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this will be the last transmission from casa basement of the upper west. i’m 95% done, and all ready to get the big truck to wisk everything away. i wish i had next week off to settle everything. i fear we won’t have a weekend at home for a long while so everything will stalemate. also, we both neither have dressers or a closet condusive to clothes…so this should be interesting.

if my roommates have taught me anthing, it’s to be more calm, things will work out. stress less. and so i shall.

also, i’ve been watching lotr while packing. i say it again. fellowship (the extended edition of course) is, for me, one of the most perfect movies of all time. i love it. i truly do. it is a masterpiece, and for me really fully captures what the trilogy is about. it is just awesome.

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expression of the day

“I may be a cheater, but at least I’m not an oat-grinding cheater!”

what does this mean???
also, it REALLY lends itself to a bad country song.

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on the move!

so fiiiinally we have a place to live. only confirmed fully ON TUESDAY.

if you ever decide to move to new york, i highly recommend NOT looking in october. terrible! where are the apartments? where are the 1 1/2 bedrooms i’m so used to seeing with so much frequency? of course when that is what we want to look for – NOT IN EXISTENCE! it was an impressively frustrating search. i will state here, for the record. the next time we move, it will be to BUY. it is not worth this hassle to rent.

you see, against the odds of the ridiculous housing market in this silly town, somehow i am always able to find something really good, beyond the expectations of new york. and i feel this time we almost acheived that. and i’m 85% happy. i would like an EIK (eat in kitchen) and a little more space, but whatevs. at least we have closets.

i had 3 goals this time around:
no F train (the bastard train)
no ground floor (more bugs, leakage, and for the lucky, even rats!)
no brokers fee (because they are not worth it, EVER.)

well i got two out of three. we ended up resorting to a broker for a half fee. it was the only way, she was not worth it, and a resulting chumpiness has set in. but whatever, we needed to do it. so as not to end up in the dregs of park slope. we’re in a great neighborhood, convienient to alot of things. and our landlord seems really accessible and nice (he even helped us move boxes in last night!).

so we have a place. we are moving in. but for all my complaining the important thing is, the real thing is, that josh and i will be in one place. together. and that, is very exciting.


2 more things

firstly, i apologize for all the wedding talk. i am determined to only talk about wedding things when it amuses me. because frankly the insanity of weddings amuse me. since a wedding is such a ridiculous thing. it truly is. i am fascinated by the weird role it plays in our culture and also the crazy anger and offendedness that occurs around it. it’s just so emotionally charged it’s ridiculous.

secondly, i recently acquired a walkman for work purposes, and it cost me a grand total of $4.00. i am sad that walkmans do not produce optimal sound, because by using the walkman last week i’m reminded how much i like the physicality of the walkman. i love the feeling i get putting a tape inside the walkman. feeling the big foamy earphones on my ears. i feel a feeling of cool waft over me. i don’t acheive this feeling with a diskman, or one rare occasion when i have used an ipod. it is unique to itself.

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2 things

i watched a woman eat an apple today. an ENTIRE apple, mind you, including the core. leaving only the stem. it was an impressive feat. and fully indicitative of her personality.

wedding plans gear up. i have come to the conclusion that i honestly do not care all that much about the originality of the wedding. yes, of course, i want touches here and there that are me and joshish (and certainly nothing that i don’t like – like say, a country club). but really overall, i just want it to be a fun to moderately fun party and day. that’s all i ask. i also realize, that while i am most definately steering this ship, but that it is almost as much my parents day as it is mine.

it’s just that, growing up they always say how girls dream of their wedding day or whatever. it’s just that…i never did. i never dreamed of walking down the aisle in that perfect white dress or whatever, just because frankly i’d rather dream about my future life, rather than one day. i read on theknot how all these women are doing these elaborate things, which is cool, and more power too them, but i’d just rather pull this off without major fighting.

also, why are my parents obsessed with having a band? how will the robot dance be done? (during band break OBVIOUSLY). but, i am very wary of wedding bands. the cheeeeeese and bad factor risk is so high! at least with a dj they still have to play famous songs…


i was just all but told that i pretty much need to have the reception at the fucking country club. because apparently without doing any research it is known that this is where the best price will be.
now i remember why i had absolutely no interest in getting married.
i guess i’ll just accept now that i’m going to have a really fucking boring generic reception with absolutely no reason to even remember it.

let the fun begin.


i am not joking

from craigs – a TUTORING ad. too much.

Don’t Wait Unitl Your Child is Behind

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around town




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out of the closet

an ode to closets.

first off, what is wrong with all of brooklyn and their lack of closets. people love closets!! who doesn’t love an enormous closet! when a closet is opened and it is large, people go ooooooh. i have, on occassion, shown off big closets. but, alas, the builders of brooklyn (save for my wonderful nameless architect who designed the building my studio was in) do not think closets are cool or necessary. we have now looked at several apartments and the closets in them have been literally non-existant. Or, if we’re lucky – one, and in the crazy instance two. you think, two for the bedroom? no i mean for the whole apartment. unacceptable! now i realize that many of the brownstones were build before america’s “closet craze” but this is no excuse since those brownstones have been refigured countless times. builders of brooklyn! give me closets!

so we now have a home depot in the city, which is a little bizarre, but whatever. so they’ve been doing all these ads lately on taxis, bus shelters, etc that are new york focused. but one of them reeeally irritates me, because they have it all backwards. it reads “you see a closet, we see a second bedroom”. now i’m not sure if they’re implying that with that closet space you then knock down walls and reconfigure space so you now have a second bedroom, OR (and more likely) that oh that enormous closet you have? you should totally turn it into a 2nd bedroom with the help of home depot. this irritates me greatly because a) new yorkers never have any space so we are always figuring out ways to maximize our space (duh) but more importantly b) is that any sane new yorker would have seen the opportunity to make said closet into a 2nd bedroom WITHOUT home depot telling them. c) most likely a NY agency did this work, and they really should know better. it should be something to the extent of “you see a 2nd bedroom in your closet, we do too.”

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wow. jon stewart and crew made traditional home’s top 100 interesting things to them in the past 15 years. what a strange combo.

why is it that i cannot remember what are the good streets vs. the bad streets in my own old neighborhood. pouring over the map i have a sneaking suspiscion about some areas but am not quite sure. a recon mission is needed tonight

i found it totally odd that the VP took place while sitting (as cheney requested). it makes you look so un-powerful. standing you are commanding. by sitting i feel you demote the importance of your statements. my roommate summed up the sitting perfectly – “how very vice-presidential”

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