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uh oh!

13 more responses.
no one has said no.
did i mention at least 20 need to do so?
this is getting scary.

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i am so totally bummed! i just found out “my” wonderful benetton store is moving! argh! first the wonderful one across the street from my job, and now this one. it’s too much to take!!! i love benetton, their clothes are wonderful and fit just right. this makes me grumpy. especially after going to literally 6 stores to find a suit, all of them sucking, and finally when i went to benetton and there the perfect suit was waiting for me. literally. i should have just started there. grumpy this has made me.

but what makes me happy is that it’s fleet week this week!!! i love fleet week, because sailors have by far the most ridiculous uniforms on the planet. they’re like cartoon characters jumping their cartoon world to visit the live action one for awhile. and they are everywhere, and you can’t miss them, glowing white down the street! it’s quite a sight.

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i am still reeling about the gifted ipod. suddenly the world is a musical possibility. i will be able to listen to lots of music again! i anticipate being flooded with musicalness during my current and future art classes! i suddenly want to get a million new albums. pity i don’t have any time (or inclination) to download stuff these days. i can’t wait to buy gigantic cushy headphones, since those ear BUDS hurt my ears no matter what type. and a ipod cozy! heeeeeee.

i have made the bold decision i will not going to use it on the subway (most of the time). my ears are too sensitive to the loud subway and i’m too paranoid that the train noise+musical noise will cause long term damage to my ears (thanks speech path major) so i will continue to wear my uber cool ear plugs.


mini madness!!!!

because josh is amazing, he completely surprised me with an iPod mini last night!!! i can’t believe it! i’ve been blatantly telling him he should buy me one, but i didn’t really mean it, and didn’t really think he would do it. and now it’s mine, in all its beautiful limey green-ness! i keep holding it saying it is so beautiful, i can’t believe it’s mine. he really caught me off guard.

the best is, he sent the box to my work, which he usually does because he can’t get packages at his. so i just figured it was a stupid computer part or something. i didn’t even open it. so when he got home and pulled it out, i was like….wha????? what is thaaaat!? josh has a knack for never being able to surprise me. that he did is amazing! weeeeeee. i don’t deserve this beautiful product!

just look at it!!





best transport idea ever.

sarah just suggested we go from the church to the reception site on segways. i think this obviously the greatest idea ever (that won’t happen).

this woman clearly had the same idea!


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sexy city

so i have been watching sex and the city on tbs, even though it is editted, they do a pretty good job. and since i love the show i’ll even suffer a bit of editting. anyway, they are now starting from the beginning. and MAN is season 1 lameo. it’s so one dimensional. the show got so much deeper and so much more better written as time went on. astoundingly so. most of the first season so far has kinda made me want to vomit. but not really because i love it so.

oh, and not to mention their CLOTHES. dear GOD are they terrible. have red shoulder padded blazers ever been fashionable? have they? (the 80′s do not count) i mean really.

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man am i tired today. i feel like i’ve been hit in the face with a tired stick. hopefully my oatmeal and tea will perk me up.
maybe it’s because i had to drive in today. bah. i don’t know how people drive to work. public transit is really the only way to travel. in MY opinion.

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out the door!

well they are complete. the invites are signed, sealed, and will be out the door by mid day (my mom willing). wooopeee! hours upon hours and it’s all worth it. i still am totally psyched about them, and my dad’s writing looks awesome!

and practically even just as exciting as the invitations, is my BEAUTIFUL new printer. the long reign of my evil epson printer has FINALLY come to an end. when it worked it was very very good, but when it didn’t it was very very bad (clogged heads every five minutes is not acceptable). so welcome in the new era of my GLORIOUS canon pixma iP6000D. i am absolutely in love with it. The photo prints are AMAZING (and say they’ll last around 25 years in a frame, and 100 in an album) and it’s a smart little sucker. everything is so easy about it, unlike my overly finicky frouffy epson.

since i’ve been so grumpy about the wedding lately here is a positive. my worst faults is i never follow through with anything, i always say i will do something, and then not do it. it is truly my greatest weakness. well this wedding is all about follow through. and it’s proving to me that i can complete something. and at the end of this i know i’ll be proud, which will motivate me to do real life things. so that. is very good.

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i’m not a huge fan of the o.c. i’ve maybe seen 3, possibly 4 episodes. but i marginally enjoy it when i watch it. but i friggin love their theme song. i can’t get enough of it. i don’t turn the channel when i see a commercial for the show just to hear it, and i can’t get it out of my head right now.

i might just have to buy it.

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oh quackers.

looks like quackers got ahead of himself again.



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