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freak out!

i think this wedding is turning me into a complete and utter freak. so we went dress shopping, and it was really fun, trying on dresses and stuff with my mom and sister. finding the dress is actually one of the things i really actually care about (and i know i’m being a big girl about this).

and so i found two dresses that were like complete and polar opposites, and i really loved both of them. one of them, if i hadn’t tried on any dresses was exactly what i thought i’d want and the look i had picked out that i liked in the magazines. the other was totally the opposite of what i expected i would pick out. but when i tried it on i really liked it, and i totally surprised myself.

so i was really torn, terribly so. and yesterday i decided which one i felt really great about, the one i didn’t expect to pick! it’s even a little..er…frilly. which is totally weird, but whatever. so we went and got that one. and i was so excited!

and now, today, i utterly lost it. i literally started crying today because i didn’t know if i made the right choice. i think josh thinks i’m eating some serious fruit loops.

and, now i don’t quite know what to do. so i’m going back dress shopping so i know for sure…maybe i can cancel my deposit or something. my mom reassured me. we’ll figure out. because, um, in the end it’s just a silly dress. silly laura.


a very very merry!


i haven’t posted pictures in awhile, so here’s a double dose. i know i have one of these on the cam but since i have double the season’s greetings hats i’ll have double the pictures for quadruple the fun!

i’m very psyched about the season’s greetings hats pictured. i mean, to find two identical hats (at the same time), what are the chances? were they used by a family who every year busted them out? well that’s what we’re going to do! everything is more festive in a season’s greetings hat!


this picture of josh is so bizarre. it looks like it was taken in 1974. and since our apt is still not even close to liveable you can see how the very fabulous ventian blinds just add a sort of homey magic. though if not for them, the pic wouldn’t have worked. so there you go. so a very merry christmas to everyone!

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fantastic wedding wisdom

you really CAN’T have enough platters!!!

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so my mom, sister, and i went to the very overrated vera wang sample sale, last week. we waited over 4 hours (yes, i realize this fact is terribly embarassing) to look at dresses with major damage still selling for over $1000. what a great deal!!! now, i’m sure if we had gotten there earlier, there would have been a better selection or whatEVER. but considering we got there at 9:00 and there was still a huge line, i really have no regrets. i mean, who wakes up at 5:00 am to look at some dresses??? the amazing power of the vera wang name. the funniest thing though, was this list of rules that we got while waiting in line. emphasizing just how crazy people can be…


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dig vs. not dig

what i am digging right now:
black turtleneck sweaters in combination with dark jeans.
our new standing coat rack
my new pink pig, edgar the 3rd.
that i’m making stockings
star trek season 3
farscape season 3
josh’s hair
christmas music from the andrews sisters and peter, paul, & mary
elf, the motion picture
upcoming many days off to get many things done
the thought of painting our kitchen green

what i’m not digging:
that i kept messing up on the stockings, so they’re not done yet
rainyness in december
the lack of unpacking
not knowing what to buy anyone for christmas
our house not being unpacked fully yet


ettiquette nazi

so in reading real simple today – one of my faaaavorite comped magazines – i found that you do NOT have a year to send a wedding gift. that you should always send your gift before the wedding.

this is according to the world’s most renound ettiquette nazi, emily post. (actually it’s now peggy post her daughter). She says that the year rule is apparently a big myth. you should always send your gift previous to the wedding you are attending. but since most people consider the myth the correct ettiquette usually people aren’t offended.

man is ettiquette irritating. shouldn’t you be happy if you get a gift at all? hmmmm? people waste way too much time being offended.

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