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foggy and blobby

i drove alot today back to ct for dress fittings and cake, in a lot of fog. and i was reminded how much i love fog – it’s so beautiful. i will go so far as to say i think it is truly the most magestic form of precipitation. it kept me content all day, looking at all the lovely trees (which deserve their own post about my love of them) mixed in with fog.

since it almost rhymes with foggy, i’ll also mention how blobby i feel lately. now, i know i’m not fat or whatever, but i feel so out of shape. i think my extreme and constant lack of energy is also in part due to the fact i’m not moving enough, and i have to make time for this. my parents DUTIFULLY emphasized this point today when i received a dual heckling of: “am i exercising? maybe you should start lifing some weights?” argh. in their defense, this heckle session was pre-cursered by oh you look so/too thin. but, as always nothing is ever enough.

thanks parents. tharents.


proud pot mama

it is not very often when i make things i really like in pottery. usually by the time it comes out of the kiln for the second time i am fully underwhelmed with my creation. but i must say, this is one of those rare occasions that i made something that i totally like! wooooo. i’m totally psyched. it’s a pitcher with the beautiful new randy’s brown glaze, which is lovely and speckled and delicious, and i take zero credit for! (also you can see in the background our glorious fantabulous ice colored kitchenaid mixer!)


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meet clocky!

this girl is a genius. seriously.

please note that because i am a lazy ass i have ripped off this picture and the below text from the nytimes.


Gauri Nanda, below, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, was inspired by personal experience to create Clocky, an alarm clock that rolls off the bedside table and hides in unpredictable places when its snooze button is pressed.

“I’d been known for hitting the snooze bar for two hours,” said Ms. Nanda, 25. She wanted to design a clock that would be harder to ignore in the morning, “like a troublesome pet that you like anyway.”

The prototype of Clocky has a microprocessor that helps it navigate, a resilient foam body, a shaggy rug covering and wheels.

Corporate sponsors of the Media Lab have the right to license technology developed by students, so Clocky may end up in production, plaguing slugabeds everywhere.


this picture is amazing.

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and the candlestick maker

why must all the good bakers in connecticut live in the boondocks of this little state? it is bizarre. i think there is a colony of little bakers running around in baker brigadoon. i’m picturing them all as little people too. or like little lawn gnome bakers. regardless it is annoying. and to top it all off, not only are they better, but are reasonably priced as well. traveling over an hour to try a piece of cake seems ludicrious to me, but we might have to resort to it.

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productive citizen

i’ve been having contests with myself to see just how productive i can be in a weekend. or anytime for that matter. and on the productivity scale, this weekend was quite productive in deed.

saturday morn, we and my mom met with the caterer, followed by the florist, for detailed run throughs at the dca of how things will be setup, including a discussion forcing “greens” upon me, which means i will really not like the decorating setup, but so be it.

we then followed this by meeting up with josh’s parents at the place we think will work for the rehersal dinner. they were into it. so huzzah. i am now very excited to hand this entire assignment to josh.

also met with the music director at the church, who is awesome, and have solidified the music for the ceremony, which i am psyched about.

our cake search continues with much gusto. we went to pick up a cake yesterday which ended up being GAAAROSS! so good thing the people were so rude to us that i have no interest in using them. but joke’s on them because we still get free cake. ha ha.

we also discussed transportation that i have been totally ignoring. i have this whole plan to get a classic car (think 57 cadillac!) but i have begrudingly accepted the fact we will probably need limos. which makes me want to vomit. i hate limos, viserally. i think they are the epitome of disgusting ostentatiousness and everytime i see one, i think yuck (josh thinks i am a little crazy about this, and did talk me down somewhat). but i guess i will be forced into this too, EVEN THOUGH the church and reception are approximately 200 feet apart, my parents are refusing to drive there in normal cars like normal people – or as they said, “get real laura, we’re not from the sticks, you just don’t do that.” so gross. limos. and the logistics of handling them make me exhausted.

but things are getting done. and that’s the important thing.


thanks tail!

this is ridiculous!!
a thanks tail to put on the back of your car, so that you can indicate to other motorists thank you if they let you in or whatever. make sure to click on the link in yellow to watch the fantabulous video, with the added touch of piano music.

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revving up

we have an absolutely jam packed wedding planning schedule this weekend. i don’t know how we’ll make it through, but we shall persevere. though i do say, i get jazzed from productivity if we accomplish alot. because more progress inevitably means less to do. we are trying to more cake places this weekend. i lament the end of the cake tasting, and wish we could stretch it out further, but alas, it might not be feasible. i really deserve to eat a lot of free cake, imho.

i am anxiously awaiting my sample package from our letterpressing guy. i cannot wait. i also am debating designs in my head (which i OBVIOUSLY will not be revealing). i am going back and forth between something very streamlined and simple, to something a little more involved. either way it will be a delicious two color pressing. mmmmmm. josh will have to be the tie breaker on this one.

a funny thing i find about when people ask me about the wedding, and this goes for both men and women. everyone always asks “did you get a dress yet?” i find this question hysterical, especially that the wedding is now a little over 2 months away. knowing you have to get your dress months in advance, and it’s usually like the 5th thing on the list to do. it’s just funny to me that people still ask me that. i think it’s just the most familiar question to ask, maybe the most interesting one?



so i think i have decided that i will go with this letterpressing guy. i have confirmed reports that he is good, and his prices are still in reasonable range. he is sending me samples, which i eagerly await. i just need to plan out fully what the invites look like. i have the wording pretty much, and the look, pretty much, i just need to completely make it all work.

we went to our first precana session last night. for all you non-catholics out there…precana is required to be married in the catholic church. you have to go and listen and do activities about communication, finances, God. it’s pretty low maintence, and actually i really think in some capacity would be good for anyone getting married. i apparently have drank the koolaid. we had to fill out worksheets and stuff on “communication blockers” and such, and josh and i just laughed through the whole thing, which made me happy.

on the marriage note, i’d like to give a shout out to my (former) home state of CT for passing civil unions! good show connecticut. for all your uptightedness, you did good.

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pressing update

i have now found two letterpressers that might be able to answer my invitation need.
i also am trying to figure out how to only have two colors on the invite instead of 3 – knowing that 3 will destroy any budgetary hopes of acheiving my letterpressing dreams.
but this is good. very good.

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