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pictures of pictures


for photofriday –
theme: foreign

found these when i was home, pictures my dad took when he was in hong kong while he was in vietnam. he said when they were on leave they could rent clothes.

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vapid transit


why is it that anytime a tourist asks me how to get somewhere on the subway my mind becomes a vapid wasteland of blankness?

this always happens. and, since i guess i look like the type of person who is “friendly”, a “good person to ask”, and will not “hurt” anyone, i am ALWAYS asked directions.

i think it is because my mind becomes completely consumed by worry that i will send them in the wrong direction and they will be betrayed by the subway and i will be the reason they end up in some scary area and then consequently hating new york.

so, as my mind is filled with that, all my subway knowledge – which at this point is as decent as any new yorkers – flows away into the abyss. i tell people wrong things, and then have to recount, or forget about subway lines that i go on every day. it’s just terrible!

and then afterwards, once my mind has relaxed, i could tell them in detail how to get anywhere and then i am filled with guilt and worry, did they get where they needed to go? were my directions close enough? they just wanted to see the big pretty tree at rockefeller!!

goodness, so silly.

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approx. $78 for a banana

background: every day at work i eat a banana in oatmeal for breakfast

due to the fruit men going into hibernation for the colder months (completely understandable, i do not blame them), my daily banana budget has increased 10 cents a day, from 25 cents to a whopping 35 cents! that’s $1.25 a week to $1.75 a week, for you math hounds out there.

go to the grocery store and buy bananas, you say? alas, the grocery store banana quality is sorely lacking, so i turned to the fruit men, who supplied me delicious perfect sized bananas daily. but, now i must turn to the greedy delis. i might have to sacrifice banana quality for this crazy inflation.

this further adds to my obsession with figuring out how much things cost over a year. example. if i had stayed on my path of .25 bananas, my yearly banana cost would be around 0$65*. If .35 for the year, a whopping, $91!!

how much is a banana worth to me really?

* = 5 bananas a week, at .25 cents for 52 weeks.

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weekend walala


had a much needed and much lovely filled weekend.

started on friday with the “don’t be a turkey pre-thanksgiving sides-only” partay, which was super fun (i hope for all) and great to have people over to my house! i am definately establishing it as a holiday tradition.

went for a 3 hour journey around prospect park we discovered dr. who’s summer home, pictured above.

also had a netfilx double and a 1/2 feature showing such films as “sid & nancy”, “frida” and 1/2 of “hidden fortress”. reviews:
sid & nancy – eh, gary oldman = good, nancy actress = bad
frida – beautiful colors, good acting, but not that much substance stuff
hidden fortress – good beginning but sleep overwhelmed me for the rest

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the to do list that never ends


my first photofriday challenge!
theme: work
perfect since i feel so stressed out at work lately, thus my neverending evil to do list. for every checked off box a new empty box appears, needing to be filled. alas.

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my goal is to get more pics onto this bloggie.
i am not fully happy with the way b&w’s turn out with canon digital cams – it’s more of a gradient of greys instead of capturing some deep black hues as well.

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ode to the non-photo blue pencil

i am currently making story boards for a certain comm 242 project and through this i have fully realized the joy and magic of the non-photo blue pencil.

I never understood why i always saw in comic book art or whatever why i’d always see all those blue lines all over the page. but someone mentioned to me how the non-photo blue pencil wouldn’t show up in scanning and copying. but i didn’t truly believe it until i saw it with mine own eyes.

i always draw things, shall we say, WRONG or out of proportion or whatnot the first time round, but now all those glitches disappear with a wisk of a copier or scanner! magical, just magical!

i even like the name. it’s so direct and no-nonsense. it’s very clear in its mission. it’s not callalily or celedon or some sort of flower name. it is exactly what is says it is. not-showing-up-in-photo-blue.

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let us remember that a traitor may betray himself & do good that he does not intend.

i am currently once again swept up into obsession with the lord of the rings. i just can’t help it. the sweeping story, the wonderful characters…the LORE!!! i am obsessed.

josh got the two towers extended edition 2 weeks early!! and i have basically been watching nothing else ever since. all the extra features, making of etc. how they created gollum hurts my head it is so amazing.

while i have beef with some of the things in the movie, overall i love them (them being i assume i will love return of the king). if anything people have to appreciate the respect and work peter jackson et al put in to honoring the book. so far, i enjoy fellowship more than two towers, though the extended edition makes it much better.

i’m reading return of the king (again) in anticipation of the movie. currently, the witch king and gandalf are in a standoff! it taking over my mind….my preeecious….

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i had yesterday off.
which seems like a random day – a wednesday. though i have decided it is a great day to have off. it’s such a sneaky day. people are less likely to notice your absence in the middle of the week vs. the end when you have to get stuff done before the weekend. i shall take more sneaky wednesdays in the future.

things done (in order of least to most excitement):
- watched finding nemo…again
- bought those new clorox bleach baby wipes things – i must say they are pretty durn cool
- bought lightbulbs for my new super cool super mod lamps and they glow so beautifully now
- fiiiinally sewed the zipper into my black and white coat to make it fully functional
- made cards for my “don’t be a turkey sides-only partaaaay”
- started work on my checkered rug
- had a fun craft night with sarah

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Thought there was love in everything and everyone

saw belle and sebastian last night. my, they are a large band. i didn’t realize until you see them all up on stage with their insane amount of equipment.

we saw them at town hall – which i had never been to. it’s such a nifty venue. it’s really really small and intimate. I feel there is some sort of fragility for anyone playing there. the stage is very low and you can hear EVERYTHING – every little cough in the audience, or slip up or whatever, is heard. which is actually very cool. the show was great, great mix of songs – and just really easy nice rapor with the audience.

at the midpoint they asked if anyone wanted to come up on stage and sing a song with them…which could prove to be horrible! this superfan girl came up (looking as if she was dressed prepared to take the stage) and asked if they/she could do lazy line painter jane. she made everyone stand up and was so excited…i worried this would be terribly sucky, but actually it was pretty great. she knew the words, alllll the words perfectly and sang pretty decent too.

all and all the concert was great, there were times they messed up or whatever, but they just made a joke of it, and somehow it was fine. they even ended on take me away from here i’m dying, one of my favorite songs.

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