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pretty new things!

oooh it’s picture time! noog sent me a super awesome care package with magical golden shoes from target that i couldn’t get here. they are ready to go for the rehersal dinner, since i was stuck on the idea of having silver or gold shoes for said event.


also delicious cute cookies to fatten josh up! too cute.


after bopping into pottery on saturday, i walked down the street only to discover the most awesome little store that sells small designer labels. and while, alas, i could not afford much in the store, i did get this supercalifragalitic hat! for some reason i have been coveting winter hats with brims lately (what a weird word “brim” is), so i gave in and now i have this super hat from LINGO!


and, last, but not least, is a glimpse of this coat. thank you loehmann’s, you are the best. i saw this coat last year at wonderful penguin, but it was far out of my reach. and here! it appears in loehmann’s in a more acceptable price range and in my size. wooop!


and man! is it snowing out!

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too much to report

there is much going on. josh was back in the hospital for acouple days – to fight a touch of anemia and dehydration, but is home again and doing really well. i really feel this is the turning point. it’s really been touch and go for the past few weeks (or should i say months) but i have this feeling. and i know this is going to change things. it’s funny throughout this whole process i’ve known when things were going to go wrong, even if i wasn’t fully admitting it to myself. it’s like i was being prepared before something happened. like the other night, when josh ended up going back in, i knew it was going to happen. and i was better mentally prepared for it. but i have a good feeling right now. it’s freeing.

in other VERY SERIOUS news, since dawn has FINALLY watched project runway, i can report on the excitement of jay winning! i’m so proud of him. it was such a hard call, and part of me thinks he and kara should have tied. but i wouldn’t be surprised if kara saun is uber successful anyway. everyone was torn! both of them worked so hard and her stuff was beeeeauuutiful. but personally i absolutely LOVED jay’s stuff. it was so inspired, so urban cool. i wish i could dress like that on a daily basis. techno mixed with down home stuff. i loved it! and i love jay!

i hope when i get home, there are two fabulously brain candy netflix waiting for us. we have fallen off the netflix bandwagon more times than i can count, but like everything, things are going to start getting better, starting NOW. everything is going to start happening, and with us receiving the cutting edge and shrek 2 i really don’t see how we can be stopped. toe pick! need i say more?

due to the fact that most of my clothes have been inaccessible this winter because of mess and boxes, i have really be reevaluting my wardrobe. i very much want to edit many of my clothes (and SHOES). i want to get it down to things i love. and get rid of the stuff in the middle. eliminating the gap (literally and figuratively) if you will. i purchased some newthings this winter and have been very into that stuff. and all the clothes have been in short rotation too. i probably should be doing more laundry but am not.

i also need to post about the awesome things that manda and lu shipped to me!!!

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i’m listening to the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind soundtrack. it’s all so sad and sweet and a little happy all at the same time. i don’t usually cry at movies. but the scene in e.s.o.t.s.m. – the one of joel and clementine’s first memory at the beach, where the house falls apart, just hit me so hard. i’m thinking about this, because it’s weird the consistency of what makes me cry. and how the same things will upset me in the same ways that they did the first time, even years later.
like one of my classmates who died in the 6th grade from cystic fibrosis. the very few times i’ve mentioned it to someone i still get choked up almost. or talking about that scene. you think it would change. strangeness.

anyway, the reason for this utterly sad post is illustration friday’s topic this week is sorrow. which has been really hard for me. way too close to home. there’s too much lingering sadness right now for me and the j-man. i was going to post something really horribly sad. which really is just too sad to post (basically an uber skinny josh looking hollow and sad), but i couldn’t take that. instead, is the start of a crohn’s story, the warped children’s version.

introducing our hero, mr. fats! and the enemy the evil king fistula! the sorrow comes in on panel 2, with mr. fats reduced to a non fat state. BOOO!!


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i realize that i use the word “dude” far too much. but i love it. i do not know why. and i only catch my overuse after it is way too late, and the dude has already been spoken.

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good things only

so we are on a rampage of ONLY GOOD THINGS.

josh has been feeling a little down the past couple days but he shall be transfused tomorrow, which will make him a new happy non-anemic man!

we have decided to brazenly send back midnight cowboy and noam chompsky to netflix without even watching them. we felt we needed a clean slate of movies that won’t put us in the throwes of sorrow. so xanadu and shrek 2 will be coming our way very soon.

i went to see the lovely gates today. as you will see from the orange spackled pictures below. i was struck by them. maybe it was because the sun came out the moment i walked in the park, maybe it was because seeing orange curtains as far as the eye could see is both ridiculous and mesmorizing. i was struck by the happy sillyness of them all. i think they’re a fantastic spectacle and everyone should go see them.


also on my marathon of errands to complete the aforementioned STDs, i came upon this lovely greasy spoon on 8th ave/w 12th street. it was a little crappy but absolutely perfect. the staff was so nice and the atmosphere so welcoming. i could have stayed there all day and no one would have balked. and, the BLT and delicious yankee bean soup was grade A.


good things only. and more gates…
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anyone else find it hysterical that the abbreviation (widely used on theknot) for save the dates is the same abbrev. for sexually transmitted diseases?? i certainly do!

finally, FINALLY, after massive amounts of cutting and trimming, battling (and then winning) against vellum, repurchasing of paper because i miscounted, finding the perfecto matching colors, then deciding on the right accompaning envelope design the STDs are ready for mailing! (well once they are sealed)

so expect your std (tee hee) in the mail shortly. i have to say, i am very happy with the outcome of my std. it is pretty much exactly what i envisioned. that they are a month late is entirely beside the point.

note to self: try not to do multiple layering and dual colors on EITHER side of a postcard.
another note to self: while postcards may seem easier, they are very dubious, and are certainly not easier than a standard card!

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pink cake!

as a happy valentine’s day/back from the hospital/late birthday celebrated moment, i made josh this super delicious pink cake!! it made us all very happy.



the bastard they call vellum

vellum, the paper i love to hate, hate to love. can i even call it paper?
vellum, the delicious seductress that makes cards look so lovely, yet has all these hidden wiles.
vellum, it draws you in and then laughs in your face with its difficulty.
vellum, why are there so few adhesives that work seemlessly with you (the few being spray adhesives which are their own evil),
vellum, why are you so sneaky with printers, not allowing words to print across your velvety surface?

and why, why vellum, have i been drawn into your devilish beauty once again?

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i’m reading “love” right now by toni morrison. i’m actually enjoying it muchly. i really love figuring out the puzzle of her writing.

checking out amazon people’s thoughts, it’s so great (and by great i mean irritating) that so many people are like “why can’t she write a direct story? i don’t get the plot right away. waaaa”

um, that’s the POINT. duh. argh, i hate when people are idiots. that’s like saying what the fuck is faulkner doing. have you ever heard of different writing styles people?

i don’t like 100 years of solitude. frankly i hated the book. but i don’t blame gabriel garcia marquez. that’s just his style, what he does. i’m just not into it.



the only thing that keeps me going with this wedding planning nonsense, is well the nonsense. for example: every day i get emails from theknot telling me about EXCITING! FABULOUS! COOL! events that i can attend. like the very fun! day! at fortunoffs for games gifts and advice!!! oooh, i think i would rather be shot in the arm. Who wants to really go to that? or the things theknot hints at that you should be really into, and really must have! like the must haves from michael C. fina (uber expensive store to register at). MUST HAVES include wedgwood china and simon pearce goblets of course! ugh.

though for my bitching, theknot has actually been very helpful. they are my netflix. also, you might have noticed i haven’t linked to theknot. reason being their site only works, if you’re lucky, 40% of the time, so i’ll save you the irritation.

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