almost dumped cottage cheese on myself).

i went to the upper west to picked up my awesome fish dress, which i’m so in love with now. then, i got home, made some ice tea, finished printing out some cards, cooked our parbaked bread, and made a slightly wacky but tasty dinner (potatoes, broccoli, avocado mixed with olive oil). all this while listening to npr-classical.

josh didn’t get home until late, we watched and episode of 6 feet under, and then went to bed. sometimes i just need a really quiet relaxing night. it makes my whole being happy.

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blogga where?

i think i haven’t written anything in a week. a lot of uninterestingness going on last week.

things currently going on:
we started watching 6 feet under. i am already so emotionally overwhelmed. this show is so rich with character and content it is amazing.

our apartment hunt is not looking good. while i want to pretend that living in a tiny! TINY apartment is okay, i just know it’s not. and it might seem frivilous to say, but josh’s and my interests take up some room. not an enormous amount of space, but space. and downsizing too much means giving those things up, which we’re not willing to do. acouple years ago, it would have been frivilous to say “i need a space for my crafts.” but i’ve gotten much more serious and have legitimate need for even a small little area to set up operations. And, josh needs his computer setup, not for recreation but for work (it’s not like he’s saying “i need an office to play world of warcraft in”). so i’m not hopeful, but not ready to give up just yet.

marie’s invites are DONE, passed off, and she likes them. huzzah. i’m STILL not officially posting pictures of them, so that it’ll be a surprise for everyone when they arrive. it was nerve wracking to show them to marie, but everyone seemed to like them, even the parents. reeeeelief.

my birthday is this coming saturday. the big 29. wow. birthdays usually don’t freak me out, but this one kinda does. but it has been such a positive year, with things actually happening that i can’t help but feel good about it.

i finally picked up all my summer clothes off the floor and put them away. for the past few weeks they’ve been residing in a pile that i have to root through every morning to find something to wear. which, to say the least, is a bit exhausing. i feel so empowered by the organization. in the spirit of this, i FINALLY, after a YEAR, called my seamstress who had altered this awesome dress for me to see if she still had it. and she does (whew). so i’m going to pick it up tonight! excitement.

amanda was in town this weekend, visiting a friend. she decided to take the chinatown bus, which is always an adventure. it literally drops you in one of the most overwhelming areas of the city. of course i met her and dropped her off. it also gave me an excuse to eat tasty dim sum and walk around the craziness of chinatown. i literally forget i’m in america, which is cool to experience.

and just for fun, here’s a picture of my scarf (it’s doubled in length since this picture). it’s progressing nicely. and it continues to crack me up that i’m enjoying knitting in the heat depths of august.

knitting progress

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