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the last days of clay

so my official last pottery class was last night. i say official because i still have some pots to trim, bisque, and glaze, so i’m not leaving just yet.

especially because as i found out last night..that in addition to my class throwing me a little pre-wedding party, everyone in my class is giving me a piece of their own pottery as a wedding gift! i find this amazing, and am so touched. they are all far far far better potters than i will ever be, so they will be beeeautiful pieces. AND they’re letting me choose the glazes so that i can remember these pieces specifically as wedding gifts, which makes them all the more special. why are people so nice?

this makes me a little more torn to leave, but i’ve been taking classes now at this place for over a year. and, since everyone just continues every six weeks, we basically all stay together, my dear tuesday night class. but still, i need to break my cycle a bit. shift gears. and, as i’m not the world’s greatest potter (nor will ever be) i need to take some other art classes (mmmmm silkscreening). some people just have the natural potting talent, and i ain’t got it. i’ll go back because i do enjoy it, and it’s reassuring to know that most my class will still be there, but for now off i go.

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now this is a strong man.

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we had an OVERLY ZESTY! meal last night. though it really was delectable. left over late night picnic food and tasty pork.

the picnic food was from friday eve when we went to go see the silent film phantom of the opera with the alloy orchestra playing live. which was pretty damn cool. we got there kinda late, but no matter – we actually did something! and it was lovely. and everything (green bean and tomato salad, potato salad, and rotisserie chicken) was just delightful.

this picnic really kicked off a fab weekend. the amazing pequot library book sale was this weekend. and we actually were in fairfield for it! incredible. while not as good as the incredible psu book sale, this one comes pretty darn close. i think it was the 44th annual. i scored some old school crafting books, including one on upholstery! and merely thinking about how i wanted to find a copy of mists of avalon made it appear before my eyes.

speaking of reading! i am heavy into young adult fiction these days. apparently. i’m currently through harry potter 6 and deathly afraid someone is going to spoil the ending up for me. i keep on vehemently ignoring teamforce spoiler emails. i also just finished reading the golden compass (recommended by the ever fabulous sarah) from the “his dark materials” series. i have to say, this book blows hp out of the water. i recommend it to everyone and anyone. it’s really not even fair to compare the books. and it’s much more “adult” vs. “young” in terms of reading level. and the main character is a tough GIRL. not a stinky boy. huzzah.

in the category of movies we are also STEPPIN’ IT UP. sum up:
wedding crashers: choice. highly recommend. vince vaughn is on FIRE!
howl’s moving castle: if you love all things studio ghibli, you will eat this right up. deliciously pure moving gorgeous fantasy. it just whisked me away
don: bollywood film that we watched half of on netflix. while the 2 hour, 40 minute running time is excessive (and reason why we did not complete it), it’s definately worth a paruse. In sum, it is the turkish scarface from bollywood staring the indian zack braff. really. how can you go wrong?
ray: it surprised me how good this movie was. really good, and moving. so sad. and happy.

that’s a bit of a life sum up for ya.

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ha HA!

for all of those who have chided me for referring to what some call “garage” sales or “yard” sales as TAG sales (which i grew up calling them) you can all just take a seat. on the cover of real simple this month one of their headlines is “the ultimate tag sale guide.” CLEARLY they know the real story. i am vindicated!
in looking at the article, one sentence does say “but great tag (or yard or garage) sales….” but obviously the main word is tag sale, not those other weird terms. heheheheheh.


quote from josh

karl rove is like a shape shifter that didn’t quite fully form.

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the resort we went to on our ‘moon had a little video library of mostly terrible movies, so we had a fabulous week of catching up on crapola we’ve missed in the past year. it was awesome.
13 going on 30
along came poly
oceans 12
you got served
walking tall
the in-laws

every night it was a joy to pick what to watch. and let me say how bad 13 going on 30 is. we were expecting crap bad, but i kid you not, we had to turn on the french dubbing w/subtitles to finish watching the movie. it was that horrible! but also let me tell you, if you’re having trouble watching a movie, just put on the french subtitles. it really does make it comically more bearable. this movie should have been at best on abc family – but feature!? whaaaaa?

the others were pretty decent. except for oceans 12. they tried way to hard on that one. too many notes i say.

anyway, in the tradition of this fabulous bad movie run, we went to go see fantastic four last night. and for fun ride movies it was great. i know it’s getting completely canned, but it was fun silly and enjoyable. and didn’t take itself too seriously in the slightest. jessica alba being a genetic scientist? ha! and the human torch was such an awesome fun dick. though i felt so sorry for the thing. he really got the short end of the stick on super powers. not fair he doesn’t get to change back. he should totally get to thing out, not be perma-thing.

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we have returned

and we are married! woo. i am freeeeeeee!!!!!! i find it too funny that people see the wedding as the end. i see it as the exciting beginning. it’s a way to kick off our lives together. and now no more planning!!!! so many people asked me the day of the wedding – “are you having a good time?” of course i was! it’s too sad to plan all that nonsense and then not enjoy the party, eh?
i was so nervous before i got to the church, i made amanda bring her ipod in the limo so i could have music to calm me down. but once i saw josh and got down that aisle, all was well. we couldn’t have asked for a better day on all accounts. a thanks to all our wonderful fam and friends who shared the day with us.

i am sad however that our ‘moon is over. it was so relaxing and fab. josh and i talked about how much we love the beach so much, and someday we will own a house on the beach. i will have to post some pictures of glorious sunsets and blue water. last night i totally ordered a mac album of the moon. i can’t wait to get it. i’m such a picture freak.

and, now, onto helping my sister plan her wed. ha! now i get to be the inept supporting cast! woooooo!


hot glue

i have most recently discovered the awesome power of the glue gun. let me tell you, hot DAMN is it awesome.

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8 days and counting

damn it’s getting close. communication will be sparse from here on out.

we got our rings last night from the very nice little king. they are pretty sweet. we’re excited about them. josh wanted to just start wearing his right away! ha! woooo.

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