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an additional shout out

a shout out to brad for demanding i use bloglines to check my blogs. i honestly don’t know how i managed before this.

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shout outs

circa my Z100 years, i’d like to give some shout outs to…

sarah for sending me kickass typhoo towels!

the parking authority of nyc for suspending opposite side of the street parking until thursday!

3M brand tape for making seriously super sticky tape (not to mention glorious tegaderm)

josh’s parents and everyone for being incredibly supportive

lulu for being the best comic relief of a dog running around in the snow with minature boots

pret a manger for providing me a free sandwich (after months of my hard work in getting punches on my card)

nana for the best meal and sake i have had in so long, mmmmm delicious

amanda for suffering my messy abode and tromping over nyc to find a very lovely, very wearable again, bm dress

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now to clear your mind from the last post.

to cheer my spirits and the world’s….go to this amazing! site, and make sure you have the music on!!!

(linked from this wonderful blog that M told me about, that deserves a post of it’s own credit)

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josh is back in the hospital. so soon. last visit i think was just holding him over to this time. we had to admit him yesterday. and he’s going in for surgery, but i think it’s the only way. it’s the only way to stop the evil king fistula and captain chron’s from continually attacking his body to no end. if all goes well it will let him live a normal life, rather than what’s happening now. but it’s just hard to see him this way, all IV’d up and in so much pain.
surgery on monday or tuesday.
dammit, i promised myself i wouldn’t cry but i started blubbering in front of his parents who drove in pretty much immediately when they heard he was back in. i started weeping because they had mentioned should we push back the wedding. and frankly i don’t give a shit about moving dates or whatever, but for me, it means that this fucking illness has beat him and that we’re just giving up on him ever feeling better. so at this point, i just can’t do it. and i tried to say that and broke down. gar.

i just want josh to have his life back. and get to live the way he’s supposed to, the way he wants to. gar.



i’ve been having a bit of a problem lately, in buying far too many pairs of shoes. i can justify EVERY single pair, mind you, but still. it’s getting to be a problem…as ms. carrie bradshaw said, “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”

while this is not an exact correlation, these shoes are not helping in the focking mess that is our house. it’s not like we have enough boxes. let’s add some shoe boxes too.

but, let me pretend to justify:
1. it all started with my want, my need, to get a pair of houndstooth shoes. this started the revolution to reinvent my shoe catalog. but look at these, could you really resist them?
side note: a plus is you can physically walk these suckers.
additional side note: mine are burgundy and black, not simply black and white for added super fabulousness.

2. the very on sale, but still a little too much, but beeautiful stuart weitzman black heels for my cousin kelly’s wedding because the only other black heels i have are super dated and hurt my feet.

3. the pair of wellies featured on the blog that were on sale at smith and hawken and i got them because they seemed substantial but still fun (yes i know they’re trendy but when you trudge around in as much slush and snow as new yorkers do, they honestly have huge purpose)

4. the land’s end green marinac boots because i have been meaning to get some real winter snow boots for 5 years now. and they are warm and fuzzy and i love them.

5. the 2 for one sale at sacco could not be resisted. low black boots, and fabulous deep eggplant flats. i am in desparate need of shoes i like but still are appropriate for work BUT are not heels, because wearing heels everyday just ain’t happening. and the two pairs i got are so immediately excellent i cannot regret, since i know they will be worn in much repetition.

aaahhhh i feel better. i obviously needed all of these. now if only they had an organized place to go….


ensconced in sci-fi

we are just livin’ it UP with science fiction these days.

first off, i am loving battlestar galatica. it is just a whole different type of sci-fi show. funny to say since i know it’s a remake, but since i didn’t see the original, i can say i feel it’s really breaking out of the category. i love everything about the show – the plot is setting up to be crazy good, the characters are excellent, and the cutting of the show is fantastic. and starbuck is just great. she is a toughguy girl tomboy but they’re doing it in the right way. they could have gone really wrong there. it’s all spot on.

also, back to farscape. the 3rd season is so emotionally involving, tragic, and comic. it’s just a roller coaster of emotion. i’ll say it again, it’s the best love story set in space ever.

[spoilers do follow]

after crighton split in two i was thinking this is no. good. but no, they turned it into one of the best story lines ever concocted. and not only do we see aeryn ripped apart after chrighton 1′s death , bad enough! we see chrighton 2 devasted by her return. usually you only see the women all weepy, but no. the pain and longing between the both of them IS JUST SO INTENSE. and fantastic. love it.

not to mention scratch n’ sniff. i cannot get enough of ka d’argo. or ka d’argo’s name.

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i deleted my last entry. it was selfish and whiney and no one needs to read it. so it is gone. instead, i say that i actually had a fabulously productive weekend. nevermind the foot of snow we got! we braved the wiles of CT anyway. i met with a florist, in blizzardy conditions i went out and looked at hotels, and then did at least 15 loads of laundry. THEN. to top it all off, when we drove back home sunday night. post blizzard conditions, mind you. not only did we not hit even a minute of traffic on the perfectly safe and clear roads, that upon our return to brooklyn and its streets filled with snow, we found a pre-dug out space. The Gods, or God i would say, looked favorably upon us this weekend.

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i’m in the mood for pictures

first off, the glorious fat IV that in part is responsible for restoring josh to health. i just find it so amazing that it is actually labeled “fat.” that’s the technical term!


i love taking pictures of josh in hats, and i love taking pictures of snow. so there you go. look at this combo. with some fun color altering.


my neighborhood is so cute when it’s snowy.



oh! deserted christmas tree!

as soon as christmas starts to wane, the christmas trees get a sad new home. at least nyc takes the trees and mulches them.


count the christmas trees! the one closest to the number, gets a prize!!



all signs point to vegas


i am working to get back on top of things. so i’m trying to do photo fridays again. this week is signs. which is a particularly difficult one for me, because i love taking pictures of signs. i have so many. it was so hard to chose. hmmm a photo album/coffee table book of just signs? but today, the barbary coast moved me. so here it is in all its firey glory. love it.

in other news josh is home! and fat! it’s wonderful. we jiggled his stomach like a bowl full of glorious jelly. he was 136 when he went in, and is now at 165. is that even possible!?!?!? he’ll reduce because alot of it is water weight. but all is very good.

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