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i feel like i’m losing my mind….

things going on right at this moment:

i am sick, and have a hacking cough
i’ve almost completely lost my voice
i’ve taken to drinking hot water, lemon, and honey by the boatloads
and pudding
my plane was delayed TWO hours on the runway last night
i flew back this morning from chicago at 7 am
i had a good conversation with a cab driver back to my house
he complimented me for giving good directions
the internet is not working at home which caused me to freak out
i then had to go back into the office.
we are flying out tonight to england, at 8:15
we will also be going to wales on this trip
i wish i was not sick and had a voice.
i have so much to do, i’m starting to freak out.
okay. i feel a little better.

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monster mash

the topic this week for illustration friday is monster. i did these guys awhile back and really like them…monster creatures….



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pretty science

way back i thought i wanted to be in science. marine biology specifically, and then environmental science. that i wasn’t that good at math and science (still not) was really besides the point. i was enthralled. in hindsight, i think in large part it had to do with the LOOK of science. i realize this might make me sound a little dim, but i don’t care. science is beautiful and cool looking – close-ups of cells, cell structures, radio waves, scientific drawings, weird looking creatures, life cycles, bunsen burners. they’re all mesmerizing to me. especially when i find said drawings and imagery in old encyclopedias.

so all this leads up to the two fab 70′s encyclopedia books i picked up today at angel thrift, one of the very few good thrifts in the city. the imagery in them is varied and great – such as….




and the section on TV inspired this (which i still have to paint):


i am making it a goal to start looking through my stash of this imagery more often. i also think i’m going to something fun with some of these illustrations…cards perhaps?

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i have been obsessed lately with a certain lunch combo. i can’t seem to break myself from the cycle of deliciousness!! everytime i think…hmm i really should have something else, i just simply can’t do it.

cottage cheese, cut up mango, clif bar

1. the cottage cheese and mango are not combined, because i think fruit and cottage cheese together are gross.
2. buying pre cut mango is so decadent! it’s such work to make a mango edible, and it’s such a treat to have it done for you!
3. i tried this concoction with a granola bar vs. clif bar, and it was just not filling enough. i prefer either the oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip clif.

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give a shout out

i haven’t talked politics in awhile, it’s just too depressing. but can we give a shout, please, to the presidential poll numbers? hello there 35%! what a fabulous number YOU are. oh yeah, and let’s not forget how the VP is doing shall we??? let’s give 18% a big whoop whoop. yes this 18% was right after chenchen shot his close friend in the face, but still. wow. 18%? that’s impressive.

i wonder how these numbers will fare after the ABYSMAL press conference yesterday (could he have BEEN more rude and bitchy?), where bushy dropped the bomb that troops will most certainly be in iraq after he leaves office.

damn. 35%. isn’t it that they haven’t been this bad since right before nixon got nixed?

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okay, let’s talk about the fact i’m in love with wedges right now. they are just so cool. i have yet to buy a pair, however, because i’m overwhelmed with the choices, and as i am a cheapass, i’m waiting for a good “well priced” pair (well priced being under $100…not really that well priced, i know). anyway, why did i just torture myself and go to the urban outfitters page? i literally could buy every pair on there right now. especially this pair. in olive. i might just have to get these. seychelles always makes such tantalizing shoes. i’m making a field trip to the store tomorrow.

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outlet extravaganza

well we braved the outlets yesterday up at woodbury commons. outlet shopping can always be a crapshoot but woodbury is usually a safe bet, and we came home with some sweet purchases. there’s acouple places there that are worth going to just for that store alone. my only irritation with some outlets is their lack of discounting. what’s the point to have a store, just to pretend to be a discounted place? gap and banana republic are particularly notorious. they have a line of clothes specifically for their outlets. why is this? you know they have TONS of backstock. why the sneakiness. but i digress.

to my HAPPY surprise, there was an american apparel outlet that is actually incredibly worth going to. almost everything was at least half off. incredible. so basically aa for reasonable prices. i almost got a little carried away. but held back. josh got an awesome hoodie and i got acouple things.

probably the most dangerous (and WONDERFUL) is the crate and barrell outlet. oh me oh my it is just too good. and everything is heavily discounted. but, above all, their discounted marimekko (!!!) fabrics reign supreme. only $8.95 a yard!!! they’re usually at least $35 a yard, depending on the pattern. not to mention that marimekko is a pain to find in general. so just looking at it in person is exciting. you do have to look over the fabric to make sure it doesn’t have any imperfections, but it is such an opportunity. they also have other marimekko things like bedspreads and showercurtains under heavy discounts. here’s my favorite design that i got, oh so luscious.


we also scored a lovely mat for the kitchen, excellent swirly platter, silicone orange hot spot, and a scruby brush for josh.

another reason that i wanted to go, was for the le crueset outlet. there’s still acouple pieces that we wanted from the wedding, which finally completes the pot buying. and for almost $100 off the price of each piece, while still expensive, it was very worth it. now the 5.5 quart stock pot and cast iron skillet, both in FLAME, are ours. in short, they are glorious. i just love the color.


other outlets of mention: barneys outlet, quicksilver/roxy, and benetton (though i wouldn’t let myself go in this time)

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hey! we’re featured on etsy today!! marianne’s awesome robots are right up on the etsy page (scroll down to the third row)! the only bad news – our shop is totally thin on merchandise. we’re both scrambling tonight to put more stuff up, which we have but just haven’t posted. usually the featured items stay up for acouple days (let’s hope!).

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adult learner

one of the illustrator/art people blogs i read made a comment on his blog that maybe struck a little too to close to home. i’m not going to quote him since i enjoy reading it and i’m not one to slander, hee.

anyway, he was talking about how once he took a “continuing education art class – classes that old people take when they feel they want to take that one pottery class they missed out on when they were young” (sum up). for some reason this comment really got to me. I take continuing ed courses (and last time i checked i wasn’t over 50). i take them because i love art, because i wish it was my livelihood, but it isn’t right now. i take them because it furthers my knowledge and understanding of the artistic process, and because they inspire me to do more in the direction i want to be going. i also take them because i don’t know if i want or could take on art school as a full time thing right now.

but the comment hurts also because i know he has a point. because continuing ed is also for those who just want to try something for fun, and for those aren’t as serious – which is a good thing too. and can be seen as “oh look as those quaint people who think they’re making ‘art’, aren’t they cute.” but it’s all i got right now. so i’m going to love it. i’m a late bloomer dammit, and i might just make something of myself even though i’m a continuing ed late bloomer

(self reflexive note: also by writing this post i feel in some way this is reinforcing the perception of who is a continuing ed person)


i have silkscreen tonight – we had a week off for spring break and i feel like i’ve been gone for months. this is when i start to fantasize about having a studio and all sorts of fun stuff. but then that i ruined a bit when i think of the costs involved in having to supply all your own – ink, scrap paper, emulsion, light box set ups, squeegees…..some day some day.

i have a new idea brewing. it’s about saturn. more to come on that soon.

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