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partay at the beanos

okay, FINNNALLY some images! huzzah. as usual at the last moment, my illustration friday. i drew this last week, but only got around to painting it tonight. a bit shoddy, but aren’t those beans just having a fab time?


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okay okay, i know i just posted about amazing things. but i found two other things. first. SOCKTOPUSES. oh these are just too hysterical and amazing. i want one (birthday in 3 months….josh?).

also, thimble just pointed me to this site. wow. this will be checked every day.


oh man…there is just so much talent out there!! i used to get frustrated seeing all this stuff, the competitiveness in me welling up (still happens sometimes) but now i just focus on being inspired by it. otherwise things become negative and i get unproductive.

the great thing is that many of these talented people have blogs that i can be inspired with everyday. Thimble is a great one (darn those creative canadians!), and the links she has too even more blogs are just incredible! like this lady, and her shop. her bags are aMAZING. oooh look at this one. i have a major problem loving bags…and tote bags. they are so hard to resist (especially when reasonably priced).

but it is all exciting. i’m really looking forward to vacation, where i plan to draw and color (and KNIT socks!!) everyday. mmmmmmmm. delicious.

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day two from design*sponge from the stationary show (and here for a third entry). i literally get short of breathe with all this incredible work. i should save these entries for inspiration and motivation when i start to wander goalwise. this stuff is so amazing it hurts.

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housing works

i was just shown the most amazing thing! one of the best thrift stores in the city – housing works – has an auction site!!! this is just too exciting. seriously. while none of this is cheap really, housing works is known for the good quality stuff. and these auctions are for what’s in their windows (the creme de la creme). what a fantastic idea. i will definitely be checking back here often.

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there’s been a dearth of photos, drawings, and imagery lately here. it’s technically not because there’s been a lack of drawing, printing, etc at home. my sister’s wedding is coming up, and was a lot of wrapping paper making, photoalbum making, utensil wrapping, gift getting for the shower last week. oh, and this week, some getting readyness for dinner with the cousins tonight.

but not alot of fun stuff. and i’m starting to feel a bit angsty because of it. i’m going to set some time aside this weekend to do some fisk and fern stuff. but annnyway, the stationary show is ON in nyc right now, and all the stuff i’m seeing from designsponge is so inspiring. to be there one year would be an incredible goal. i particulary like these folks, and oooh you can order from their website.

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the stadium

a stadium is moving into our backyard. and not just a stadium, it’s also dirty, inappropriate, high rise apartment buildings. built by people who have little to no regard of the people that live in the neighborhood already, the culture of our area, or of brooklyn in general. it’s a stadium for tourists who will drive in (although there is no parking offered) and will leave, those who could care less about the people living around an overly large monstrosity built out of selfishness and greed. update: apparently they have adjusted the plans to include parking because they realized how utterly stupid it was not to offer that, because why would tourists take an effcient subway when they can drive and cause more traffic than there already is. but i digress.

my heart is so heavy about this project – look at the terror, here. maybe this doesn’t look so bad to you, maybe you think, well all buildings in manhattan are that tall. well, see the general area i live in isn’t called “brownstone” brooklyn, for nothin’. the buildings are low. not high rises, not modern crap piles (and i like modern). look at THIS, to get just a glimpse at how this wasteful nonsense will alter this area. sigh.

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boo crash boo

we had a three movie marathon on sunday. i love doing this on a sunday – puttering around and cleaning up the house while movies are on in the background. sometimes this is productive and sometimes we just get sucked into watching the movie. but decently productive enough. so we watched the second half of the great race (one of my favorite movies of all time), norma rae (very good, worth seeing), and crash. ugh. crash. i’m so angry at the badness of this movie and that it somehow won best picture. besides it being completely forgettable, it’s just a poor movie. the rest of this rant will involve some spoilers.

so crash, i GET IT, i GET IT, no one is innocent of racism. no one is really “good” but really everyone is guilty and bad. yeah yeah. i feel i really would have liked this movie in high school, claiming it was “deep.” but really it’s just annoying. i will give that it was very well acted – i even liked sandra bullock in it. but besides that boooooo. they tried to do the “magnolia everyone is connected” but it was done very poorly. some of the connections were plain confusing, some of them were lame and just plain strained. and there’s too many characters – each one trying to prove the point that there’s racism in everyone, everywhere, and it every part of society. great! really! obnoxious! every character you think, oh i feel bad for them, or damn that is so wrong why must we be like this….no wait, they’re horrible too! feel awful for the asian man being run over by two african american guys in a stolen navigator? no wait, he’s running A SLAVE TRADE. frustrated that the persian man is called osama at a gun store store and then has his store robbed? no, wait, he goes and SHOOTS the guy who changed his locks and his little girl (but there were blanks). think ryan philpppeeee is really a good non-racist cop and makes right decisions? no wait, he shoots a afro american kid in THE FACE because he thinks he’s pulling a gun on him. OH GOD MAKE IT STOP. this movie is clearly trying to live in the gray matter of issues, nothing is black and white folks! but all the plot turns are exactly black and white!! arrrrrgh. suck. there was much huffing and irritation throughout this movie on both sides of the couch.

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well what’d you know? i was going through my bloglines today, and clicked on poppytalk, a blog i really enjoy and there was my name. what, i say? then i clicked on it and bam! a picture of my bridal shower cards for amanda (posted in the gocco pool in flickr)! super good surprise! i know i’m making way too much of a deal about this, but i’m totally psyched! what a way to rejuivinate and motivate! wee! good day.

also, i just went to go pick up 35 cupcakes at the illustrious buttercup bakery. do you have any idea how heavy 35 cupcakes are? really heavy is the answer.


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even though i really like podcasts, i don’t listen to them as much as i should. it’s just hard to find time to. we don’t drive, in the subway i read (and i’m not giving that up! it’s the only time i really get to throughout the day), and sitting at my computer i’m usually doing stuff that i can’t listen actively and do at the same time.

that said, i do try to get them in when i can. and finally it seems that podcasting it making it to the crafty/design world. i think people have struggled for awhile as what do to with an inherently visual medium on the equivilant of radio. you can only explain something so much, you know? and there are some craft-a-long podcasts out there, i have yet to listen to them…but they seem a little, er, weird. i need to see what i’m doing. so i sense an explosion of video podcasting in the near future.

but what HAS been exciting, is there has been an influx in interviews! lately. which is so cool. i read about so many of these people all the time, and to actually get to listen to them is fantastic. designsponge has been ramping up the pcasts of late, and while the quality is a little wonky, the content is great. i listened to the the fabulous guys from fred flare (if you haven’t been to their site, go. now.) last night and mav from the amazing port2port press! craftsanity also has a great interview with alicia from posie gets cozy. and last night was the perfect night to listen, since i was just printing out photos for noog’s bridal shower tomorrow!

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