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it’s spring, time to get things done

for the past few weeks, i’ve been feeling a drift. maybe it’s been the weather, maybe the cold that i’ve had for OVER a week, maybe a few other things. but i feel i’ve been drifting. and today i’m going to punch that drift right in the face! no more being a grumpapotomus. things need to get done. i’m waking up and pushing on. and it starts today. bah!

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maddox and his little hat

i finally FINALLY finished my big maddox. I’m so happy with the way he turned out and it’s SUCH a great pattern (rebecca danger pattern, you can search on etsy or ravelry).

flying maddox!

I didn’t have any white felt so i thought i’d give him just a fun smiling mouth. heee! I felt like he felt a little, er, naked, so i couldn’t help but knit him a hat with the last little bit of the blue sky alpaca yarn i had. It turned out so cute! and seriously, it took a half hour from start to finish. huzzah.

pattern here!

leon the monkey and maddox!

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hiccup the heroic

i’ve been reading some kids books lately, partially because well yes, i like reading kids books but also for inspiration. I have completely fallen in love with the illustrations in the Hiccup the Heroic series by cressida cowell.

My friend sarah had recommended them to me, and I thought i’d take a flip through. the stories are very cute, definitely 5th grade fare – with vikings named snotface snotlout and fishlegs. but it’s the illustrations i just LOVE. they remind me of kids drawing (which is why i love them) but are deceivingly simple. they’re scribblely and silly, and just so ALIVE, which is something i’m always trying to capture. I think reading some more Hiccup is in my future.

take a gander:

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and we’re back

well a happy new year to everyone!

i kind love january. i love starting a new year and i’m all about new years resolutions. i won’t list them just yet, but wiping the slate clean and starting the year anew is an excitement for me.

our christmas to new years was a whirlwind but a good one. we saw family, saw friends, and just generally relaxed a bit. i think enough so that i’m ready to just jump back into the mix of things. the christmas season was pretty crazy but i think in a really good way, i definitely felt maxed out, but if i didn’t i probably would have been grumpy that i wasn’t crazy busy. thus is the holiday season.

one of my favorite gifts i made was for my mom in law. we’re both big doctor who fans and so i knitted her a little tardis! it’s a pretty sad pattern, but thought i would share it anyway…it was fun to knit even if it did turn out a bit chubby!

the chubby tardis!

click on this exciting link, for the pattern! chubby tardis pattern

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it is the day of turkey

gobble. happy thanksgiving everyone!

i did this guy for the pre-thanksgiving party we were going to have…but sadly then didn’t. i know his coloring is still a little weird, but here he is anyway!

gobble gobble everyone!

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i’m in full-on prep mode right now – cutting, folding, printing, and repeat. it’s exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. xmas season hasn’t hit yet, so it’s this weird shopping calm, but a big making/prep rush before the storm. so we’ll see how it all goes.

my new wacky idea for the season involves coal. i had this ridiculous idea to make some little lumps of coal. i think they’re heeelarious….we’ll see if anyone else does. but either way they crack me up. there’s five little personalities, and you can either stuff it in someone’s stocking (preferably!) or hang them on the tree…or both really. i love idea that not all lumps of coal are nasty and mean, and but that’s their station in life. some of them feel bad…though some of them don’t!

Oh my goodness, it's a little lump of coal!

i carved them, which was so fun. i do not carve enough lately, which as we all know got me into this mess in the first place! after christmas i got to really make a plan to make it a priority.

then i printed them on fabric….5 diferent personalities. alot more to come!

What could these little guys be? You'll see soon!

On fabric? Repeated?

The back ( and it can be an ornament too!)

ps. please excuse the somewhat bad pictures. my real camera just decided to stop working! i need to call canon.

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this clock.

is amazing.

more of the most amazing clock.

anytime we would visit our grandparents i would marvel at this wonderful clock. acouple years ago, my grandma had to move out of her (pretty darn amazing treasure trove for a kid) house, and so sadly, they had to sell off many of the things since you can’t take it all with you. but not this clock! i told my mom that i absolutely wanted it, and every time i look at it i think of my grandma, who is still alive and well. It does still work too, i just need to stick a battery in it.

the most amazing clock

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squidoo in philly!

This weekend i’ll be at the squidfire art mart….in PHILLY! i love the squidfire shows, and the excellent excuse to go to baltimore and visit my sister. And now a new show in the philly area, which is close enough for a day drive from brooklyn. yay!

i'll be here saturday, check it out!

I’m excited for this show and know it’ll be great. Some of the vendors from the baltimore shows will be there, like biggs and featherbelle with their amazing soaps (which i desperately need to stock up on), Spaghetti Kiss – josh loves his comics, the nice folks from Brainstorm silkscreen, and amazing hats from rocks and salt! many more great vendors…see the full list here!

if you’re in philly or near by, come on down!

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Fall back

Fall is trying to push through, even though it’s been so weirdly warm, look the leaves are turning! Finally. It’s still too warm for hot apple cider.


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Antic smantic

Finally finally the fall season is here. Finally I start to ear people talking about shopping for Xmas! Yay. This Sunday was the Atlantic antic which I hadn’t done before but so happy I did. This year I’ve finally gotten over this weird idea in my head that I’m not good enough or that there’s no place for me to sell in NYC. Ridiculous! There are of course places and what’s exciting is for fall that I’m going to try to be out evey weekend selling (except for course teamforce weekend an probably thanksgiving wkend). The antic was a good start. I couldn’t believe how super duper packed it was and for a street fair both the crowd an vendors were pretty good all around. Yay for fall!

The crowds were intense

the amazing grapefruit bonzai from my vending neighbor
The amazing grapefruit bonzai

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