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okay so i hate anthropolgie. i hate it. and when i say hate it i mean i love it. but it just puts me in such a BIND. what do you do when you literally want to buy 95% of the store? and it’s really not just wanting to buy those things, but immediately feeling like you NEED to own everything. and everything is so pricey. but so damn beautiful. it really is unfair. and audrey mentioned that the head guy is a crazy conservo. DAMN YOU ANTHROPOLOGIE!

the reason i’m in this terrible pickle (this frightening frightening pickle), is that i go to the store as a failsafe when i need to get something nice. say for a rehersal dinner of my sister’s wedding and i’ve exhausted less expensive options. well, fast forward to me in the dressing room, with three, yes THREE, dresses i was completely in love with. that never happens, ever. but i did chose one, and i love it. and got a skirt on sale. so that was exciting.

but still….damn you anthropologie and your fantastic goodness.

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mind your damn manners

well look at this. i always hate it when people cliche and say new yorkers are rude. we’re not rude! we just move a little faster, so can be perceived as brusque. but apparently we are quite a polite city. and take that paris. #19. you might be pretty but niceness counts suckas!

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well well well

well we are back. vaca seemed to go by so fast, if only we had more time together….sigh. i’m feeling a bit numb right now, like i don’t know how to feel. though this week reminded me how much i so deeply care about my friends and that that are so few people in the world that utterly, deeply, and truly make me happy. being in their presence reminded me of that. it was a good good feeling.

also, the weather was absolutely fabulously perfect, the house was rockin’, and i completed a sock! (yes dawn i finished on the way back in the car, but toooootally botched the kitchener. let’s see if it still holds together!)

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vaca buzz in full effect

we are going on vacation. i am psyched. since i booked the house, i have that nervousness that i didn’t do something right and everyone’s vaca will be wrecked but i know everything is fine. and all will be good. just acouple of odds and ends. i have a good feeling about this year.

josh and i were packing last night – very forward thinking of us. i was making the list of stuff to bring and half seriously i thought, should i bring my creweling yarn? then started chuckling. because, when you start considering if you need creweling yarn on a weeklong BEACH vacation, just in case you want to start up a new CREWELING project, you’re in trouble. so after that we started making jokes. josh, do you need to bring the G5? we might need it. what about thanos, should he come? maybe we should bring the couch. what if there isn’t one there. the funny thing is, what we’re bringing for real is out of control enough!

we’re going to the BEACH. why do we need so much stuff. this happens every year. as if being with the teamforce all week isn’t all we need. because that’s really the only thing that’s important. a week with our friends, i could hardly ask for anything better.

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so here is some of my swag from mocca. so many great little prints, i got a little carried away. it was a printmaking extravaganza, so it was hard to hold back. and just exciting to see all this stuff. this isn’t everything, but just snipets of some of the goodies.

check out these crazy guys! they glow in the dark, on fabric, andonly $5!! i’m going to turn them into my knitting needle case.


i love manatees, they are such gentle creatures. i have a frame for them, and i want to put them up in the bathroom. and do you see the giant squid in the corner? i’m a little obsessed with sealife these days


we already put mister griffin in a frame. i have so many frames left over from my framing days, and was able to repurpose both frame AND mat for this guy! weird you can see the tv reflected in this one.


one last picture of all sorts of goodness.


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future buff

i’ve randomly been on a joss weadon comic kick this week. it’s a two part randomness, first that i read any comics at all (i usually appreciate the art from afar but sadly rarely read) and dually random that they were both joss comics. i read part one of the joss xmen. and just finished fray.

and wow, was fray great. and wow, why aren’t there more fray stories. there’s definately bits and pieces of buffy in this girl, and it’s very jossy, but fray has some elements that could really keep it interesing. she stands on her own as a good character, and a good backdrop. and his writing style just works so well for comics.

i enjoyed the art in it too. at first i wasn’t that into it, but liked it more and more as i went through. the few comics i read, when i’m not into the art for the story, i get frustrated. like with sandman. love the stories. but man, the art is just not up my alley. it is technically great, but just doesn’t work for me.

but anyway, definately reco fray, and it reads super quick. really liked the xmen story, need to read part 2!

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this is my new favorite blog of the hour. found it through boingboing and somewhere else, it posts these amazing old book etchings. everyday is filled with new wonderment, like this!

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needle case

i want to make a sweet needle case for my knitting needles – like the cool ones over at thimble. and i just realized what awesome fabric to use – some printed images i got this weekend at mocca! (yes pictures would help now). i am mucho excited.

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i want to be a cartoonist when i grow up.

this 7 year old girl is amazing. she draws comics. and her mom puts them up on the internet. oh the beauty of internet. i could see my dad doing this with me if i was 7 right now.

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i had grandiose plans for things to do this weekend….but i didn’t quite get there. frustrating. though i did get my dress altered and make a puppet. so that was exciting. i also figured out the hard way, that NO, acrylic paint does NOT in fact work with making linoleum prints. moreover, it makes them look pretty darn crappy. so that was nice. but anyway.

in better news, i went to mocca on sunday which was pretty damn cool (much cooler than their horrifically ugly logo implies). i will post shortly the niftyness that i got. it was a heavy focus on comics, but alot of awesome printmaking going on. which was super cool. i bought some really neat and CHEAP! prints that i’m really excited about. and, i got into a great discussion with one guy about the ever fabulous gocco. so all was fun.

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