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i confess.

our taxes our filed! huzzah. i take no credit for this….we have someone do our taxes. i used to feel alittle sheepish about this, because it is something we technically could do. but i am bad at these things, and have weird issues filling out forms. i fill things out in wrong places, check the wrong box, write my name backwards. it just never works. only these past 2 tax filings did i have someone do it. last year, with josh being sick and the wedding i treated myself to it. because filling out my taxes usually ends with alot of loud huffing and yelling on my part. and i just couldn’t deal with that last year.

and this year, the idea of a joint filing including figuring out the nonsense of josh being on disability and out of freelance work for three months seemed far too much.

so i’ve crossed over, i don’t even feel sheepish. no excuses. we’re not going back. we are spoiled. we pay people to move us. we pay people to do our taxes. i admit it.

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what a weekend

oh my goodness what i weekend i had! i feel like i have been getting so much done lately, and it just feels so so good. it’s exhilarating. coming into work on monday is such a shock because i’ve been in my own happy world so thoroughly for 2 days straight.

- went to class on saturday, a girl liked my cards that i was making and we are doing a trade, my cards for her shirt! exciting.
- tried out my gocco!! which included watching the awesomely ridiculous japanese training video. it is truly a genius machine.
- sewed my pillows with my prints on them (one brown, one black)
- made some bean people birthday cards
- heard josh vehemently complain about the NY comicon crowds
- went to delicious burrito bar brunch
- watched grizzly man, wow. so much to say, that it deserves its own post
- scored, folded, and trimmed all cards to make ready for sale
- josh made another giant pretzel for his brother visiting (though it didn’t turn out as spectacular as the first)
- planned out new tea towel designs

it was a good good weekend indeed!



i am chosing lame colors for my blog to motivate me to change it. what i picked is just a borring template for now. soon i will at least try and give myself a banner and some interesting colors. what would be a good color palate? yellow maybe? i just don’t know.

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i like that kara janx i do

on the last runway of project runway i was in LOVE with kara’s dress (the one she was wearing, not showing). so beeautiful. and it is for sale in the runway shop! it’s $200, so i don’t think i can accept paying that. and also, can i wear clothing from a reality show? while the show is still running? hmmmmm. the funny thing is, with PR, the final four people are really all winners because they all get to show at fashion week. kara got to do a “fake” show, because they want to trick everyone about who the real final three are. so what if kara doesn’t get aired on tv? she gets on the website (austin did last year) and she still shows at fashion week! pretty cool i say.

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roundin’ it up

so i just watched project jay. i was worried after seeing it i wouldn’t love jay anymore. but no. i love him, i still do. he is simply magnetic. and his concepts for his designs…oh they are fab. i even love his sketchy drawn people. also, i am very worried about austin, i think he is annorexic. and wendy is just too sad. did she really get a divorce because of her “fame”? wow.

check out these socks. they are incredible! alas they are from the 60′s. i want them. if only i was a super knitter. i’m also into the delicious purple suede shoes.


and here are the infamous prints….oh well, don’t they look nice, nice and clean.


until….BAH!!! there it is. the dreamkiller. oh well, onto the next one…


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i am the ice dancers of silkscreen

so, last night in class, right as i was doing my final color of a FOUR color printing (rounding out the end of 3 hours mind you), i forgot to tape the sides of my screen, causing ink to leak out onto my until-then clean and perfect print. BAH! right at the end! dark purple! BAH!

and, even though i taped it up, it happened twice, because i was rushing. bad laura, when will i learn not to rush. bad things always happen. so i sorta ruined two out of four prints. ones which i was actually happy with. bah bah bah.

i’m excited though, because next week, i’ll be moving into my second print concept in my “series”. i’m trying to do a water, fire, earth thing (yes, a kinda cheesy concept i know) but i think it’ll turn out nice. let’s hope!

in other news, i just started reading jonathan strange and mr. norrell. i am immediately into it. it is so good, and funny too. excellent. it’s a fat one though, so i’ll be reading it for awhile.

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warm arms for me!


my knitting has slowed down a bit, but i’m still loving it! i finished the partner to this guy last night – my first attempt at arm warmers! i’m pretty happy with the result. and since i don’t know how to make the extender for the thumb, it’s just making a buttonhole for the thumbslot. though i actually like just having a slot there anyway. the buttonhole was learned thanks to the best site ever knitting help! i feel i can hardly call this a pattern, but this is what i did to make it:

arm warmer:
the length of the ‘warmer is 13″ long. if you want it longer (over the elbows or whatever), i would extend the length in the middle or beginning.

i knit this with no.10 needles.

cast on 26 stitches (this made it snug for me, but everybody’s arms are different, you might want to do a test)

knit K2 P2 rib for 5 inches

when you reach 5 inches, switch to the seed stich

5″ – 10″ do the seed stitch.
at inch increments 6″, 7″, 8″ decrease 2 times on that row with K2tog (seed stitch isn’t as stretchy and gets a little too wide)

at the 10″ mark, make a 6 stitch button hole (for the thumb) at about 6 stitches in.

do one more row of seed stitch after the buttonhole, then switch back to the K2 P2 rib.

at 10 1/2″, 11″, 12″ add 2 stiches for that row, with M1increases

bind off in pattern.

sew up with the tail and you are done!

i hope this makes sense. This is my first go at these directions/patterns!!

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let’s rewind about two months: i’m in pearl paint buying stuff for silkscreen and i see this little printing machine, which i’ve seen from time to time in other places. i look it over, and think, wow, isn’t this a nifty little device. it seems it makes prints. how cool, i think. it really is 100% perfect for card making – just what i need! but it’s a little pricey. so i’ll wait. but i should get one of these some day. gocco. hmmm, i like this.

back to present day: well, in the crafty world there has been alot, and i mean ALOT of talk about gocco lately – that aforementioned japanese printing device – and the fact that they have stopped american distribution. however, they still make the product and stuff for it in japan, so it’s not totally going away. APPARENTLY, according to save gocco, 1 in 3 households in japan have a gocco (what is everyone printing away over there? strange). but in the US is it kinda a weird thing, and probably selling so miserably that it’s not worth having it here. maybe it’s because their site is so bad (and check out the american box, bletch)? but there is a small, but very hardcore following. so the crafty world is in nothing short of an uproar.

anyway, all this hubbub has caused me to quicken the timeline as to when i purchase a gocco, since there are literally none left to buy in the state (supplies will still be sold, just not the machines).

so off to ebay i went, and now, i have purchased my very own, straight from japan, gocco machine! i CAN. NOT. wait to get printing! huzzah! here it is, woo:


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love is in the air!


well in “honor” of this silly holiday…here’s some snuggly birds. i’m obsessed with drawing these little birds lately. they’re just so cute…or at least i think so! they’re a little messy but oh well. i’m experimenting with the gouache that i just got – it’s like supersaturated watercolor, more opaque. so somewhere inbetween acrylic and watercolor (that’s probably a horrifically inaccurate definition).

this will also be my illustration friday entry – simple! this is a simple picture…right?


things abound

a list of things going on both good and not so good, that i’m just too lazy to write individual posts about:

pretty pretty snow, and insane amounts of it
jerry and the russkees doing pretty good at the skeeball championships!
nasty melting snow making it hard to walk get my lunch
josh starting his new job today! woo
new cards up at etsy
on my last pair of kneesocks! how i am going to wear boots tomorrow?
josh’s test going perfectly well on friday
after way too much deliberating, purchased a guache paint set, and then had some fun experiments
new domino out
found a good place to buy a gocco (will buy on wednesday, payday :)
got some exciting canvas bags from ebay to print on
close to finishing my second arm warmer.
got my first issue of readymade (of course it is a wedding issue, 8 months too late)

so, just a few goin’s on. i will post some fun snow pictures tonight, because it’s just super nuts!

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