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thank you A for providing super cute fun! also, i tried to make a “wacky” one – impossible. they are all too cute.


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nerd jelly

so josh and i delighted in the san diego comicon last week. i actually had a great time. and took some pictures. though they are pretty bad pics – i took lots of pics of toys but really didn’t capture the overall spectacle. oh well.

we also went to the san diego aquarium and i took tons of pics of the magical jellyfish. i would love a tank of jellyfish. and am completely serious. they are so amazing to watch. and so beautiful. 1 comment


i keep on going to bed too late. i went to bed at 2:00 last night, and now of course i am exhausted. i just can’t get myself to go to sleep. i need to shrink some pictures and then will give a detailed comicon report.

i surprisingly had a good night last night at pottery. i actually made things that turned out decent!! it is exciting. it was like everything clicked last night and i understood how to move the clay – i felt in control of it, not the other way around (as it usually is). but we’ll see how it turns out in the glazing…many steps to go.

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i am obsessed with this thing. everyday i marvel at it.
why is it here?
why is no one ever here to monitor it? even though it’s in a little capsule?
what is it supposed to be monitoring?
what. purpose. does. it. serve?

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i just used priceline for the first time, seemingly to a good effect! i rented a car and we’ll see if it goes well at pickup. $15 a day, compared to the other places that were $20 – $21 a day, savings for me!!

also, this weekend i also acquired another piece of my halloween costume for the big halloween wedding coming up.

and my mom told me the wrong day of my cousin’s shower. she told me it was sunday, and the party was on saturday. so i missed that. which is a bummer.

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things i’m loving right now:
my neighborhood – nice blend of college town, old hippies, and big buildings
having time to go to pottery, two times a week no less
the sun, after a stinky rainy week
working from home, wish i could do it more
we’re going to comicon in a week and it’s motivating me to do things
listing stuff on ebay, FINALLY, and that i can do it all from home
cleaning my room
my old birkenstocks that i haven’t worn in a year
Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond
black ink pens

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the nemesis of tinky winky

on the tavis smiley show this morning was the evil rev. jerry falwell and some other opposing minister. so, falwell actually compared abolishing slavery to passing the anti-gay marriage bill. saying how it took over 20 years to abolish slavery from this country and it may not pass this time, but this very important bill will eventually pass and it will do our community and the world good. (basically). WHAT? astounding. and he refered to bush as a compasionate conservative – i fucking hate that term. what does it even mean?

but this other minister guy was great, he was saying back that falwell and the religious stop their moral issues at gay marriage and abortion. but that there are FAR MORE moral issues out there – like torturing iraqis, destroying the environment, and so on. it was a great point. i know i am reguratating here, but i don’t care. he also said how many people will vote for bush because of their faith, but many people will also vote against bush because of their faith. i agree.

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stay classy

i love the smell of dial soap. i feel i have professed this before. but i love it anyway.

in other news, we saw anchorman last night. i was funny in that special will farrell way. not as funny as elf, but still great. my favorite line…(spoiler)…

you see ron burgundy drinking milk walking down the street. he says “it’s so HOT…milk was a bad choice.”



i am very much being reminded how much i fear change. oh, i always talk big, getting people to make bold moves with their lives, but i am a change fearer. it is something i have always tried to go against, but it is something i gravitate to. i get stuck in my ways – same breakfast combo every morning, same desktop picture for 2 years. i know it is a weakness. and i’m on the verge of change in my life in so many ways. and right now i’m starting to freak about the impending changes i am chosing to force upon my life. it is a good thing. but i am fighting panic right now. it’s a good thing – repeat. it needs to happen – repeat i will be happier – repeat. repeat repeat.

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