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gocco repeat gocco

well, marie’s invites are PRINTED!! i’m really excited about them, but no pictures until the lady herself sees them. i brought my glorious ATG gun with me while traveling this week to continue the assembly process, and was worried i’d get stopped at security because it looks a bit odd in a suitcase, but smooth sailing! not to mention i had my knitting needles with me as well. i guess they assume crafty people are harmless.

all the invites were printed with the gocco, and i am not underestimating when i say that the gocco has changed my printing life. it is just so perfectly suited towards cards and small format printing. it is definitely an investment, but a worthwhile one. on the gocco flickr pool today, someone posted about a gocco show in boston, so i’m going to enter! well, at least i’m going to TRY to enter. the deadline is august 20th…so close, but we’ll see!

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week 2

outing 2 of our great apartment search. on saturday we did a thorough drive around of neighborhoods that we don’t know that well to try and understand them better. i had all these dreams of driving around in said neighborhoods and falling in love with them. and thinking to myself, why HAVEN’T we been living in crown heights or kensington!!! what were we thinking! let’s go and buy those lovely and affordable enormous apartments i keep seeing!!!

but alas, this is reality world. and crown heights was in some areas lovely and beautiful, but in some areas run down and sad. and kensington? let’s not even go there. no really, let’s not. i’m being mean to kenny here, and there are some nice areas, it’s just not for us. besides being too far the heck out. so off the list that goes.

i did, however, fall in love with clinton hill. oh clinton hill you are so lovely! with your beautiful architecture, actual real ammenties, and nice restaurants. won’t you have us? we did see a number of apts in clinton hill…but they were all part of the clinton hill co-ops. which, as one very annoying and chipper owner said to us, “the largest co-op in brooklyn!” something like 11 buildings in all. woah!

they also are the most projecty looking buildings that are not, in fact, the projects. when we walked past them the first time, josh and i literally said to each other “are those projects? we better check because we don’t want to live next to them.” okay, now this might sounds rude, but if you live in new york, you know project buildings look as depressing looking as you would think. tall ugly brick rectangle buidlings, bad light, gray hallways, and stinky elevators. but these are co-ops!! gar. which apparently are upstanding co-ops, and the actual apartments are pretty nice, good design. but we’re going to try our luck elsewhere first. and my mind is putting a bad spin on them….probably worse than the truth.

but, the neighborhood of clinton hill itself is great, and since i know the likelihood (unfortunately) of us staying in prospect heights is probably not going to be a possibility, it is a good option as an area.

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our apartment continues to be a steampot of evil, which is greatly hindering me wanting to do anything. i printed some more tree cards on wednesday (pictures soon) and a day later the ink wasn’t fully dry! argh, printing and summer do not mix.

but printing must go on. i’m making maries invites and i’m very excited about them. i shall be gocco’ing them over the weekend, so let’s hope for slightly cooler temperatures!

we watched good night and good luck last night. it’s AMAZING. and too short! i wanted more. edward r. murrow might be my new hero. the man was incredible, and it was a time when news was serious and intelligent, not the newertainment swill of today. see it!

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sticky stick

it is now sunny and lovely and around 80 here in nyc. THANK GOODNESS. it has been a sweltering thick air humidity disaster the past few days. as someone i was talking to said, you know that gross feeling when you get a blast of hot air from a bus? well that’s what it’s like ALL DAY.

to top it off, yesterday i had to travel to DC, which is no big, except when Laguardia loses all its power! luckily i got onto (very easily and calmly i might add) one of the last planes going out. then, flew back into Newark. there is great luxury in business travel, as you are allowed to make decisions like that without great concern.

but, i think the heat and travel took me down, and the later part of the day was spent feeling a little sick. i spent the evening knitting on my couch, moving very little. it seems odd to be knitting hot wool on a hot day, but actually since it takes such little energy and it’s not like i’m wrapping myself IN the wool, it was quite soothing. i did this watching the documentary The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania, finally reclaiming our netflix. it was pretty good. kinda like a real life waiting for guffman….but not as good as that.

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the search begins

well we had our first day of open houses for the great apartment hunt. the day was filled with excitement, frustration, depression, but ultimately resolve. this might seem a little ridiculous, our first day out, but when looking for apartments in new york, you are constantly slapped with the reminder that no matter how much you have saved away, it’s never enough. and then you kick yourself for not being more dilligent, and not saving more. or looking at the prices and thinking…that’s not really real, is it? sigh. i’m scared that we’re not going to find anything in our price range. or let me caviat that. i’m scared we won’t find anything in our price range in a liveable neighborhood not too far out with enough space. there’s the rub.

oh well. we’ll see. obviously, constant updates will follow.

in much more interesting and happy news, i made it (with just ten minutes to spare) to the sussdesign super closing sale. they were selling yarn for $2 a skein!!! audrey and dawn might remember me mentioning this place, the one that sold the glass (GLASS!) knitting needles.

i was sorry to hear it was going out of business, but they are still online and in LA. i really wondered how the store could stay in business. it was a huge space and in a primo location. i guess it was too much. most yarn stores are a little more out of the way, in a small space, or a second level. i did come away with 4 skeins of this beeeeautiful pale green mohair, perfect to make a scarf for josh’s mom (shhhhhh!). they were also selling what i think was their teaching needles for $2, pictured, which i’m into.


another picture of it, just for fun….sooooo fuzzzzzzzzy….i thought it’d be hard to knit with, but i’m doing it losely and so far so good.



season 3!

so i might have watched over 4 hours of project runway last night. and i just MIGHT have started watching the first episode again immediately following watching said first episode, because they immediately started replaying it. i might be in love with this show so much i can’t stand it.

for spoilers please click on…but you downloaders, remember to download the “road to the runway” pre-first episode! not to be missed.
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aqua and brown swaporama

it seems every other month i end up doing the amazing colorrific swaporama on flickr. this past month was aqua and brown. at first i was bummed because i missed the deadline, but another woman and i decided to swap on our own! i love these colors together, so i had a great time trying to come up with ideas.

i just received mine acouple days ago, and i was overwhelmed! everything was so cool and so thoughtful! thank you icklebird!! she also has an etsy shop with more cool fun pins and all sorts of other stuff, so go check it out!

here’s some of the amazement:

my namesake! strung along….

a smattering of just some of everything…

all sorts of fun stationary goods, and bookplates!

go to flickr for more.

ooh, and here’s a hint as to what i’m sending out (hopefully arriving tomorrow):

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anniversary followup

i wanted to put some pictures up of our anniversary extravaganza! because it was so nice out it was one of those days that i wanted to photograph everything and anything. but here’s just a few.

off we go into DUMBO for our first stop at bubbys. look at the sky! incredible!


as we can see, josh is a bit nervous about a dragon we met along the way


more of DUMBO. i love walking around there, it’s a great mix of quiet old industrial and alot of good street art mixed in.


off we go onto the water taxi.

us on top of the empire state building! josh was being quite difficult during the self-taking photoshoot.


last but not least…crazy king kong bobblehead pens. i have no words for their fantasticness.



we’re a year old!

josh and i celebrated our anniversary yesterday, on a fabulously perfect summer new york day. i really can’t believe it’s been a year. it went by so fast! and it’s been such a wonderful positive amazing year – healthy, productive, and fun.

i’m really like the idea of giving anniversary gifts based on the “traditional” things. i like the idea of themes, and think it makes it fun. i don’t like the modern ones, i feel they’re too materialistic (and clocks? who came up with that one??) for the traditional, your first aniversary is paper, which is right up my alley anyway!

we started the day by eating our wedding cake, which is still very good! well, besides the frosting. then, i planned the day based on a scavenger hunt, giving josh clues on postcards that i made that he needed to guess to figure out.

We started off at delicious bubby’s, then took the ny water taxi around the tip of manhattan, revisited the empire state building (!), and then headed back to brooklyn for an amazing dinner at convivium osteria, one of our favorite restaurants.

and, keeping with the paper theme, josh gave me all sorts of books, from the history of type to a kid’s book about a mischeivous pigeon!

all and all a wonderful day. it’s great, i feel like we share a birthday now!

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i feel like i have been deep in the throwes of a whirlwind. this weekend seemed to last months and at the same time only moments. and i am so very very tired. my sister’s wedding was this weekend and it was just perfect. she was so happy and looked amazing. i got choked up more than once. then we went off to the beach for the 4th of july with josh’s cousins. hectic and relaxing at the same time. now it’s time to get back on that bandwagon. i have swaps to send out, cards to make, some clothes to put away, and a first aniversary to plan for! my goodness.

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