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there are some train lines i outright hate. i assume will they will be a sneaky evil bastard everytime i ride its line. for example, the evil bastard F. i am usually resigned to the fact i will be late, frustrated, or outright enraged from the moment i step onto the platform.


the only thing worse than that is the train lines that betray my trust. the ones that fuck with my head. they are sneaky, and clearly like to play mindgames. one such line is the 1/9 (NOT to be confused with the sterling proud 2/3 line, now that’s a hard worker). the 1/9 likes to be late and take its time during normal peak hours. the 1/9 enjoys being overly crowded and letting its riders suffer. seriously. it is a bastard. just when i think it’s a fine line like its brother, 2/3, somehow it rears its snotball head.

like today. from 59th street it took me FORTY FIVE MINUTES to go to 42nd and 3rd. are you kidding me? thank you 1/9 for making me wait on the platform for no less that 15 minutes, then to be exceedingly slow in leaving and traveling to the next station. clearly it THEN talked to the 7 train (usually a good guy during normal hours) to take up a lazy stance and not move in ITS place for a good 10 minutes. i mean REALLY. ARGH.

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the tee shirt of my dreams

i have decided i absolutely NEED a tee shirt that says “no more mr. nice gaius”
because it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS!! if i was going to comicon this year this shirt would definately become a reality.

Battlestar gallactica (one ep left of the first season to watch) hurts my head it is so good. every character is so fantastic. the plot is incredible and setting itself up for the long haul to be complicated and fantastical.

and let’s talk aobut gaius. mr. crazy pants who somehow is given more and more responsibility. mr. talking a cylon into suicide so he is able to keep out of the mess. his insanity is almost too good to bear!!

my favola still remains starbuck. she is in-cred-i-ble. i love her. i love how she plays the perfect balance of tough girl yet you feel for her. awesome.

there’s just too much to talk about – how about how the cylons have religion. machines believing heavily in God. evangelical machines. love. it.

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swept away

i did not check my email all weekend. which is ammmmazing! i finally checked today, which gave me the new secret code to log into our blogs as we make the full and final shift to teamforce without the cams.

first off, josh is doing very well. last week we finally past the 2 week mark out of the hospital. his tests (for once) came back in a good way. and he has had yet another tube removed. wooooo. he’s gaining weight and feeling stronger. all is exciting. he was even able to go to church on sunday, and walk back, 25 minutes, from the church. (please note that we were running late getting there and had to call a car to take us, and what shows up a limo! it was the closest car available. so we had a $6 ride in a limo. ridiculous!!!)

the weekend was productive, i think.

we tried to do a clean sweep of our apt. while we are still living in an attic like state, we are getting closer to a home.
7, yes 7, bags went to the sal val. 3 are still on deck.
we got rid of two key pieces of furniture which have been in the way for months
finally moved the beside tables into the bedroom, and set up my super duper fab lights on them
i purchased a garment rack from the glorious container store, so that i have somewhere to hang my clothes while we wait to purchase a wardrobe
we tackled our scary back computer room, and are very on our way to making it a useable space opposed to scary nonsense.
the living room remains an utter disaster, but it will come into being sooner or later.

easter is about renewnal, rebirth, and in many ways i felt that this weekend.

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down and up again.

did you miss me? did you? teamforcecams, now simply TEAMFORCE.org, was down and we are now back in full effect.

josh has a (routine) CT scan today. he is convinced it will reveal bad things, for various reasons. i am forcing myself to remain positive, and reminding myself that he has been doing really well lately – eating well, feeling full of energy, really getting his strength back. i want to believe that this CT scan is going to reveal that he is making progress. but josh is worried. since anytime there is a choice for his body to take the easy road or the impossibly hard road that no one ever takes and is practically impossible to even exist, his body takes the hard one. so today is mired in waiting, a forceable positive, and more waiting.

in other news, i ended up waiting in a bus shelter train “station” last night in new jersey freezing my feet off in the cold and snow waiting for a non-existant train after a ridiculous client meeting when every cab service to get me home had no cars. but with minutes to spare before my phone died, i finally found a cab company that took me all the way to my door. not only that, but they said it would take 20 minutes to get to me (which sometimes means at least 40) and literally arrived not a hair past the 20 minute mark. i don’t think the driver had any idea of how thankful i was for his arrival.

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is that a banana in your pocket…

i am soooo psyched. i want to have fun drink options at the wedding, and i really think these guys will add some sass!

what was going to be a very productive weekend, unfortunately turned into a frustrating one. but it seems we’re on the up and up again. let’s hope.

finally told my parents about the rehersal dinner “situation”. they had envisioned a larger gathering (cocktail hour, dinner) inviting pretty much all out of town guests, but, the other team had other ideas. it’s basically a fundamental difference of what a rehersal dinner should be. and, as my cousins have invited my family to their rehersal dinners, my mom is a little pe-o’d (is that how you spell that?) that she can’t do the same. but, as there ARE NO RULES dictating what a rehersal dinner should be, people should not be allowed to be offended. but i’m sure they will anyway. sigh.

oh, one last thing – did i mention my dad put me on speakerphone to discuss this matter with my parents, so they could both weigh in at the same time? yeah. this wedding is all business, folks.

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weepy me

i love peter paul and mary. i admit it, wholeheartedly. they are great. one of the very few things i always pictured with this wedding business was hearing the wedding song by them (or actually just by noel paul stookey as i have found out, exciting i know). because i love this song. and i know a zillion people have this played at their weddings, but i do not care. chris and chris will play this and i know it will be simply lovely. and, it’s one of the few songs i get weepy at everytime i hear it.

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i really don’t know what it is, but i have somehow caused some horrible pain in my neck. i guess it’s a spasam or something. but it is awful. i think it’s because i was carrying a laptop around on one shoulder and it messed things up. i had a couple twinges of pain yesterday, but nothing major. and then, this morning, right after i got out of the shower – i turned my head and BAM! i couldn’t even move! i started yelping, and tried to pick up my pajamas, but to no avail. and of course, sweet sweet josh, in his terribly weakened state had to help me. it is such a testament to how amazing he is, that he swiftly and surely helped me so that i could be somewhat functional today. he somehow located the heating pads i had bought 2 months ago for his pain, and got me advil and my robe.
somehow i have managed to get dressed and get to work. i had to use a backpack to balance my weight. ugh. must think positively. i have far too much to do today to be incapacitated!

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yellow cab

every so often i get to ride in a cab with an old school new york cabbie. meaning, guys who have driven cabs for years and love it. they are a rare breed, those who a) speak fluent english b) love the razmataz of driving a new york city cab. since usually when i take a cab i very much enjoy sitting in very comfortable silence, when a talkative cabbie comes along, you’ve got to take advantage of it, because it’s always a memorable conversation. just the tone and banter, it really can’t be described. tonight i talked to the guy about the owner of the BBQ restaurants (who was in his cab that day), people shacking up! over getting married, the greatness of living in brooklyn, and how 3 girls from san francisco naively thought they would find a large 3 bedroom in the west village (also in his cab that day). it made up for my crappy late night at work.



what an exaustively packed weekend. all i can do is list it out. and still, it is not enough.

friday night
found dress for shower ($200 plenty dress for $35! hell yeah!)
looked at skirts for other shower
stocked up on numerous fatty snacks for josh
found cute dress knew noog would love
in madcap fashion filled a big shopping bag full of goodwill clothes

picked up package at our ghetto crazy post office
sent out dress to amanda at same post office
picked out veil at RK bridal in socks only because they made everyone take off their shoes (as if RK isn’t crazy enough, hundreds of stressed out brides roaming around with their posses with a lack of shoes adds a certain mystery)
purchased wedding shoes, while white still need to by dyed correct color white
contacted mom and had an overly long conversation about florists
searched around garment district for hair accessories, mildly successful
braved evil herald square macy’s to register for our fabulously unexciting, but i like very much, china
watched manquisto with josh, jeremy, and tom

made a decision on a florist, called, and the pieces have been put in motion
sent addresses for josh’s shower
placed order with fresh direct with much fatty food for the j-man (oh glorious cheese)
informed other florists that i will not be working with them
watched riding giants
sorted and went through our hideous piles of mail
started a grand running TO DO spreadsheet for all the wedding topics
added flatware to the registry (you know that theknot actually recommends registering for TWELVE chamagne flutes in BOTH crystal and glass? so that’s actually 24 champagne flutes. what real people live like that?)
organized all my computer wedding files which was very satisfying indeed
watched nausicaa valley of the wind (2 netflix in one day!)

i cannot wait for relaxing weekends again


i’m totally in love with my han solo jacket. i got this jacket awhile ago (it’s just a black collarless lightweight jacket i can wear throughout the day with pockets), and it’s super great! as soon as josh saw it he said i look like han solo. so now every time i wear it i feel so kickass. i just can’t help it.

oh, also we watched word wars last night. it was incredibly good. so enjoyable, fun, and there was even a little bit of tension. definately worth a watch. there’s something so amazing about these scrabble guys. they’re so intense, such outcasts, but the movie makes them sort of heroes. which, they really are in their world. ooh! i’m totally going to recommend it to my netflix friends!

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