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i’ve become obsessed with media spin. thanks outfoxed and al franken. but check this out! i had heard that the kerry daughters were booed at the vmas and was kinda confused. like, geez younguns, who out there is supporting bush? i hope now that i catch the VMAs just to see how it really went down, but apparently the bush daughters AND the kerry daughters were annouced at the same time, though the kerry daughters were there in person, and the bushy twins were on screen. crazy. check this cnn link then compared to this wacky ass link. oh the spinning.

on a lighter note, i have a total crush on zach braff. i’m going to have to start watching scrubs.

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okay, could there BE a scarier picture?

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get out of my city.

so we went to the march yesterday. i’m really happy we went. it felt good. and supposedly around 500k people showed up? impressive! i would have felt like a hypocrite as well if i didn’t go. i’ve been bitching for weeks about the GOP coming here, so i might as well publicly do something about it. took a bunch of pictures, but the ones from wnyc are much better, so take a look!

it’s weird, i just went out for lunch to see a small band of protesters on their way to their gig (considering they are on the WRONG side of town) and then some GOP’ers (wearing GOP tee shirts) sight-seeing and the full reality struck me of what is happening this week: the clash of american cultures, realities, and attitudes hit me.

i guess i am a curmudegon or a mean new yorker, but i don’t care. The GOP is not welcome here. they stand for many things that new york city as a whole is against. they are taking advantage of a true and awful tragedy that happened here, obviously for their gain. and putting the city at risk. it is selfish and appalling.

i think i shall wear my anti-w shirt home. (as i will be walking/busing it home since i feel a little squeemish about taking my beloved subway this week.)

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the smell of a gigantic vat of burnt peanut butter has filled my entire building. including the immediate outside. it is utterly gross.

on a lighter note i will be in the obx of the nc in less than 24 hours!

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i am so into the olympics. i love them. i just find them amazing. also, when watching i suddenly feel like i’m five again. we always watched and waited for them when i was little and enjoying them is so ingrained in me. though i wish the coverage wasn’t so american-centric. please, no more swimming!! i love seeing the other sports and countries. like the fun badmitton i watched this morning. i’m just amazed by them, these people have worked so hard to be where they are. they are the best of the best, a type of focus and dedication that i wish i could have but don’t.

i also love that no one knows who these people were two weeks ago, and now people refer to them as if we’ve known them forever – oh the spin! the crafting of heroes…

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when ketchup gets political

apparently it is attack of the conservative tomatoes.

oh, and there’s not just one. delve into this site…they get crazy!

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i just got this tee shirt. it is so awesome.

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i have decided that we should live everyday as if it was our birthday. i think everyone would be much happier that way. also, there will be little to no guilt for treating yourself well, and sometimes spoiling yourself. I am going to leave work on time and not feel bad about it, why? it’s my birthday! i’m going to have a nice meal with friends tonight, why? it’s my birthday! i’m going to buy this thing i really like and want. why? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. we would all live richer lives, really, if this were the case.

it’s also funny how absolutely self involved birthdays are. you gather up people to celebrate your birth, and then they cheer you on. and special treatment of you is absolutely (even if it’s subtle) demanded. but the good thing is that we are all very equal opportunity birthday clebrators, so it all evens out.

i had a wonderful birthday, i really must say. we ate at my favorite restaurant in the city, sala, where the food, service, and friendliness are always amazing. then we went off to sing heavy metal versions of survivor in private room karaoke at the slightly-smelling-like-vomit sing sing karaoke! theeeen, josh’s big awesome bday present for me was for us to stay the weekend at the super cool kate’s lazy meadow motel in upstate new york. it was so wonderful and perfect. so good birthday snaps for me all around!

5 days to vacation. repeat. 5 days to vacation.

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sexual healing

i got my red ringer vote shirt yesterday. i cannot wait to wear it, as it is so entirely kick ass.

finally, as reported earlier, things are going well in pottery. i can shape things now. the clay listens to me. i have visions for pieces, and they come close to what i want them to be. i am also fascinated by the many sexual overtones, actions or terms of pottery – it is hard to describe without actually viewing…but there is too much evidence towards the sexual nature of pottery. a piggybank will soon be made my me. it is exciting.

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do you see what i see?

we saw garden state last night. i really enjoyed it, as well as the soundtrack. it was just a nice story about a bewildered boy who finds himself and love in the process, without pulling any punches. scrubs guy did good.

i also watched, for the first time, mommie dearest. and was very into it. faye dunaway kicks as the evil mother crawford.

we have been doing well with the netflix. i should start keeping a log of how many we get through a week, because i like to think we are getting our money’s worth. i have been a lacsidasical netflixer, so i’m trying to remedy that. on deck right now is: Gigantic, a tale of two johns, Fallen Angels, and when we were kings.

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