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ode to materialism

oh terrible materialism, what am i going to do with you? what am i going to do with me liking pretty things? i have no option but to share pictures! here is some fun recently acquired:

here is josh sporting my new foamily delicious headphones, grado SR60. i am quite in love with them. the only problem is they don’t block out sound really, so they’re kinda useless in the subway :(

this is a GLORIOUS score from the ever wonderful goodwill in allentown! i have not been in love with a plate design this much since my beloved blue heaven!

and finally, last but not least, some fab new wedding gifts. oh look at our cool new teapot from christine and our shiny new all-clad and calphalon. we haven’t even cooked anything in the all-clad pots yet. they just look so pretty sitting there.



oh dubya. i really really can’t stand it. i don’t even like reading about politics or bush anymore because i just get so upset and frustrated. why couldn’t everyone hate him before re-election??? why couldn’t his ratings be down further. of course NOW everyone (and when i say everyone i mean over 50% because majority RULES!) is against him. argh. he is so inept. so worthless. it is all just so frustrating.

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this is totally creepy

i’ve been meaning to post this for a bit, but get this. so when we were looking to move last october, we almost moved into an apartment in a brownstone. while it was a garden (read: bottom floor) apartment, it had some interesting and good quirks, and a “big” (for brooklyn) back yard that would be exclusively ours. well, after deciding we would take it and filing all of our paperwork, the owner lady ended up acting really weird about certain things, and we got some bad vibes. so we trusted that bad gut feeling both of us were getting and backed out (backed out with less than 2 weeks to go to find another apt).

well just a bit ago, i came across THIS listing. well what do you know. this is THE brownstone that we almost got an apartment in. what the heckola?!?!?! it’s now being sold? the whole situation is just so creepy. it just makes me so so so thankful we did not go with this apartment. because i know, that sure we would have been able to stay the year, but i bet they wouldn’t have renewed the lease. and we’d be looking for an apartment almost right now. which would be AWFUL.

bright side: we currently rent from the best landlords ever, who are so wonderful and so nice.

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year begins now

i have a fiskal calendar year. which began promptly on 7/10/05. this is my year for productivity! for life goals to be realized. for change and progression. we are throwing off the overwhelmingness and frustration of this past year, and things are only going to get better from here on out. so recently we have just been doing little changes. but i know the little things will hopefully add up to big change. we (josh+me) are slowly creeping back into fully functioning humans. it is quite exciting.

so small things accomplished:
silk screening sign up
participating in illustration friday
completed purchase of all all-clad pots from registry
begun work on thank you cards
seeing friends i haven’t seen in awhile
purchasing of discontinued plates
vacuuming on a regular basis
talking to people about professional opportunities

hopefully this will build to more interesting and progressive things…..

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grumpy reflection

one of my goals after the wedding was to start doing illustration friday again. topic was reflection…and i took it quite literally!


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etsy beetsy spider…

new cool craft site! etsy! so absolutely cool. this makes me want to go home right now and start crafting away and listing my stuff. which i need to do. and will do. but check out this awesome fun way they have of searching stuff. you can obviously search the borring way, but isn’t it more fun to search by color??

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the new wal-mart

bruuuu ha ha. someone called whole foods the wheatgerm wal-mart. i find this a tad bit TOO funny, but still. it does show that they’re losing their EQ a bit (equity), but they won’t see the effects of that for a long time coming yet.



i am very most excited. i have FINALLY signed up for my super anticipated silk screening class at sva.

i have been meaning to sign up and take this class for well over a year. but oh, things like action packed weddings and surgeries have surprisingly taken prescedence. but no longer! i cannot WAIT to start printing tee-shirts, tablecloths, cards, duvets, shower curtains….you name it!

slowly but surely i am taking every printmaking class sva has to offer. lithography, check. etching, check. now silkscreen. i still would like to take their woodcuts class and the advanced litho, since i really just got a quick overview last time. i’m sure also, that i could find a cheaper place to do silk screen or just teach myself, since i know it’s the easier of the printing arts. but, as i am lazy teaching myself is NEVER an option, and i really like the sva printing studio. they seem to have all the whiz bang gizmos to learn how to do everything right and the extent of how to do stuff. and you can go anytime during the week or weekend outside of class time, which is a nice bonus.

it’s so weird why when it comes to “the arts” we all gravitate to our own thing, and for some reason i love the act of making prints. the whole process. i wonder, is it working at the stamp store that has made me fascinated by it, or was this desire always there, and the stamping just helped it along. the world will never know.

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for the few who check this who are not official teamforce members….we have a new and exciting media vehicle to check out – the technology voice podcast! it is a true excitement of everyone’s favorite Hul Mal Gamay and her delicious friends. go there now!

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josh is home!
and he’s doing good.
hopefully this time he will be home for good.

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