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why everyone should hate rich people and the daily candy

oh stupidity. this comes from the daily candy. just think what a $1000 could do, besides being used to pay for fucking jeans.

What more validation could an ostentatious overspender want?
How about $1,000 jeans? (That’s one precious derriere.) It’s the kind of offer Calvin Stewart knows the glitterati can’t refuse. The streetwear designer has recently launched APO, which may be the world’s most expensive custom-made jeans. (If there’s anything pricier, we’re not sure we even want to know about it.)
What makes these such hot pants? It starts with $40/yard Suvin denim from India — a far cry from trendy designer lines, which spend about $2/yard (chump change). Then there are the gold, silver, and platinum buttons and rivets. The diamond details, nickel-plated zippers, and silk pockets. The classic five-pocket style with custom fit. The top-secret stitching method to guard against forgeries.
Or you could just send them your favorite jeans for duplication. Each pair is personalized with the client’s name and ID number to ensure, er, authenticity.
Welcome to the lifestyles of the really, truly, indisputably (wanna-be) rich and (almost) famous.

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woooo!! very shortly the “25 days of christmas on abc family” will be upon us! that means only one thing! multiple watchings of the rankin bass movies, that i love so much: rudolph and the misfit toys, santa claus is comin’ to town, the year without a santa claus, the little drummer boy and jack frost!!! (i assume rudolph’s shinny new year will be featured after christmas).

This also means i will soon get to put out my rudolph set!!! weee!!! i wonder what new toys have been made for the set this year. off to check!

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buy me

due to much heckling because of an engage party on the horizon, i spent the day from the comfort of my couch registering for stuff. thank you mr. internet for saving me so much time. you can now buy presents for us in celebration of our happiness at bb&b, amazon, and macy’s. (please note the delicious kitchenaid mixer as a particularly personal gift ;)

for some reason my mom is obsessed with me registering at macy’s. everytime the word “register” has come up, she goes on this very long lecture about how great macy’s is, which i don’t deny, and that it really is the perfect choice because they’re all around the country. this talk, which i think i have heard 3-4 times now, is also given everytime as if i haven’t heard it before.

in other news, our apartment is actually liveable right now. i kept walking into our bedroom yesterday, just to see how fabulously clean and absent of boxes it is!

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i am wearing mismatching socks today. i like wearing mismatching socks. i feel like i’m saving them from the sadness of never being worn again. and they look fun together.

when a sock comes back mysteriously without its mate from the dryer, i feel too bad getting rid of it. i imagine somewhere there is a home for lost socks, like a narnia passage at the bottom of the dryer. or maybe the washer.

so i hold onto the sad sock singles until i can find another single that somehow matches the other one. it’s my public duty to single socks everywhere.

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we are going to england this eve to visit the lovely sarah and ed. woo! i think it will be fabulous. and we got super cheap tickets and great flight times. but, oh ho ho…i’ve been putting off checking the exchange rate, because i know it’s dismal right now.

you ready? $1.85 to 1 british pound. AHHH! dear God! i blame this solely on W. and his assness.

limit of one meal a day anyone?

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book it.

i think we have a date. tra la la. now let the “fun” really begin.
july 9th.
mark your calendars.


love and pepper spray

the craigslist personals section always provides such fun.

“I followed you around the park and asked about your panties. I was sure you were wearing a thong-tha-thong-thong. You told me to go to hell but I found it endearing. I knew you wanted me to be persistent. You pepper sprayed me and left me vomiting on the sidewalk…but I still feel like we had a moment there. I’d love to buy you a coffee and chat a bit.”

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man! i hate the myth propogated by the wedding industry that to have the “perfect” wedding you need to start a year in advance to plan everything. which i truly believe is crazy nonsense. but because of this, everything gets fucking booked way to far in advance. grumble grumble.

so now the church is booked at the time we want. of course! of course the beach place i wanted was booked for the rehersal dinner. gar. also i’m so happy we are bickering over whether having a receiving line or not. ugh, this is all utter nonsense.

now we have to have endless debates on whether to have a 6:30 wedding or a earlier one at another church. i literally feel like i’m in brainstorming hell at work, but it’s far less interesting. and that’s saying alot.

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game on farscape season 3. game on.
i am back to watching it. it is promising to be super kickass so far.

josh is way ahead of me, due to waking up at 4 am every night and not being able to sleep. but, he’s rewatching s3 with me anyway.

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the only word for the incredibles is incredible. every moment. i heart pixar with all of my being.

but, what i don’t understand, is this. why do people go to movies to kill time when they just simply talk through (loudly) the entire movie, eat overly expensive bad food, chose a sold out movie without even realizing what you’re seeing, then leave a half hour early because you need to meet up with people???

why do people do this? i can understand going to kill time. i can every understand talking through the entire movie even though it’s rude, because people are rude. but what i don’t understand is if you were going to eat anyway, why would you waste what adds up to at least $30 to sit in a dark room to eat your food? because that’s all they were using it for. go out to a restaurant! go anywhere. why would you waste your money to eat crappy movie theater food and sit uncomfortably for eating in the dark? it just blows my mind.

luckily, the movie was so fantastic we barely noticed the loud talking. except when the guy’s girlfriend got up to go to the bathroom and then out of boredom he started talking to josh. what?!?!?

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